Back pain during pregnancy: 7 tips to relieve pain

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Back pain during pregnancy is not unfamiliar, but one of the problems that are of great interest to the pregnant women and the desire to find a solution. Check out the seven tips below, from positional and physical activity tips to additional treatments, to help alleviate back pain during pregnancy.

1. Practice and practice keeping a good position

As the fetus grows and grows in the abdomen, the focus of the body will change in the direction of the forward corner. To rebalance, the pregnant woman will naturally back up, causing the lower back muscles to be excessively stretched, contributing to back pain during pregnancy. Try to keep the following in mind to stay in good position:

  • Always stand up and keep your head straight.
  • Breast augmentation.
  • Push your shoulders backwards and relax.
  • Keep your knees flexible.

When standing pregnant, you should stand in a position to be strong enough, comfortable enough. If in case it is imperative to stand for a long time, stand on one leg, the other rests, and alternately changes between the legs.

Keep a good position not only when standing, but also when sitting. Choose a seat with a backrest (it's best to have a seat with a backrest), or you can put a small pillow to support the lower back.

Practice and practice keeping a good position

Practice keeping a good position through exercises

2. Choose the right outfit

Pregnant women should wear low heeled footwear (not flat soles) with suitable molds (shapes) to support the natural anatomy of the feet. High heels are something to avoid, as high heels push the focus of the body forward and easily cause the pregnant woman to fall.

Pregnant women may also consider wearing a belt to support pregnant women. Although studies on the effectiveness of pregnant women's belts are still limited, some pregnant women feel that the belt has some useful effects.

3. Carrying moderately

When you want to lift small objects, slowly sit down and gradually lift your body up with your feet, do not lean on your hips or lift them up with your back. Always remember that the back needs to be kept as straight as possible, and the force needs to be put on the legs. Pregnant women should always know the limits, do not carry too much. Seek help when necessary.

To raise things properly

Lifting objects with the right position helps pregnant mothers avoid back pains

4. When sleeping lying on one side

When sleeping pregnant women should lie on one side, should not lie on their back. Keeping one or both sides of the knee in an folded position, additional hugging pillows or pregnant women's pillows can be used on the knees, under the abdomen or behind the back.

5. Try hot, cold or massage treatments

Although the evidence to prove the effectiveness of these methods is limited, massage, using thermal patches or ice bags can have the effect of reducing back pain.

6. Maintain physical activities in your daily schedule

Regular physical activities can help keep the back supple and help relieve back pain during pregnancy. Pregnant women should consult a doctor about their condition, before performing physical activities, such as walking or swimming. Pregnant women can also enlist the help of physical therapy specialists to exercise and dilate muscles.

Pregnant women can also relax the lower back by kneeling on the ground, bringing the body forward and resisting with two hands, leaving the head straight with the back, then slowly lifting the abdomen up, curving the back gradually. Hold that position for a few seconds, then relax your body, so that the back is as straight as possible. Keep repeating like that, gradually increasing the number of exercises in each training, so that each time can perform 10 turns.

During pregnancy, stretching the lower back can help relieve pain

During pregnancy, stretching the lower back can help relieve pain

7. Consider performing additional treatments

Some studies suggest acupuncture can have an analgesic effect on back pain during pregnancy. The chiropractic method can make some pregnant women feel good, but more research is still needed. If there is an intention to carry out additional therapy, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. Inform your coach and technician about your pregnancy before performing any therapy.

If you have severe back pain during pregnancy or back pain that lasts more than two weeks, see a specialist. The doctor will examine and may prescribe the use of analgesic drugs (such as acetaminophen, especially Tylenol, or other drugs) and may be other necessary treatments. Pregnant women should remember that back pain during pregnancy can be a normal phenomenon, but can also be a sign of premature birth or urinary tract infections. If during pregnancy there appears back pain accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage,fever, or urination, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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