Treatment of spinal fractures without surgery

The article was consulted professionally by Specialist Doctor II Le Nghiem Bao – General Department of General Medicine – Share99 Da Nang International Hospital.

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Surgery is a treatment for spinal fractures that has many advantages and is highly effective, however not all fractures require surgery, including certain cases of spinal fractures.

People who unfortunately suffer a fractured spine can treat spinal fractures without surgery. The main objectives of the conservative treatment of spinal fractures are pain relief, damage recovery and tsolving osteoporosis. Most spinal fractures do not require surgery, and the lesion will usually recover on its own after a period of 03 months.

1. Use of painkillers

It is common to simply use over-the-counter painkillers that have also been effective, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. However, before intending to use any medication, consult your doctor. If there is severe or prolonged pain, your doctor may prescribe painkillers that have a stronger effect.

Some studies show that calcitonin – a type of hormones, has an analgesic effect in cases of treatment of spinal fractures, therefore the doctor may also prescribe it to the patient for use.

Use of antihistamines

Use of painkillers to treat spinal fractures

2. Reasonable rest to treat spinal fractures

Once damaged by, it is evident that excessive spinal movement is not recommended, but patients should also not be completely unable to be completely active. Lying unconscious for too long not only does not help the damage quickly recover, but it also makes the bone weaken. Initially after the lesion, the doctor may prescribe the patient to rest in bed for a short time. After a few days or until the beginning of feeling better, the patient should gradually return to daily activities.

In order for the injury not to become more serious, patients should avoid heavy labor for a period of several weeks to several months. It is best for patients with spinal fractures to consult their doctor about the optimal time to be able to participate in activities in a completely normal way, as well as how to take care of themselves while waiting for the lesion to recover.

Subsidence of the vertebrae

Image of spinal fracture

3. Physical therapy for spinal fractures

Once you feel better about your body condition, seek your doctor's advice on physical therapy. Exercises can make the dorsal area healthier, helping to prevent possible spinal fractures in the future.

The appropriate forms of exercise that patients should consult a doctor can be walking, dancing, yoga,…

In general, all forms of exercise more or less bring certain benefits in strengthening the muscles and bones. Patients can also refer to tai chi practice, a form of exercise that improves balance, thereby benefiting from future traumatic falls.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can be applied to treat spinal fractures

4. Wear a back brace to treat spinal fractures

Wearing a back brace when a spinal bone is broken is similar to wearing a brace in cases of fractures in other locations. The dorsal splint is a rigid frame that reduces pressure on the damaged bone, while limiting the movement of the body, thereby facilitating the vertebrae to have time to recover.

There are not many studies yet that prove wearing a back brace helps heal spinal subsidence fractures, but the results of one study show that it can relieve pain.

In the short term, treatments such as the use of painkillers, physical therapy, and wearing a back brace can help relieve pain and the patient will gradually recover.

Dr. Le Nghiem Bao has been well trained in the country and many centers have the world's leading medical background such as France, Germany, China

With 30 years of experience in neuro surgery, Dr. Bao has taught at Da Nang Health Hub and currently holds the position of Deputy Head of General Surgery Department – Share99 Da Nang International Health Hub.

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