The value of Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS))

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Contrast-enhancing ultrasound (CEUS) is in place in case it is necessary to evaluate the hematicity of tumors, especially liver tumors. Support in subcutaneous intervention under the instructions of ultrasound and evaluation of the effectiveness after treatment (post-burning of high frequency waves, alcohol injections, hepatic vascular buttons …)

1 What is Contrast Enhancing Ultrasound (CEUS)?

Ultrasonic Contrast Enhancing Agent (CEUS) is the application of ultrasonic contrast to convention ultrasound, based on many ways through which sound waves are responded from interfaces between substances, be it a micro-foam surface or a more complex structure than that. Usually micro-foams containing gas are injected into the vein to enter the veins. Micro-foams have a high echo biopronation, so they are able to respond to sound waves. Due to the huge difference between the echo birth of the gas and the soft tissue of the surrounding body, the ultrasonic reverse scattering or anti-sounding is enhanced, giving the ultrasound image a contrast. Contrast-enhancing ultrasound is used to image the perfusentation of the body, measure the index of cardiac perfusation, the muscles and in other applications.

Target ligands fastened to specialized receptors of vascular diseases can be combined with micro-foams, making the micro-foam complex selectively accumulated in the survey area such as diseased areas or abnormal tissues. This is a molecular imagery, called targeted contrast-enhanced ultrasound that will only produce a strong ultrasonic signal if the micro-foam hits the target tightly attached to the survey area. Targeted contrast-enhancing ultrasoun
d has potential in both diagnosis and treatment, although it has not been applied clinically (currently in preclinical research and is continuing to develop). Thanks to ultrasound techniques, doctors can survey parts and bodies in the body such as cardiovascular, abdominal, mammary glands, obstetrics … The preparation for ultrasound should depend on the location in which the person is ultrasonic. Currently, some types of ultrasound do not need to be prepared in advance but there are also some that require the patient to fast, fast or abstain from certain foods…. to get the most accurate results.

Breast ultrasound

Ultrasound images of the mammary glands

2. The value of ultrasound with contrast enhancer (CEUS)

Contrast-enhancing ultrasound (CEUS) methods play an important role in evaluatiing lesion perfusentity, especially in liver lesions in patients.

Contrast-enhancing ultrasound (CEUS) has absolute advantages in evaluati captioning lesion perfusation in real time and allows for a very small assessment of lesions that other examination methods limit the survey. Contrast-enhancing ultrasound (CEUS) helps guide sub-ultrasound interventions such as biomass, tumor alcohol injections, high-frequency wave combustion.

3. Ultrasonic Indicators with Contrast Enhancer (CEUS)

Ultrasonic methods with contrast enhancer (CEUS) are in place in the case of:

  • Support in cross-skin intervention under the instructions of ultrasound (tumours are cosymed with the surrounding organization)
  • Evaluation of the hepaticity of tumors such as liver tumors
  • Evaluate the effectiveness after treatment (after alcohol injection, hepatic vascular node, high frequency wave burning …)

Ultrasound has contrast enhancer (CEUS) contrained in case of:

  • Patients with respiratory function reduction syndrome in the elderly
  • People with a history of myocardial infarction
  • There's a right-left cardiac flow.
  • Unable to control tachycardia
  • Increased symptomatic pulmonary artery pressure
  • Untenable hypertension

Temporary contraintent ultrasound has contrast enhancing (CEUS) with cases of pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children.

Pregnant woman smuggled

Pregnant women should not have contrast-enhancing ultrasounds

4. Perform contrast-enhancing ultrasound (CEUS)

  • KTV and the Doctor coordinate to bring contrast substances into the intravenous line according to the dosage and clinical in dinhcies.
  • The ultrasound doctor uses an ultrasound machine and modes to assess the lesion based on concentration and degree of image contrast to assess the erm, shoreline, edi-ede and dynamical part of the lesion area.

Heart ultrasound

Customers using ultrasound services at Share99 Health Hub

Currently, there are many medical facilities that apply ultrasound techniques in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Share99 International Health Hub system has been using the most modern generations of color ultrasound machines today in examination and treatment for patients. One of them is GE Healthcar's Logig E9 ultrasound machine which is full of options, hd-resolution probes for clear images, accurately assessing lesions. In addition, a team of experienced doctors and doctors will support a lot in diagnosing and early detection of abnormal signs of the body to offer timely treatments.

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