Painless tooth extraction service at Share99 Ha Long

Article by Dr. Dang Tien Dat – Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine, Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub

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Tooth extraction is a technique that removes broken, abnormally growing or defective teeth to overcome bite problems or oral risks. Thanks to the intervention of modern dental technology, the painless tooth extraction technique at Share99 Ha Long ensures safety and comfort for customers during the implementation process.

1. Subjects who need to pull teeth

Patients need to pull out their teeth when:

  • Teeth with serious medical conditions cannot be treated for recovery: Worms break large trunks, teeth shake a lot due to inflammation around the teeth, teeth with stalking anesthles destroy the structure of teeth and tissue around the teeth, teeth break a lot due to injury.
  • Teeth no. 8 (wisdom teeth) often become inflamed around the body of the tooth causing swelling and pain.
  • Teeth no. 8 are deviated, jammed, there is a risk of worming, rupture of the torso and inflammation of the 7th tooth pulp next to it.
  • Teeth No. 8 lead a lot of food, difficulty cleaning causing interstitial inflammation, unpleasant odor.
  • Pull out your teeth according to the plan to correct your teeth.

2. Advantages of painless tooth extraction at Share99 Ha Long

Machinery and equipment

  • The best quality French anesthetic is used so that customers no longer feel pain when taken.
  • The most modern tooth extraction technology with Piezotome ultrasound machine makes tooth extraction less impact on the surrounding tissues, the post-extraction wound also heals faster.

Tooth extraction

Piezotome ultrasonic extraction technology
  • Painkillers: After the tooth extraction is complete, if the customer feels that his body is still sore, the doctor will prescribe painkillers. The drug will have an analgesic effect within a few days, the patient can still return to work and live normally.
  • Medical instruments of Share99 International Health Hub are absolutely aseptic.
  • Patients can listen to relaxing music as required during surgery and procedures.


  • Master – Dr. Dang Tien Dat Specializing in Molars. Having strengths in tooth extraction and oral surgery with gentle manipulation, thousands of tooth extractions have been successfully performed.
  • Dental nurse Tran Thi Hong Linh: Professional agility, attentive attitude.

3. Notes for patients

Before plucking:

Patients receive health checks, tests to detect some high-risk body diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, blood diseases, allergy history …

Patients are consulted to avoid tooth extraction in some stages such as: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, declining health.

Patients should eat enough. Do not use alcohol as a stimulant.

While plucking:

The patient needs to lie still, psychologically relaxed. If you want to speak or move, raise your hand according to your doctor's instructions.

Alcohol restrictions

After tooth extraction should stay away from alcohol

After plucking:

  • The patient bites the gauze tightly for about 1 hour, does not spit, does not suck the press.
  • Eat soft, warm, nutritious drinks, can be divided into several small meals.
  • Take medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, raw food.
  • Avoid strong physical activity
  • Call your doctor if you see abnormalities (bleeding, swelling, fever, etc.)

To register for examination and treatment at Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub, you can contact hotline: 0203 3828 188

Address: 10A Le Thanh Tong Street, Hong Gai Ward, Ha Long District, Hong Gai District, Ha Long Province.


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