Post-cesarean back pain: What to know

After cesarean section, the mother not only hurts with lower abdominal stitches, but also faces back pains. The level of post-cesarean back pain statistically accounts for more than 70% of cases, meaning that up to 7 out of every 10 women give birth to back pain afterwards.

1. Post-cesarean back pain

Cesarean section with back pain is a phenomenon that any mother must experience. Nine months of pregnancy is a happy but also very difficult period. It seems that those difficulties will disappear when the child is born, but in fact, after giving birth the mother faces even more difficulties than before. And post-cesarean back pain is typical.

The level of post-cesarean section with back pain statistically accounts for more than 70% of cases, meaning that up to 7 out of every 10 women give birth to back pain afterwards. If you do not fully understand the level of back pain after cesarean section, then perhaps a lot of people will let this condition last, impact on life and form dangerous medical problems.


Cesarean section with back pain is a phenomenon that any mother must experience

2. Causes of post-cesarean back pain

  • The body changes suddenly

During pregnancy, the uterus expands, stretches, weakens the abdominal muscles, the weight accumulated first causes the pregnant woman to change the position at an unfavorable risk to the spine. The muscles in the back must also be more active.

  • Dilion of the biological ligaments

Lateral changes in pregnancy loosen the joints and ligaments that connect the pelvis and spine, causing less stable structure, causing pain when walking, standing, sitting for long periods of time, bending over or lifting things. These changes do not disappear overnight. After birth, the pelvic ligaments are still loose, so back pain is inevitable. So the back continues to hurt until the muscles restore strength, joints and ligaments are more supple.

The process of giving birth is strenuous, stressful for a long time requires the muscles to function at full capacity, some muscles are not used leading to back pain for a while.

  • Calcium deficiency

During pregnancy, the mother needs to replenish calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients such as folic acid, vitamins A, D, B1 …. However, if your diet at this time cannot meet the needs of calcium, the body must take it from the mother to compensate the fetus and cause osteoporosis.

After birth, the health of the maternity is still in a relatively weak state, not yet recovered in time. On the other hand, the mother must breastfeed regularly, the amount of calcium is lost again, creating a chance of the oncage of back pains.

  • Back pain caused by spinal anesthesia

After cesarean section, many women suffer from back pain, even more pain than normal births. The cause is spinal anesthesia, an operation that helps the pregnant woman to have a cesarean section without pain. With cesarean section, sural anesthesia, the injection site may aches a few days after birth but this does not cause back pain. Initially, the symptoms of back pain are unknown, but then will appear violently with side effects of the drug. There are mothers who after birth 2-3 months will feel extremely back pain from changing the state of lying down, or just back pain by coughing or sneezing. More than 90% of women who give birth have anesthesia in their spinal cord with back pain.

  • Over work or lying still

After birth, there are 2 groups of women who are more susceptible to back pain: one, lying still all day; Secondly, overs working. In case of lying unconscious in bed, blood gas accumulates in the pelvic area and is not circulating, which in turn leads to back pain. On the contrary, in some cases when her health has not recovered, she has worked, walked a lot, caused the ligaments to dilate and caused her back to hurt.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

Cold infection

Post-birth women often suffer from blood gas damage, if not paying attention to keep the body warm, susceptible to cold winds attack, invasive health, causing excess moisture, pain in the back, joints throughout the body. In addition, some women lie too hard, or often wear high heels, stress … also prone to post-birth back pain.

  • Breastfeeding the wrong way

In addition, many mothers have inadvertently exacerbated back pain due to a lack of awareness of breastfeeding. For example, when the mother is learning to breastfeed. Too focused on having your baby suck her breasts properly and forget to sit properly. The habit of sitting folded, causing the neck and muscles to strain when looking down leading to back pain for the mother.


Breastfeeding the wrong way is also the cause of back pain after cesarean section

3. When does it appear and end back pains?

For the cesarean sectionmother, the back pain caused by the sural anesthesia procedure, injected directly into the medulla will begin to feel after 3 to 6 hours after birth, from the time of completion of the operation. At that time the anesthetic gradually lost its original effect. The sensation of headache, neck pain from leaking a small amount of fluid from the brain will begin as early as 12 hours after birth, even 3 to 4 days later after birth.

Normal back pain will cure itself within a few months. For some women with back pain after cesarean section, the pain will continue or keep changing the weather, seasonality, pain will return.

