What is hemochromous electrolysis?

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Hemoglobin electrolysis is a blood test that detects normal or abnormal Hemoglobin components and what are their concentrations? Accordingly, hemoglobin electrolysis is used as a first test to access suspected cases of Hemoglobin, Thalassemia …

1. What is hemochromous electrolysis?

Hemoglobin-Hb is a protein consisting of hem and Globin spores located in red blood cells that transport oxygen in the blood, in a cycle that brings oxygen from the lungs to all tissues and bodies in the body and transports Carbonic from the tissues back to the lungs.

Hemoglobin has a very special structure consisting of Fe2+ ions that make it possible to separate the oxygen molecule from the extra-natural air mixture when inhaled into the lungs. Each Hemoglobin can carry four O2 molecules, a red blood cell containing up to 300 million Hemoglobin, meaning that each time it returns to the lungs, a red blood cell can carry 1.2 billion O2 molecules.


Hemolymolysis images

If hemoglobin is normal, it will transport and release oxygen with maximum efficiency. If hemoglobin is abnormal, limited oxygen transport leads to hypoxia for tissues and agencies. Accordingly, the amount of hemolysis depends on age, gender, ethnicity, geography … In normal males it is between 130 – 170 g/L; in females located about 120 – 150 g/L.

Hemoglobin electrolysis is a blood test that detects normal or abnormal Hemoglobin components and what are their concentrations? This method is used as a first test to approach suspected cases of Hemoglobin disease, Thalassemia

Currently, there are many Hb electrolytic methods such as: Electrolytic in alkaline pH environment on cellulose acetate paper, electrolyses on agar gel in acid pH environment, electrolytic on agarose gel or polyacrylamide gel, capillary electrolytic, electrolytic by high-voltage liquid chromochroma …

Besides, there are many types of hemoglobin, depending on the combination of different chains such as: Hemoglobin A, HbA1, HbA2. Normal hemoglobins include: HbA2, HbF, HbA. Some types of abnormal hemolysis such as HbE, HbS, Hb Bart's, HbD, HbC, HbH, HbI …


Analysis of Hb composition by advanced liquid chromation method

2. When to prescribe hemolymolysis electrolysis?

Hemomolysis is in dinhed when:

  • Assess cases of anemia, unexplained hematoma.
  • Small red blood cells are not associated with iron reduction, chronic pathology or lead poisoning.
  • The test total analysis of peripheral blood cells with Hb, MCV and MCH index decreases, making the peripheral blood sample see abnormal red blood cells (sharp red blood cells, sickle cell, beer-shaped, elliptical, water droplets, red blood cell fragments …).
  • Suspected hemoglobin abnormality anemia.
  • Families and relatives have people with Hemoglobin disease such as Thalassemia, sickle cell disease,…
  • Results of some tests for sickle HC screening, HbH disease, HbE … positive…
  • Pre-marital health tests, if the two carry the Thalassemia gene together, should be consulted before they plan to become pregnant. If the couple carries the same body of pregnant Thalassemia, pre-birth diagnosis should be given at specialized medical facilities. With these cases, medicine can intervene so that the person who carries the Thalassemia gene can completely give birth to healthy, disease-free children …

pre-marital examination package

Pre-marital examination package at Share99

3. The meaning of hemoly pigment electrolysis test

Hemoglobin electrolysis tests show hemoglobin components, normal or abnormal for doctors to diagnose, advise and treat patients.


Normal values of hemolysis types

Common types of Hemoglobin

  • Hemoglobin A: This type of Hemoglobin is common in adults. Some diseases, such as Thalassemia, reduce hemoglobin A levels and Hemoglobin F increases.
  • Hemoglobin F (FetalHemoglobin – Fetal Hemoglobin): This type is usually found in fetuses and babies, Hemoglobin F is replaced by Hemoglobin A shortly after birth, a small amount of Hemoglobin F is produced after birth. Some diseases such as sickle cell, aphemia, leukemia,.. patients with a variety of abnormal hemoglobins and high levels of Hemoglobin F.
  • Hemoglobin A2: Is a type of Hemoglobin found in small amounts in adults.

Abnormal types of Hemoglobin

  • Hemoglobin S: This type of Hemoglobin occurs with sickle cell disease;
  • Hemoglobin C: This type of Hemoglobin is not capable of transporting oxygen well, which is often the cause of hemolyxemia, which is lighter than sickle cell disease;
  • Hemoglobin E: This type of Hemoglobin is found in people of Southeast Asian descent;
  • Hemoglobin D: This type of Hemoglobin occurs with sickle cell disorders…
  • Bart's hemolysis (Hb Bart's), hemolysis H (HbH), hemolysis Cs (HbCs or Hb Constant Spring) appear due to mutations in the alpha gene and often appear in patients with severe alpha thalassemia…

Blood diseases are dangerous diseases, according to which hemolytic electrolysis is an important test for the evaluation of congenital hemolytic diseases and other blood diseases.

Share99 International Health Hub conducted hemomolytic electrolysis tests for examination, treatment and pre-marital health check-up packages and pre-birth diagnosis in suspected cases of fetal and fetal abnormalities in genes or congenital hemolytic diseases. Accordingly, the hemolysis electrolysis test at Share99 is carried out properly, in accordance with the procedure by a team of highly skilled doctors, modern machinery system, thus accurate results, contributing significantly to the identification of diseases and disease stages. From there, there is a guide to effective consultation and treatment for patients.

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