Treatment of recurrent genital sassy

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Laparoscopic surgery for prolapse of the uterus is the first priority in the treatment of female genital prolapse with advantages such as: less pain, safety, rapid recovery and limited recurrence, short hospital stays, reduced treatment costs, fewer complications , small surgical scars.

1. Treatment of genital sassy

Genital salapse surgery is a common method of choice by a complete removal of the uterus by open surgery or laparoscopic surgery through a vaginal fall, vaginal reconstruction and a biological layer. There are many treatments for genital sassy such as:

  • Pelvic muscle training, electromea stimulation
  • Place the pessary ring (bearing the lifter)
  • Vaginal surgery
  • Surgery to hang the uterus/beak cut into the protruding beak includes open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

1.1. Vaginal genital sa genital surgery

During vaginal surgery, using a lifting mesh to treat bladder sassy is better than using an anoperative self-organization, nor is there a difference between the lifting mesh and the functional self-organization. The lifting mesh increases the risk of complications (ulcers) should use the lifting mesh to discuss each shift. Besides, it is not recommended to refplug before surgery.

The repair or strengthening of the vaginal rectal wall are two techniques used for middle rectal sassy that will enhance the results more surgically but the functional results are the same. Using indestate indicators can lead to ulcers or granules so use slow indicators.

Lifting muscle stitches lead to constipation for 50% of patients. Therefore, lifting muscles should not be stitched. Do not use a biological lifting mesh in front of the rectum. Synthetic lifting grids need further evaluation. The rate of ulcers can be 5.6 – 12%, the rate of painful intersymable is about 63% (NP3). The best way is not to specify a synthetic lifting mesh for rectal sassy in the first place. It is recommended to re-make the wall after the vagina if the vagina is wide and the rectal sassy is low. Do not recommend how the system (AP).

In the case of post-vaginal or spartly sacs, there is no difference between the McCall and Richter methods. Treatment of vaginal protrusion has a method of fixating the beak protruding through the endoscopy and Richter the results of the surgery are the same but differ in the pain after surgery. The result is inferior to the vaginal line.

Whether the uterus is removed changes the results of the anatomy and function of genital sassy surgery. Hanging the uterus and ligaments and spines is as effective as cutting the uterus + hanging the beak cut into the ligaments of the same spine but reducing the time of hospitalization and returning to work more soon. The hypertrophic cervical is a recurrent factor. Cervical amputation is recommended if there is hypertrosym. Cutting the uterus when treating baby's stomach with a vaginal lift mesh does not change the result compared to non-shearing of the uterus.

If the uterus is fixed, it increases the duration of surgery and blood loss does not reduce the risk of recurrence of the middle layer. Cutting the uterus does not change sexual function. Preservation of the uterus does not change the risk of vaginal fistula if a vaginal lift mesh is used. In the fixation of the protruding beak if a uterus is required, a part-part uterus should be cut off because a complete cut of the uterus increases the risk of ulcers exposing the lifting mesh. There is no scientific evidence to perform a systemdicated shearing of the uterus in the treatment of genital sassy

Surgical instruments

Vaginal surgery is an option in the treatment of genital sassy

1.2 Sacrohysteropexy surgery

In the treatment of genital proxies, open abdominal surgery that hangs the uterus into the protrusion (sacrohysteropexy) has been studied and applied since the 1950s. Compared to vaginal falls, postoperative relapses are lower, the recurrence lasts longer, less pain during postoperative interoperable. However, compared to vaginal falls, this surgery is more expensive, the duration of surgery and the recovery time after surgery is longer.

1.3 Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery for prolapse of the uterus is the first priority in the treatment of female genital prolapse with advantages such as: less pain, safety, rapid recovery and limited recurrence, short hospital stays, reduced treatment costs, fewer accidents, small surgical scars. Three-dimensional endoscopic technology (3D) is a modern means, supporting the surgeon to clearly observe the anatomy milestones (protrusion,…), the boundary of the cutting beak with the bladder, the stitching of the sesame in the right place. Thereby helping surgery become safe, accurate, improve the effectiveness of treatment.

In particular, 3D laparoscopic surgery also brings many outstanding advantages in surgery such as: more extensive surgical surgery, clearly seeing more muscles to help reduce the rate of complications in surgery. The success rate after laparoscopic surgery hanging from the protrusion for genital protrusion treatment is 96% so this is a minimally intrusive surgery and a new advance that is initially being applied in the world showing very positive results.

Full uterus shearing

Laparoscopic surgery to treat protlyses is the first priority in the treatment of female genital pros pros andally

Currently, genital sassy treatment has many different effective surgical treatments. Depending on the extent to which the doctor will prescribe internal medicine or surgical intervention. At Share99 International Health Hub, robotic laparoscopic surgery is the optimal method for genital prosys. With this method, patients will have advantages such as non-recurrent diseases, preserving the uterus and solving the accompanying urinary symptoms of the disease.

With outstanding advantages: Safety, minimizing the risk of complications and surgical infections, pain relief, less blood loss, quick recovery, aesthetic assurance, robots can be used for most cases to be treated with special endoscopic methods in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Le Nhat Nguyen has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Nguyen is a former obstetrician at Gia Dinh People's Health Hub in Ho Chi Minh City. BS has high expertise and strengths in the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology diseases. Currently a Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Da Nang InternationalHealth Hub.

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