Atypical signs of pneumonia

Atypical pneumonia is a mild type of pneumonia, the least ominous of all types of pneumonia. However, parents should not be subjective but should monitor for atypical signs of pneumonia, if there are complications that need to be taken to the doctor in a timely manner.

1. What is atypical pneumonia?

Atypical pneumonia is a mild type of pneumonia, which usually does not require hospitalization for treatment, even patients sometimes do not even know they have pneumonia. In English atypical pneumonia is also known as "walking pneumonia" because the patient is only mildly ill, can still walk, live, go to work normally and some patients mistakenly believe that they only have a cold.

2. Causes of atypical pneumonia

Atypical pneumonia can be caused by many causes, but the most common cause is the bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Accordingly, the person can be transmitted to others when coughing or sneezing, however the likelihood of transmission is relatively weak, the rate of transmission is quite slow. The time that the person is capable of infecting the healer can be up to 10 days.


Bacteria are the main cause of atypical pneumonia

3. Symptoms of atypical pneumonia

The first signs and symptoms usually manifest themselves after a period of 15 to 25 days from exposure to Mycoplasma and will gradually worsen slowly within 2 to 4 days, including:

  • Chest pain when breathing deeply
  • Cough, may be accompanied by strong spasms
  • Mild flu-like manifestations, such as fever and chills
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • tired
  • Weakness persists even if other symptoms have disappeared

Some patients with atypical pneumonia may be accompanied by ear infections, anemia, or skin rashes.

4. Diagnosis of atypical pneumonia

To diagnose atypical pneumonia, the doctor needs:

  • Clinical examination
  • Chest X-ray
  • Do a blood test

5. Treatment of atypical pneumonia

Treatment of atypical pneumonia is usually simple. After a specific examination, the doctor may prescribe the use of antibiotics as well as some medications necessary to treat symptoms. Besides complying with the use of the drug, the patient needs to drink enough water and increase rest.

treatment of atypical pneumonia

Patients only need to treat the disease according to the application and increase rest

6. Prevention of atypical pneumonia

So far there is no vaccine – the vaccine prevents Mycoplasma, therefore it is impossible to prevent it completely. However, some of the following methods can be taken to reduce the likelihood of atypical pneumonia:

  • Regularly practice physical exercise, maintain a balanced, healthy diet, proper rest, get enough sleep.
  • Wash your hands properly, often.
  • Do not smoke, or quit smoking.
  • Cover coughs or sneezes to avoid infecting others.

Most cases of atypical pneumonia can be fully recovered during a full course of antibiotic therapy. However, there is still no specific vaccine to prevent atypical pneumonia. Therefore, the prevention of the disease is very important. You need to maintain proper nutrition, combine proper exercise, get a flu vaccine and limit the impact of contaminated environments. As soon as there are signs of illness, it is necessary to quickly go to a reputable medical facility for timely examination and treatment, preventing potentially dangerous complications. Currently, Share99 International Health Hub is one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country, trusted by a large number of patients to examine and treat the disease. Not only mechanical systems, modern equipment: 6 ultrasound rooms, 4 DR X-ray rooms (1 full-axis camera, 1 light tank, 1 synthesizer and 1 mammogram), 2 DR portable X-ray machines, 2 multi-range comclass shooting rooms (1 machine 128 ranges and 1 machine 16 blocks) , 2 resonance imaging rooms (1 Tesla 3 machine and 1 1.5 Tesla machine), 1 vascular interventional anethectic unit 2 interfaces and 1 bone mineral density measurement room…. Share99 is also a gathering place for a team of experienced doctors and doctors who will support a lot in diagnosing and early detection of abnormal signs of the patient's body. Especially, with the space designed according to 5-star hotel standards, Share99 ensures to bring the most comfort, friendliness and peace of mind to patients.

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