Mothers who have back pain before or during pregnancy are more likely to have persistent post-birth back pain. Especially with severe pain or having started quite early in pregnancy.

4. Remedies for post-cesarean back pain

After birth, the maternity is very sensitive to the components of the drug, and is also asked by the doctor not to take the drug on its own without the doctor's prescription. Therefore, taking the drug at this time is not recommended and needs to be minimized.

There are many measures that are applied to relieve back pain after cesarean section. Mothers should consider depending on their physical condition to apply. If any questions or abnormalities occur, consult a doctor to ensure your health and well-being.

4.1. Measures for self-implementation at home

  • Full rest

First, mothers should ensure adequate sleep time for themselves so as not to affect post-birth incisions. However, if you rest in the wrong position, back pain will still take place, even prolonged and with even more severe developments.

It is best to choose for yourself the most comfortable resting position and avoid doing heavy work.

  • Breastfeeding in the right position

The wrong breastfeeding position will affect the backbone of the neck and back causing shoulder and back pain. Many mothers often have the mentality to breastfeed comfortably, accidentally the wrong breastfeeding position causes you pain in the back. Pay attention when breastfeeding, you should choose a comfortable position, avoid bending people, bending over too long. Regularly change the breastfeeding position, combining body movement such as: turning, shaking the neck, slightly twisting the waist … help you relieve soreness, fatigue.

Comfortable breastfeeding in which the mother should apply:

  • The sitting position reclines backwards at an angle of 45 degrees, which can be based on the pillow. At this time, the baby lies on the abdomen and touches the mother's chest to ti.
  • Lying on your side and placing your baby parallel to you, your godmom, guides your baby to face the udder.
  • The position rests on the chair, the back is straight, one leg is put on another chair with just enough height, leaving a thin pillow behind the back. The baby will feed comfortably so that the mother will not be under too much pressure on the back of the spine.
  • Exercise, gentle body movement

After the birth of a baby, mothers are often busy taking care of their babies and forgetting about themselves. However, every day mothers should take about 20-30 minutes to practice exercises, simple yoga movements at home are not only healthy but also help reduce back pains effectively. Moreover, exercising is also a simple way to regain post-birth physique to help mothers be more confident.

Hip tilt exercise: Standupright on your back, step left to horizontal, left hand against the hips, hands dirty high along with the upper body tilted to the left to stretch the muscles and spine to help the body relax. You can then move to the right and do the same. Just a few beats at a time, you already feel more comfortable in your body. In addition, if practicing yoga exercises for your mother after birth, you should limit excessive stretching movements such as stretching your legs.

Feeling uncomfortable, you should stop, not force yourself too much, especially in the first 2 months, will make the back pain after cesarean section more serious. The best practice should not be more than 30 minutes a day.

  • Weight loss

During pregnancy, pregnant women often have to eat a lot, eat a variety of nutritious food to take care of the health of both mother and child. Many people when pregnant gain weight very quickly sometimes uncontrollably and after giving birth that weight does not lose much. It's hard to get back in shape with a lot of moms.

Too heavy body weight is also the cause of back pain, spinal pain that many people do not notice. Therefore, after giving birth to a baby, the mother should adopt the right diet, exercising every day to quickly regain physique not only helps you become more confident, but also helps reduce back pain.

However, you should not be too anxious about losing weight but affect the health of both mother and baby, should consult doctors about proper nutrition, increase movement, exercise gently to achieve good results.

  • Keep your mentality comfortable

Stress and fatigue after birth are normal things that many women suffer from. However, this is not good for your health as well as your spirit. Mothers should keep a stable and comfortable mentality to take care of their children's health and themselves in the best way.

  • Improve your daily diet

Post-birth women should have a nutritious diet to promptly compensate for minerals lost during childbirth, especially calcium.


Calcium supplements to overcome post-birth back pain

Supplement foods rich in zinc such as mushrooms, beef, nutritious cereals … helps the calcium absorption process go better. Increase eating iron-rich foods such as chicken egg yolk, pork heart, pigeon meat, legumes … Eat a variety of fruits to supplement vitamin C, minerals such as grapes, oranges, apples, bananas, pears, avocados … It is recommended to eat lean meat (pigs, chickens, cows), avoid eating fatty meat. It is recommended to drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day, including milk, juice, boiled water to cool.

