Shelf Life of Breast Milk

Breast milk is the most perfect source of nutrition for children. In breast milk there is almost the full substance that the baby needs in the first months of life and plays an important part in the development of the baby in the following months.

1. Causes of sour breast milk

Usually breast milk is opaque white, fragrant, cool sweet, not sour, different from other milks. Therefore, women after giving birth can safely breastfeed their babies completely in the first years of life, providing enough essential nutrients and helping them enjoy the delicious taste from the cool milk.

Breast milk may vary depending on the location of each person. Sometimes, you will see that the milk is sour, maybe because the diet causes the quality of milk to change. In addition, some of the following causes can also cause breast milk to sour.

1.1 Breast milk soured due to diet

The amount of food the mother feeds into the body daily has a great influence on the quality and taste of breastfeeding milk. If the mother eats too much foul-smelling, fishy foods such as fish, drink fish oil, eat a lot of garlic, chili, hot spicy food … then the taste of milk can be affected, not fragrant, even breast milk is sour.

Breast milk shelf life

If the mother eats too much foul-smelling, fishy food, then the taste of milk can be affected

1.2 High use of antibiotics

Antibiotics and medicines can not only cause breast milk to heat up, but also cause the taste of milk to change, infect the smell of the drug or cause breast milk to sour.

1.3 Clean breasts

If the mother cleans the breasts, especially the ti head position, the amount of milk leaking out is not wiped clean, causing an unpleasant odor and also facilitating the development of bacteria, mold, affecting the quality of milk, causing breast milk to sour, the baby can quit breastfeeding.

2. Is breast milk pregnant?

Breast milk is squeezed, sour when milked out for too long or does not store milk properly. Breast milk is damaged, overdue, absolutely do not breastfeed anymore.

3. Is breast milk good for a long time?

The hot storage of breast milk in the bottle can only be used for a short time. If mothers do not plan to give their babies milk immediately after milking, they should store it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Usually, leaving at outdoor temperatures, if it is sunny, about 37 degrees Celsius, breast milk left outside for 30 minutes is the beginning of signs of sourness. Children under 6 months of age who drink this milk will have diarrhea. Whether you cover or not, 30 minutes is enough time for bacteria to decompose and ferment.

If the temperature is lower, the temperature is drier, the time you leave outside can reach 1 hour. For example, if the outdoor temperature is cool at 25 degrees Celsius, 1 hour can be safe. But for an hour or so, milk is no longer safe.

Milk will begin to spoil, smell sour, fermented, and any child who drinks must have diarrhea if left outside milk for 4 hours or more. Therefore, in any case, you absolutely do not leave milk outside for longer than 4 hours.

Immediately after squeezing out, you cover, cover tightly, put in the refrigerator, cooler compartment, leave in medium mode, equivalent to a temperature of 15 degrees. With this temperature, breast milk can be from 24-48h. We shouldn't go to day three. Absolutely do not leave more than 72 hours, very harmful. When removed, pour out the bottle or into a cup. The rest must be put in the fridge immediately. When removed, soak in warm water to warm the milk, not to defrost naturally, long and unsafe. It is best to drink breast milk within 18-24 hours, storage in the cooler compartment is very safe for the baby.

3.1 Store in the fridge cooler

Store in the fridge fridge:Breast milk can be kept for 1-3 days.

3.2 Reserve breast milk in the free drawer

Shelf Life of Breast Milk

Reserve breast milk in the free drawer for up to 3 months

Store breast milk in the freezer for up to 3 months (depending on the temperature in the freezer compartment and how often it is closed – open the cabinet door) and 6 months if in the chiller. It is not recommended to store at the door of the refrigerator because the temperature is usually incorrect.

When you want to put milk on the free drawer, you should put the milk in the cooler first and then transfer it to the free free drawer. Similarly, when you want to defrost, mothers should bring milk from the freezer compartment to the cooler compartment for less than 24 hours before bringing milk outside.

However, you should not store breast milk for too long, but should give it to your baby as soon as possible.

4. Proper storage

If breast milk secreted strains the chest and does not breastfeed immediately or milk it, then the body has a mechanism to reduce lactation gradually. Anxiety also reduces the source of breast milk. Mothers should have a diet, rest and take reasonable measures to protect the source of milk. When the mother is away from home, the baby can use milk that is already stored.

4.1 How to squeeze

After milking (manually or by machine) immediately put in the refrigerator to start the storage process. When in the external environment for a long time, the quality of milk will not be as guaranteed as when the baby is suckling directly.

Breast milk squeezed out can be stored, in order to help with milk congestion in the absence of a mother. Good preserved breast milk can be reserved for additional drinking when there is no mother by your side.

4.2 How to store

Breast milk after squeezing, if left at a normal temperature of about 26°C, is only used safely for 4-6 hours, about 22°C can be used for 6-8 hours. Breast milk stored in the normal compartment of the refrigerator can be used within 24 hours.

If preserved in the free drawer, this amount of milk can be used gradually for about two weeks. When stored in a specialized freezer -18°C, breast milk can be kept for up to six months.

5. Don't waste colostrum

Most often, from the fourth month of pregnancy, the mother has begun to have colostrum, with a lot of energy and antibodies. Immediately after birth, colostrum is ready to meet the needs of the baby. Babies are born with only a few ml of colostrum. If breastfeeding is early, breast milk is faster. At the same time, the child will be protected against diseases due to the very high content of antibodies in colostrum. Therefore, the doctor advises mothers to breastfeed early immediately after birth, as soon as possible, within the first half hour. Do not give any other milk or water because it both wastes colostrum and loses the mother's milk reflexes to slow down the milk.

Not to mention the source of food brought in from outside can not be clean and fresh such as breast milk, babies who eat food outside too full will sleep all the time, lazy breastfeeding and can criticize breast milk later.

The nutritional composition of breast milk has a slight change, depending on the time of the first and last day of breastfeeding, as well as between different mothers, but is adjusted to suit the needs of the baby. In each stage of the child's development, breast milk also varies accordingly to meet two nutritional and immune needs. For mothers who give birth prematurely, in the first few weeks, the mother will have "colostrum" milk with a higher protein content than regular milk.

Breast milk shelf life

Mothers breastfeed early after birth, as soon as possible, within the first half hour

6. Don't worry about lack of milk

Scientists around the world have conducted many studies and concluded that most mothers have enough milk to feed their babies if they know how to breastfeed properly. The number of milk cells in the breasts of mothers is the same, about 2 million cells, regardless of whether the breasts are large or small. When breastfeeding a lot and draining milk in the chest, especially night breastfeeding, breast milk will be created continuously to meet the needs of the baby. It is enough for a mother to eat only 1-2 cups of rice per meal.

However, psychology plays a very important role in the secretion of milk, if the mother believes that she has enough milk for her child and the spirit of refreshment, the milk will secrete more. Therefore, it is necessary to give the mother an atmosphere of comfort and belief in breastfeeding.

These folk feeds have a beneficial effect on milk mainly psychologically. Foods that are non-toxic (stimulants, alcoholic beverages, some spices with a strong taste that can change the smell of breast milk …) are trusted by mothers to produce more milk, which will help mothers have more milk.

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