Treatment of post-birth milk rays by physical therapy

The article was written by BSCK I. Tran Thi Thu Huong – Head of Rehabilitation Unit – General Department – Share99 Central Park International Health Hub

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Milk obstruction is quite common in post-birth mothers, because the milk gland system is clogged so that milk cannot flow out. If not treated in time, it will reduce the amount of milk secreted daily, in addition to causing stagnation of milk in the glandular ducts that are prone to inflammation of the mammary glands, breast abces and can cause fibroids or mammary fibroids later

1 . Causes of milk congestion

  • Milk secreted in the first days after birth is colostrum so it is usually dense and comparable, otherwise early breastfeeding will cause stagnation causing blockage of the milk glands.
  • Improper milking, milking is not released, causing stagnation and clogging of milk. Mothers after breastfeeding the baby do not milk the excess milk in the chest, because the milk of the mothers is condensed in the chest for a long time will be closed into condensed milk residues that clogs the milk ducts.
  • Due to the mage's position when lying improperly, folding the milk duct causes compression leading to blockage. Or because the skin at the top of the ti is inflamed with abrasions that cause blockages at the ti's head
  • Bad breast head hygiene causes bacteria to enter from the outside through the breast head and mammary gland system. The infected milk pipeline system will be narrow, preventing the milk from escaping. Inflammation of the milk glands if not treated, taking the drug in time as prescribed by the doctor will lead to the chest anesthracnoid having to go to the hospital to extract the anesthracnoid.
  • Because the mother has cracked head ti ti creates inflammation outside gradually will cause inflammation in the milk glands.
  • Because the milk is clogged for a long time, it is not known or the mothers do not notice, so the milk stagnant fermented in the chest of bacteria develops to create an inflammatory drive in the chest.
  • Maternity has psychological trauma during lactation , or the mother's diet is not reasonable that can cause milk blockage during this period.

2. Symptoms of milk ray obstruction

Milk ray blockage usually progresses slowly, sometimes also appearing suddenly with chest pain and high fever

  • Maternity feels pain one or both breasts, less milk, more and more pain, sometimes fever, people are tired.
  • When palpable there will be rounded blocks of rough surfaces, hard density of various sizes, when touched very painfully. Sometimes there are red patches on the surface of the breast and a lot of pain.
  • Examination: there may be axillary lymph nodes on one or two sides.

Milk ray blockage

Milk rays appear red plaque signs on the surface of the breast and a lot of pain

3. Treatment of post-birth milk obstruction with Physical Therapy

The purpose of the therapeutic treatment of milk rays is to dissolve the crowded stagnant milk positions, help circulation of the milk glandular system and limit the appearance of new positions that will solve symptoms and limit the consequences caused by congestion such as : inflammation of the milk glands, mammary glands, fibrosis of the mammary glands.

The treatment of milk congestion is to use ultrasound waves with the appropriate frequency depending on the location and level of milk blockage for treatment.

Treatment: 1-5 times depending on the degree of blockage (If new, the treatment course will be shorter)

The duration of treatment is 30-45 minutes at a time.

It also combines the activation of milk manually to increase the amount of milk secreted and increase the circulation of milk glands.

Milk ray blockage

The treatment of milk blockage is the use of ultrasound waves

4. Prevention of milk ray obstruction

Milk congestion can be repeated during lactation, so mothers need to pay attention to a number of problems to avoid clogging milk :

  • Breastfeed as soon as possible immediately after birth and breastfeed continuously as needed.
  • The distance between the milk is not too long.
  • The amount of drinking water is twice as much as usual, eating a full range of nutrients for custard and vegetables.
  • Limit eating saturated fats
  • Good breast hygiene: use physiological saline to clean the breast head before and after breastfeeding while combining udder massage to help soften and circulation milk better

Post-birth milk blockage is very common, if not detected and treated in time will lead to very dangerous breast anesthgrams. For safe and effective post-birth milk congestion treatment, you can contact the rehabilitation department of Share99 International Health Hub for specific treatment for each case. The Department of Rehabilitation is fully invested, with a complete and abundant system of equipment and physical therapy machinery originating from the world's leading manufacturer of physical and therapeutic equipment such as the Netherlands; Japan….

  • Spinal scissor bed
  • Cervical spine stretching truss
  • Large Short Wave Machine
  • Ultrasonic Treatment Machine
  • Pulsed Electric Machine
  • Passive pillow stretching folding apparatus
  • Programmed bicycle system
  • Mechanical exercise system, joint exercise
  • Workout machine system with multi-function bed system
  • BoBab bed system…

A team of technicians who are formally trained, at university and college level, have worked in the rehabilitation department of major hospitals. In addition, from time to time, the faculty also has the strengthening of foreign technicians who cooperate in working and exchanging experiences. The care help force is always ready to assist patients in moving for safety.

To register for examination and treatment at Share99 International Health Hub, you can contact the Hotline of Share99 Health System nationwide, or register for an online examination HERE.


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