Signs of malignant neuro fibroids

Neuro fibroids are a rare disease, most cases of the disease are benign not life-threatening, however in some cases malignant neuro fibroids, the location of fibroids in important areas, causing serious complications or life-threatening

1. Signs of neurological fibroids in the brain

Nerve fibroids in the brain, whether benign or malignant neuro fibroids, cause brain compression that causes signs of danger. A CT or MRI scan helps diagnose the location of the fibroid.

Signs of malignant neuro-fibroid formation in the brain include:

  • Headache

Headache is a common symptom, which can be encountered in about half of people with brain tumors, the degree of pain can be severe. Headaches are more often in the early morning or near morning, persistent pain, daily repetition, increasing degrees in intensity and duration. In young children who do not know how to talk about signs of headache, it can manifest it through quits eating, fussing, sleeping little, wrestling.

  • Vomiting and nausea

Due to increased incranial pressure, patients with brain tumors often present with vomiting, nausea accompanied by headache symptoms, often vomiting in the morning and not related to eating, after each vomiting patient is often more tired, relieve headaches. Patients vomiting a lot can lead to dehydration, electrolymical disorders.

  • Decreased vision

Blurred, heavy eyes may not be visible. Decreased eye market, eye dyslexic paralysis causes in vi nerve paralysis, external paralysis if IV wire paralysis, convex eyes, color recognition disorders. These are the signs that can be seen when malignant neuron fibroids insert into the visual nerve.


Whether benign or malignant neuro fibroids cause brain compression that causes dangerous signs
  • Increased abnormal head ring size

For young children, especially children under 2 years of age, manifestations such as headache, unclear nausea but manifestations such as abnormally increased head size, dilated cranial joints, bulging, stretched scalp, dilated veins under the scalp that are clearly visible to the naked eye are more noticeable signs of malignant neurob cirrhosis in the brain.

  • Behavioural disorders

In babies and young children there may be manifestations of increased activity and behavior disorders that need attention to be observed.

  • Loss of action control

Due to compression into the primary brain or the cochlear cortex nerve affects motor coordination function, patients walk easily, poor coordination of movement.

  • Prolonged stress.

Manifestations of irritability, irritable fatigue, poor concentration, heavy sleep or always in a state of drowsiness.

  • Weakness and numbness

Weak hands and feet walk hard or sometimes can not move. Sensory disorders such as numbness, the sensation of crawling ants in the hands, feet. Paralysis, sensory disorders often tend to be on one side of the human body. Paralysis may be accompanied by language disorders, vision disorders, consciousness disorders, decreased general concentration, sleep disorders.

  • epilepsy

Malignant neuroblastomas in the brain can push into brain neurons, transforming the electrolytic signals in the brain that will cause seizures. About 50% of patients with brain tumors experience at least one seizure. However, not having to have an epidural is caused only by tumors in the brain, there are many other causes of epidurals such as vascular malformation, after head injuries …

  • Development retretness

In children when brain tumors can cause signs of developmental retretness including motor, mental and intellectual retinal development. Affects children's development and learning ability.


Sensory disorders such as numbness, the sensation of ants crawling in the hands and feet when having malignant neuro fibroids

2. Signs of malignant neuro fibroids in the spinal cord

In case of malignant neuro fibroids in the spinal cord, there will be a number of signs such as:

  • Spinal deformity: Large tumors that push the spine causing deformity, which can deviate from scoliosis.
  • Causes paralysis, sensory disorders: Can cause paralysis of the legs or limbs, with the sensation of numbness, crawling ants in the limbs.

In addition, the case of malignant fibroids in children also increases the risk of leukemia, the manifestation of which can be seen as a child with bacterial infections, hypoglycemia or mucous membranes and anemia (blue skin, pale mucous membranes, tired people …)

When signs of malignant neuro fibroids are noticed, it is necessary to go to a medical facility early for diagnosis and treatment. If the location of the fibroid can be operated on, it is necessary to remove the nerve fibroid or sometimes have to be treated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor. It is important to observe early detection of abnormal symptoms, from which early treatment reduces the risk of severe complications.

If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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