Nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis patients

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr. Dang Xuan Cuong – Department of Emergency Resuscitation – Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub. The doctor has 14 years of experience in the field of emergency resuscitation and anti-toxicity.

Combining treatment with nutrition will bring a high effectiveness of treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. However, the majority of people with pulmonary tuberculosis do not know what a good nutrition is, what supplements to add and what to limit. Below is useful information about nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis patients.

1. Nutritional principles for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

When attacked by bacteria, tb lung bacteria, the lungs of the patient are damaged causing fatigue, constant cough, weakened resistance, decreasing immunity causing anorexia, lack of nutrients leading to weight loss. Therefore, focusing on improving the nutrition of people with pulmonary tuberculosis will help increase the effectiveness of treatment, patients quickly recover.

Attention should be paid to the following 3 things after formulating nutrition for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis:

  • The energy recharged depends on the condition, i.e. must be consistent with the BMI of the patient. If the person is thin, it is necessary to eat a lot to achieve a BMI above 18.5. If the patient's condition is normal, the amount of food loaded does not change.
  • Food in the meal should be full of 4 food groups: sugar, protein, vitamin grease and minerals. Besides, it is preferred to provide the amount of sugar in the main fruit to detoxify the liver, limiting the side effects of the drug.
  • Dishes for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis need to be diverse to easily absorb, full of nutrients, creating anorexia stimulation because patients are prone to anorexia due to the side effects of pulmonary tuberculosis medications.

2. Food for people with pulmonary tuberculosis

2.1 What does pulmonary tuberculosis eat well?

Pulmonary tuberculosis patients should prioritize the addition of minerals including:

  • Zinc: due to the side effects of tuberculosis medications in patients causing zinc deficiency leading to loss of appetite, deterioration of the immune system. Patients need to choose foods rich in zinc such as seafood, peas, chicken egg yolks, lean pork …

Nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis patients

Zinc supplements for people with pulmonary tuberculosis

  • Iron: Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis often suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which reduces resistance, is susceptible to bacterial and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the iron supplements that are in shiitake mushrooms, chicken egg yolks, beef, liver,…
  • Vitamins A, C, E, K, group B … helps strengthen the body's immune system, avoid oxidation, more severe infections. Chicken, pork, beef, sea fish, beans, potatoes, bananas,… are foods that contain many of these vitamins, people with pulmonary tuberculosis need to prioritize supplements.

2.2 What does pulmonary tuberculosis eat?

  • Hot spicy, stimulating foods such as cane powder, ginger, chili because these will cause a heavier and longer cough, even leading to sputum bleeding.
  • Do not drink alcohol, stimulants, caffeine, solid tea, do not smoke because people with pulmonary tuberculosis are prone to prolonged fever, neurological disorders and sweating theft, especially reducing therapeutic effects and increasing drug side effects.

The nutrition of pulmonary tuberculosis patients should also be consulted by a direct treating doctor, because it is the doctor who knows the condition best and has the most authentic advice for eating and drinking combined with effective disease treatment.

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