Signs and diagnosis of uterus polyps

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Most ovarian polyps are benign, however, can affect fertility, daily life and reduce the quality of life of patients.

1. What is a uterus polyp?

Ovarian polyps are one of the most common diseases in women. Uterine polyps are a tumor that binds to the inland city of the uterus and convex into the uterine cavity. Blocks of ovarian polyps are formed mainly due to overgly developed endometrial cells. These polyps are largely benign, but will affect a woman's ability to become pregnant if not treated promptly and cause abnormal uterus hemorrhages. There is currently no accurate rate of sufferer due to some cases of asymptoptoatic symptoms.

Due to the overdoma of the glands and endometrial buffer tissue (NMTC) – located around the outside of a vascular core and connective tissue, causing polyps to form. Polyps range in size from several millimeters (mm) to several centimeters (centimeters), one or more polyps, with stalks or no peduncles, and can grow anywhere in the uterus cavity.

Uterus polyps are divided into 2 forms (by location):

  • Uterine chamber polyps (sometimes referred to as uterine polyps for short) are a tumor that grows in the uterus chamber.
  • Cervical chamber polyps are tumors, which come from the outer cervical or from the cervical uterus in and protrude into the outer hole of the cervical.

Polyps of the uterus chamber

Ovarian polyps and cervical chamber polyps

2. Signs of uterus polyps

The most common symptom of ovarian polyps is irregular menstruation. In addition, it is possible to recognize through the following signs:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle, menstruation,bleeding.
  • Abnormal bleeding: Abnormal bleeding during menstruation; mid-period bleeding; or bleeding after menopause….
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • May be accompanied by abdominal pain, anemia.
  • In some cases, there are no symptoms, detected by chance when a rare examination is late, or through a CTC cell test, a bio biosy of the uterus
  • Abnormal uterus hemorrhage (AUB), 64 – 88% of TC polyps have AUB. Hemorrhagic properties: usually mid-cycle, rusty, or heavier hemorrhage in the cycle (neuron).

3. Diagnosis of uterus polyps

To diagnose ovarian polyps, your doctor may order your patient to perform a number of tests including:

  • Ultrasound: Where vaginal probe ultrasound is the first option for evaluaticy gynecology pathology, ultrasound of ovarian water pumping
  • Pelvic ultrasound, where transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) is the first option for evaluatine gynecology pathology in cases where AUB is available
  • Ultrasonic TC Chamber Water Pump (saline infusion sonogram-SIS)
  • 3D ultrasound of the uterus chamber: 3D ultrasound gives the result of sensitivity, specificity equivalent to ultrasound of the uterus water pump and avoids maximum interference, infection into the uterus chamber.
  • Diagnostic uterus endoscopy: Ultrasound of the ovarian water pump and endoscopy of the uterus helps to diagnose the shape of polyp lesions, the location is clearer than the ultrasound of the vaginal probe. In addition, during laparoscopy of the uterus, the doctor may intervene to treat polyp mass removal. Endoscopy of the uterus chamber is the gold standard for diagnosis with a higher sensitivity and specificity ratio than ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, ultrasound of the ovarian water pump.

Vaginal Probe Ultrasound

Vaginal probe ultrasound helps diagnose ovarian polyps

However, uterine chamber polyps can be misdiagnosed with sub-lining uterine fibroids so the doctor will use methods for ultrasonic pumping water BTC or endoscopy BTC different diagnosis. Characteristics of TC polyps: crimson, thinner, more open tissue that is easier to tear when touching the tool. Meanwhile, uterine fibroids are firmer and have superficially re-growing blood vessels. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish polyps from endometrial growth diseases, endometrial cancer.

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If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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