Diet adjustments for obese overweight children

Childhood obesity is increasing due to the effects of daily diets and habits in life. The process of slimming at this age will also be more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to build a healthy reasonable diet for the child, reduce and avoid being overweight obese.

1. Causes and consequences of overweight obesity in children

Being overweight is an excessive weight gain, compared to normal weight and height. Obesity is a condition that accumulates a lot of fat in the body.

The causes of overweight obesity in children are:

  • Feed your child a lot of energy in a day, he eats a lot of sweets, fats, snacks regularly
  • Lazy children eat vegetables, skip breakfast and eat a lot in the evening
  • Give your child too much sleep during the day

Consequences of childhood obesity:

  • Children are self-deprecating with friends, prone to depression
  • When childhood obesity works hard
  • Causes many chronic diseases too early for the child.

Obesity in children is dangerous, dangerous. Failure to treat the child early will become a burden on the family and sad for the child.

Obese children

Being overweight makes children more susceptible to depression

2. Diet adjustments for obese overweight children

When starting to show manifestations of obesity, parents should think about how to treat obesity in a child so that when growing up the child can be as confident as other children. Basically, for obese children, it is still necessary to provide adequate nutrients for the child to develop physically. Instead, adjust your child's nutrition slowly and appropriately.

2.1. Diet for obese children to lose weight

  • To help obese children lose weight, first pay attention to changing their diet. This change should be done slowly and appropriately because if the diet change is too sudden, it will harm the normal physical development of the child.
  • Do not feed children greasy foods, fried foods, can instead steam, boil, feed children less spices and foods that contain both fat and high in sugar such as pastries, cakes, chips, sausages, ice cream … To ensure your child still has enough substances, you can replace foods with nutritious ingredients but less sugar and fat such as sweet potatoes, corn. It is possible to feed the child with plenty of greens, foods high in fiber.
  • During this change, milk is essential because milk provides micro-substances necessary for the development of the child such as calcium, other vitamins and minerals that are very good for the physical development of the child. Limit the fatty milks because it is one of the culprits that cause obesity.

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  • Strengthen your main meals with your family, limit your child's snacks so that they get used to it. Let your child sit and eat with his family so he can feel happy not to remember the snacks.
  • Filtered water, fruit juice is very good for the child. However, you should only give the child fruit juice in a moderate way because if you drink a lot, it will not be good for the digestive system as well as this is a drink that increases the amount of sugar in the child's body.
  • Limit your child from drinking sweetened soft drinks, and do not eat dinner before bedtime; limit feeding of children to restaurants, pre-packaged food; the family should not stock up on junk food in the house.

2.2. Exercise regime for obese overweight children

  • Encourage children to participate in sports activities.
  • Plan your child's exercise to lose weight as soon as signs are detected. It is possible to give children exercises in the morning and afternoon.
  • Focus on the interests of children participating in sports that are easily close to life such as walking to school, running, jumping ropes, kicking football, badminton, kicking bridges, climbing stairs, swimming …
  • It is advis recommended to guide your child to do work from home
  • Limit children to watch television, phone, computer, video games …

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Encourage children to participate in motor sports
  • Give your child exercises at a reasonable amount of time, do not force them to do too much will make them feel uncomfortable and do not want to practice for the next time.
  • Do not make children learn too much, creating conditions for them to have fun running and dancing after stressful lessons.

Childhood obesity causes undesirable consequences, so parents need to gradually practice a healthy lifestyle, eat appropriately, give them regular exercise; to weigh indoors, daily monitor the child's weight, avoid leaving the child overweight.

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