4.2. Physical therapy

  • Massage

After birth, you should rely on the support of massage and massage methods to stimulate blood circulation, effectively dispel aches and pains. Not only that, it also works to repel stress, making the spirit more comfortable. You can ask relatives for extra support or visit post-birth med care centers at home to perform physical therapy for more painful cases than usual. A few physical movements massage the lumbar area, massaging the shoulder area of the neck is a simple but effective way to help you relax your spirit, dispel aches and pains, help the body be stronger and more comfortable. With the application of physical therapy such as the use of acupuncture, massage or acupressure, it should be applied regularly and impacted appropriately. In addition, it is necessary to combine with therapeutic support exercises such as exercise or yoga to promote efficiency and limit recurrence of painful manifestations after treatment.

4.3. Use of male remedies

Some male remedies with folk leaves will help you relieve post-birth back pain

  • Wormwood leaves:

According to traditional medicine, wormwood leaves contain many antibacterial agents and essential oils to help relieve pain effectively. Wormwood leaves washed, drained, mixed with salt and then roasted hot. Put this mixture in a thin towel, apply it to the sore back area, until cooled, and do the same.

  • Leaves:

Take the roots of leaves, rinse, soak with white wine for 1 month. After that, rub the alcohol solution towel on the sore back, and at the same time, perform gentle massage movements that relieve the pain quickly.


Use leaves to relieve back pain

4.4. Using western medicine

Western medicines such as treating post-birth back pain with high-frequency waves, laser waves or surgery are measures that should only be thought of when the consequences are already too serious.

After giving birth, mothers should limit the use of drugs, especially western medicines to avoid affecting the baby as well as the source of nutritious milk for the baby, the best way to treat prolonged back pain is to change from their habits.

At Share99 Health Hub, the process of treating post-cesarean back pain is always coordinated by specialties: Pain treatment, physical therapy, surgery, obstetrics, nutrition to make a diagnosis to determine the cause and origin of post-birth back pain. From there, the doctor will have a specific plan for active treatment from each stage to minimize persistent back pain or chronic back pain later on for mothers.

Forpost-birth back pain,at Share99 Health Hub, pain treatment techniques include:

  • Intensive physical and therapeutic exercises with the aim of restoring muscle strength, restoring spinal function and joints. Doctors will guide mothers with exercises so that mothers can actively practice at home.
  • In addition, the doctor can perform several procedures under the guidance of an intensive ultrasound machine for nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments. The ultrasound machine helps to guide the diagnosis and guide the injection technique to ensure accuracy and safety. Pain treatment techniques such as: Nerve branch blockade dominates the pain area to relieve pain, inject joints, joints of the same pot with analgesic, anti-inflammatory to relieve pain immediately for mothers.
  • The technique of injecting self-rich plasma (PRP) into damaged ligaments, or inflammation of tendon-muscle adhesion depends on the type of lesion with the guidance of an ultrasound machine. This technique is intended to promote the self-rehabilitation of damaged tissue, and recovery takes time.

Looking closely for a diagnosis to determine the source of the mother's back pain after giving birth, Share99 pain specialist will choose an effective treatment that will help the mother recover quickly to take better care of herself and the baby. After 9 months and 10 days of heavy pregnancy, the pregnant woman enters the birth and faces a level of calving pain compared to a fracture of 20 ribs at the same time. In order for the birth to go smoothly and safely, the pregnant woman needs to understand clearly: – How the labor process takes place, how long it usually lasts for the direction of delivery or cesarean section, protecting the best
health of the fetus.

  • Methods of pain relief during childbirth, limiting pain and relieve psychological pressure during labor.
  • The way to push and breathe at birth is usually the right way for the labor to take place quickly, the pregnant woman does not lose strength at birth.
  • How to control post-birth contractions in the shortest possible time.
  • How to care for a biological sewing does not cause infection and dangerous complications.
  • Early post-birth re-examination to detect dangerous abnormalities such as omissions, antlers.
  • Caring for babies until full of healthy months.

To eliminate the pain of childbirth, Share99 offers a full maternity program with a full "painless birth" service during childbirth and after birth using non-morphine sural anesthesia and neurosychism. During the birth process, the maternity will be instructed by the assistants how to properly push and breathe, the baby will be born in just 10-15 minutes. After birth, the baby will be cared for in a ileant room before being returned to his mother.

Maternity will be rested in a high-class hospital room, designed according to international hotel standards, 1 mother 1 room with full facilities and modern. The mother will be consulted by nutritionists on how to nourish the baby before being discharged from the hospital. Post-delivery re-examination with both mother and baby with leading obstetricians and pediatricians.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE


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