Signs of tearing of the mesority stitches

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Many mothers who get pregnant at childbirth are completely stitched after childbirth by a doctor. However, sometimes the stitches of the mesenterity are torn, leading to bleeding that worries many women. So what are the signs of tearing the biological layer stitches and how should you handle it?

1. Causes of torn amenity stitches

Permeal stitches in post-birth women are the same as post-surgical stitches in other areas of the body. Usually, if the post-birth maternity is carefully cared for and there are no complications, then the perimenal stitches will heal on their own after 2-3 weeks. After about 1 month, the biological layer will be relatively stable, restoring sensations. Currently, doctors often use self-consumption indicators to stitch the mesmenity, which will help you not need to cut the index.

However, not everyone is favorable for the student to heal completely. In fact, perorthal stitches can be torn due to a number of causes as follows

  • The process of cleaning the sewing of the mesmenity is not clean, many of the remaining foreign objects make the wound difficult to recover.
  • After stitching, the new tissues in the mesparable layer are quite weak, vulnerable to sutures, causing the stitches of the mespar to be loose and broken.
  • Some women's poor habits, such as sitting on one side, holding their child in the wrong position, having to change diapers or walking a lot, make stitches open, torn or broken.

2. Signs of tearing of the mesority stitches

Pain and burning when urinating is a sign of tearing the stitches of the mesority

Tearing the stitches of the rye causes the wound to become infected, pus, itching, bleeding … If you notice the following abnormalities, it is best to go to a medical facility for advice

  • Stitches in the peri layer of the perus are abnormally painful, purulent and have a bad smell (signs of infection in the perio layer)
  • Fever or chills
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Painful and burning sensations when urinating
  • Can't be restrained with a bye
  • Unable to control media
  • Multiple bleeding or blood clots.

3. What should a torn amenity stitch do?

Infection is the first risk of tearing the mesenterosis. Moreover, this condition causes the recovery process to be affected, causing a lot of pain, leaving scars, causing aesthetic loss. Therefore, when you notice abnormalities occurring after the stitching of the biological layer, you need to quickly go to a medical facility to examine and avoid dangerous complications.

Gynecologist will check the lesion in the mesenterian layer to advise on timely treatment. Depending on the case, the doctor can use massage to help the scar soften or do plastic surgery again. Besides, you should pay attention to hygiene issues in the closed area. Pay attention to perform gently, properly and always keep the area dry, since post-surgical wounds in this area are quite sensitive and susceptible to infection.

On the other hand, when you have stitches in the torn mesmenis, you should not be too worried but actively go to the doctor. The selection of a reputable and professional medical facility also contributes to the rapid recovery and aesthetic stitching of the perusive layer.

4. When is it possible to have normal relations again?

Don't get too "anxious" while the stitches are recovering

The problem of tearing the perior stage sutures directly affects the genitals, so many women wonder how long after the peri-sectionalsutures heal completely , or when normal sex can return.

After the procedure of perineal incision, childbirth and complete stitching, it is common for women to need a period of 2-3 weeks for the stitches to be eaten again. It is best to give complete rehabilitation, you should wait more than a month to be able to have normal sex again. In order for the recovery process to take place quickly and safely, you need to pay attention to the following to properly care for the stitches of the mesmenity

  • At first it is possible that walking will be very difficult and painful , but try to walk gently as this will help the blood to flow better, the wound is less swollen red
  • Do not walk hard and get up and down the stairs too much, avoid wearing high heels, limit strong movement or do heavy things, affecting the position
  • Clean and properly clean the area, do not rinse deep inside the vagina, easily make the stitches of the mesmenity break only
  • Wide choice of underwear, soft, comfortable, airy
  • After urination or urination should be rinsed with clean water
  • Nutritious diet, avoid hot spicy foods, alcohol, tobacco
  • Spend a lot of time resting at home.

Hopefully the information about the stitches of the perianth above can help you prepare your spirit and knowledge before and after birth.

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