Treatment of mammary cystic fibrosis

Mammary cystic fibrosis is a benign disease, quite common in women between the ages of 30-50, caused by breast damage caused by disorders of endo noisy balance in the body for a long time. Painful sensations in the chest make the person uncomfortable, the treatment helps the person to alleviate the pain and increased sensitivity in the breast.

1. How to treat mammary cystic fibrosis?

Mammary cystic fibrosis is a benign, treatable disease. Once diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment depending on the lesion on each patient.

1.1 Medical treatment

Taking the drug is the main method in the treatment of mammary cysticfibrosis , which helps relieve pain symptoms and reduce breast sensitivity.

Commonly used medications include:

  • Analgesgesy: If the person is too painful, overcoming endurance can take analgesics such as paracetamol, or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, it is not recommended to use prolonged and the minimum use time is 4 hours apart.
  • Endormonal drugs: Commonly used medications include topical or oral progesterone; The drug has antagonistic effects on estrogens such as tamoxifen.


Use of the drug in the treatment of mammary cystic fibrosis
  • Other support:

Warm compresses: Use hot compresses or other means to apply to the painful position, helping to reduce discomfort, pain, stress.

Mode of living: Patients need to keep the spirit of comfort, fun, work and rest properly, maintain a balanced and scientific training regime.

Diet: It is recommended to eat a lot of foods rich in B vitamins from plant sources such as whole grains, foods containing calcium such as milk preparations, eat more fruits and vegetables to help reduce fluid retention, reduce chest pain symptoms. It is necessary to avoid high-salt, high-fat foods, avoiding stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee, tobacco.

1.2 Medical treatment

Scientific treatment is in place when the follicles contain enlarged vessels that cause pain, breast cysts with multiple infections of the anesthrodemia, puncture of the epidemic with blood, papilloma in the cyst, cell tests give a suspected high malignancy.

  • Where mammary cystic fibrosis is not suspected malignant but with a lot of pain, merely cystic vusectomy can be performed.
  • If high malignancies are suspected: Blood clots, papilloma in the cyst, or a suspected cell test require cyst removal surgery.
  • Suspected cancer after treatment requires a cell biosy or after cystic conduction there is still a hard plaque or hard plaque that appears after 2 menstrual cycles.


What should be noted when treating mammary cystic fibrosis?

2. Notes when treating mammary cystic fibrosis

  • Patients should be conducted subclinical tests before conducting the treatment to be accurately diagnosed with the disease, the extent of the injury from which appropriate treatment is available.
  • The pain sensation of the person can disappear naturally, and in this case often the person just needs to calm down, not to worry too much stress.
  • When mammary cystic fibrosis isidentified, the patient should not be too worried, bewildered. Because anxious mood is the cause of the condition, the pain worsens. This is a benign pathology of the mammary glands and treatable.
  • Ende symptom medications should not be used for treatment or treatment tips without scientific evidence to affect health.
  • Comply with the doctor's prescribed treatment, do not stop the drug without the in dinhation.
  • To control your condition, patients should check their breasts regularly to feel normal and abnormal early, do not wear bras too tight or too wide, especially when strongly active; have the right diet and living to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms.
  • Regular check-up, monitoring of development and abnormalities are required. Contact your doctor immediately if discomfort does not decrease or when self-examining your breasts see abnormal organizations.

Mammary cystic fibrosis is a treatable disease and the incidence is very high in women, so when you are diagnosed with this disease you should not be too worried, will affect health and increase unpleasant symptoms. During the treatment of the patient should follow the treatment and re-examine at the request of the doctor to monitor the progress of the disease.

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