Facial points of causes of dyslipidemia

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Dyslipidemia is one of the important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. However, unlike age, gender, this is a completely changeable risk factor. Knowing the causes of dyslipidemia for prevention and adjustment is a way to prevent diseases, ensure quality of life and extend life later.

1. Hematoma disorders

Genetic factors that play an important role in causing the main dyslipidemia, include:

  • Combined family hyperlipidemia;
  • Mutations in a lipoprotein LDL group;
  • Increased family blood triglycerid;
  • Hyperlipidemia of hosymial or poly genotype – a mutation in the LDL receptor.

Patients with primary dyslipidemia make up a very small percentage of the community, often detected before adolescence, in families with many people with the disease at the same time. This is a factor that causes many severe cardiovascular diseases very early on, life expectancy is limited.

2. Dyslipidemia

A second blood lipid disorder is caused by lifestyle factors or medical conditions that affect lipid levels in the blood. This is the main form of encounter in life, the rate is increasing and rejuvenating.

2.1. Unhealthy diet

The sugar that synthesizes 1/4 of the blood fat is derived from the diet. Therefore, this is the leading factor leading to the pathology of blood fat gain. In it, eating more saturated fats such as fats, animal organs and trans fats is found in some biscuits, baked goods can significantly increase blood cholesterol levels. Foods rich in cholesterol, such as red meat and dairy products with fat will also increase total cholesterol.

Therefore, the implementation of a diet that controls blood lipids is a prerequisite for reducing blood fat. Specifically, reduce the consumption of unhealthy fats, such as fats in red meat, whole milk products, animal organs, eggs, seafood,… Adding greens, cereals, fruits to the daily diet not only helps lower blood fat, but also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Facial points of causes of dyslipidemia

Saturated fats increase blood lipid disorders

2.2. Total overweight – obesity

There have been numerous studies that prove that people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher put their health at risk for dyslipidemia. Not only that, if the person has a large waist circumference, the risk of dyslipidemia will also increase, in men with a waist circumference of 102 cm or women from 89 cm.

Thus, in parallel with the construction of the diet, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining a healthy body weight. Form a daily weight measurement routine to find ways to lose weight when excess weight is detected.

2.3. Passive lifestyle

It is easy to observe that active, active people often not only have a slim body, but also minimize cardiovascular diseases compared to those who are lazy, rarely exercising. Indeed, regular movement helps to strengthen HDL-cholesterol. Therefore, if sededed, the risk of dyslipidemia increases.

To effectively limit blood fat, in addition to fasting, physical exercise also plays an important role. The need for movement will help to consume energy, burn excess lipid metabolism products, avoid deposition in the blood.

2.4. Smoking

Tobacco smoke is a collection of more than 100 types of chemicals that are toxins of the body, disturbing the metabolism processes, producing more toxins instead of beneficial products, reducing hdl-cholesterol levels in the blood. Not only that, when smoking, the cardiovascular system is the body that suffers the most damage. Tobacco smoke is damaging the walls of blood vessels, causing excess LDL-cholesterol to accumulate, further causing atherosclerosis.

Moreover, the danger comes from tobacco not only the impact on the individual smokers but also those around them inhaling smoke, especially the elderly and children. Therefore, it is necessary to resolutely give up, in order to keep yourself healthy as well as protect the health of the whole community.

Facial points of causes of dyslipidemia

As the age increases, the life activities of the body decrease, the need for energy is less than before

2.5. age

As the age is higher, the life activities of the body gradually decrease, the need for energy is less than before. Therefore, lipid metabolism also has significant changes. The body will focus on increasing the reserve process more than the degradation process to generate energy, from which the lipid will stagn in the blood, body tissue.

Thus, although age is an irreverable risk factor for dyslipidemia, knowing how to limit other hyperlipidemia factors will somewhat help lipid levels stabilize over time.

2.6. Due to other chemical diseases

Diseases that affect the body's transformation such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, thyroid failure, polycystic ovaries, alcoholism, Cushing's syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, HIV infection, abdominal aortic aneurysm … can affect the path of blood lipid metabolism. Sometimes, the test for increased blood fat is a marker for the above-mentioned diseases.

In these situations, the treatment of drugs that lower blood lipids is necessary but at the core is the treatment of the dyslexia. Therefore, it is necessary to actively look for causes if increased lipid levels are seen in patients of young age. When regulating these metabolisms back to stable, dyslipidemia also somewhat improves.

The above are common causes of dyslipidemia that individuals can self-notice and regulate. Based on that we can build a healthy lifestyle for ourselves to have an ideal cardiovascular health.

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