Does prolonged headache require brain resonance imaging?

Article by Dr Ton Female Tra My – Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub.

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All prolonged headaches require a brain resonance imaging scan to determine the cause, from which the clinicians offer appropriate treatment to the patient.

1. Headaches persist when brain resonance imaging is required.

Headaches have two main groups of causes: primary headaches and primary headaches. A headache is a type of headache that is not caused by a background pathology, while a second headache is a type of headache caused by a certain injury or substrate such as a concussion, brain haemorrhage, infection or brain tumor.

Headaches include migraine migraines, stress-type headaches, headaches (or cyclical headaches).

All prolonged headaches require a brain resonance imaging scan to determine the cause, from which the clinicians offer appropriate treatment to the patient.

2. What can the results of a resymable scan in a person with prolonged headaches warn?

Brain resonance is an image technique that uses a field, radio waves and computers to create detailed images of brain cuticle, soft tissue, skull bones. With the images obtained, the doctor can evaluate the anatomy of the brain, diagnose brain abnormalities (encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, brain tumors), vascular abnormalities (cerebral aneurysms), abnormalities of the eyes, the inside ear, chronic neurological diseases such as scattered sclerosis, degeneration of the brain. In addition, congenital malformations that cause headaches can also be diagnosed by word resonance.

CT MRI Brain Tumor

Images of brain tumors migrating on a resymnant film

3. Other diagnostic methods

In addition to brain resonance imaging patients with prolonged headaches may be prescribed additional methods to determine the exact cause of the disease:

Cranial computer cirlitrality: is an image technique that combines an X-ray system and a computer to create images that cut the cranial layer. