Treatment of digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein

Digestive bleeding is a dangerous symptom of increased door vein pressure. There are many causes of digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein, of which the main cause is cirrhosis of the liver.

1. What is digestive bleeding?

Digestive bleeding is a condition in which blood comes from the blood vessels of the digestive tract that escape from the vessel's vessels causing vomiting or bloody ateing.

Digestive bleeding requires emergency treatment including medical and medical treatment. For treatment, it is necessary to first determine whether the digestive hemorrhage is above or below, and then, assess the level of digestive hemorrhage to give the appropriate treatment. Digestive bleeding is divided into 3 levels based on the following evaluation indicators:

  • Degree I (Mild): <500ml (10%), mạch <100l h,="" huyết="" áp="" tâm="" thu="">Blood loss of 90mmHg, HC >30%, Hct > 3 million / mm3, patients are awake and just a little tired.</100l>
  • Degree II (Average): Blood loss <1500ml (30%),="" mạch="">of 100 – 120l/ph, sy sysysity <20-30%, Hct 2 – 3 triệu/mm3, bệnh nhân có triệu chứng chóng mặt, da xanh, niêm nhợt, ra mồ hôi nhiều, tiểu ít. blood pressure between 80 – 90mmHg, HC</1500ml>
  • Degree III (Severe): Blood loss >1500ml (30%), >120l/ph, sysysy sysysuckal blood pressure <80mmHg, HC <20%, Hct 2 triệu/mm3, bệnh nhân có triệu chứng ngất, lơ mơ, hốt hoảng.

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Digestive bleeding causes vomiting or bloody bye

2. Risk factors for digestive hemorrhage due to increased door vein pressure

  • Risk of veins of the veins of the veins: appears in patients with varicose veins (HVPG) >10mmHg at screening.
  • The risk of progressive varicose veins of the uret is small to large in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, or end-stage cirrhosis (deo compensate cirrhosis).
  • The risk of oncological oncological bleeding when liver function decreases, patients continue to take stimulants such as beer, alcohol, patients with fluid acid reflux.
  • The risk of rupture of varicose veins of the veins of the veins causes digestive hemorrhage, especially in patients with terminal cirrhosis.

3. Treatment of digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein

Treatment of digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein includes:

  • Emergency and evaluation, ensuring ABC steps: placing the patient on a low head, breathing oxygen, …
  • Reimbursement of circulation volume: Establish 2 lines of transmission as soon as possible, including infusions and blood transfusions (if in designation) as gastrointestinal bleeding may suddenly worsen. Infusions should use an existing issental solution. Infusion of blood products is applied in case of severe digestive hemorrhage. The rate of infusion should be customized according to the patient's condition for the purpose of maintaining the biomedia, however it should be noted not to raise the maximum blood pressure >149mmHG to prevent recurrent hemorrhages, and be especially cautious for patients with hypertension, chronic anemia, chronic renal failure, heart failure , …


Reimbursement of the volume of circulation with infusions and blood transfusions
  • Hematoma treatment: There are hemattic treatments, which are taking door vein pressure relievers, endoscopy of the veins of the lumbar and lipde blockers that block the bleeding sonde. The purpose of taking door vein pressure reliever (Octreotide, Somatostatin, Terlipressin) is to control and prevent recurrent digestive hemorrhages. The drug is taken as soon as the patient is suspected of a suspected digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein and taken for a period of 3-5 days (when in question). With the mechanism of organ contraction, reduce the flow of blood passing through the door vein, thereby reducing the pressure of the door vein, using drugs that help to temporarily prevent hematoma up to 80%. Hemolytic endoscopic treatments are in place as soon as possible, within a maximum of 12 hours, as soon as the hemolysis is stabilized, with signs of hemorrhage such as blood flowing from the dilated veins of the veins, blood clots attached to the vein city, signs of "nipple". Combined administration of door vein pressure relievers and endoscopy of the veins is considered the gold standard in the treatment of hemodialysis. Sonde balloon blocker endoscopy is in place in case of severe digestive bleeding, massive bleeding, is a temporary hemorrhing method pending the implementation of other radical treatments.

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Use door vein pressure relievers to help prevent temporary bleeding
  • Other treatment: Prevention of infection with antibiotics, prevention of liver coma and PPI after laparoscopic treatment.

Digestive bleeding due to increased pressure of the door vein is a dangerous complications, which is the leading cause of death. Hemorrhistry treatment is an important step in the treatment of digestive hemorrhage due to increased pressure of the door vein. Therefore, when performing this procedure, patients need to choose a reputable address, full of modern facilities and machines, avoiding dangerous complications during the procedure.

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