Dosing of soluble antibody antigens

Autoimed diseases make up about 3-5% of the population due to the formation of autoimed antibodies that resist the body tissue components including cell spores, soy sauce cells, cell membranes…. So testing to find out the circulation of auto-immune antibodies in immuno-pathology is essential, where the dissolved antigen antibody test usually made after a positive ANA test is to detect auto-immune disease.

1. When to prescribe a dosing test for dissolved antibody antigen?

Dosing of soluble antibody antigens is usually in which the patient has previous positive ANA test evidence or has symptoms of auto-immune diseases such as:

  • Fever, prolonged fatigue of unknown causes
  • Muscle pain, swelling of the joints or joint pain
  • Rash
  • Raynaud's syndrome
  • Urine protein
  • Neurological diseases such as menstruation, depression
  • Hemolysis

The 4-type anti-ENAs test helps diagnose mixed connective tissue diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus, and Sjogren's syndrome while a 6-type anti-ENA test helps diagnose sclerosis or dermatitis.

The two most common forms of soluble antibody antigen are Smith (SM) and ribonucleoprotein (RNP). If the test is negative but the symptoms persist, the patient may be able to perform this test again. In addition, this test is also intended to monitor patients who have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that helps to observe the progress of the disease, whether the disease has a severe outbreak or not.

Typhal fever in adults

People with prolonged fever of unknown causes

2. How does a dosing test for soluble antibody antigens perform?

In fact, a dissolved antibody antigen dosing test is a blood test, so patients do not need to prepare anything special before taking tests such as fasting or fasting. The usual blood-taking procedure takes place as follows:

  • Wrap the bandage around your hand to prevent blood from circulating
  • Antiseptic where alcohol is injected
  • Injected into a vein to get blood
  • Remove the bandage around your hand after taking the required amount of blood
  • Press the hand bandage gauze or cotton wool on the injection site and paste the adhesive tape in place

After taking the patient's blood, it is necessary to gently press on the needle stab area to stop the bleeding, then function normally

Blood grabbing

Take blood samples as a dosing test for dissolved antibody antigens

3. Results of dissolved antibody antigen dosing tests

Negative result: normal patient, does not see the circulation of auto asym immune antibodies

Abnormal results include:

  • Increased amount of antibodies to SM: systemic lupus erythecies
  • Increased amount of anti-RNP antibodies: mixed connective tissue disease, systemic lupus erythebity or disc-shaped erythem
  • Increased Jo-I antibodies: pulmonary fibrosis

Results of dissolved antibody antigen dosing tests

Results of dissolved antibody antigen dosing tests

Testing for soluble antigens and soluble antibodies helps to diagnose a variety of dangerous diseases correctly. For more information about this method, you can contact the hotline here for assistance.


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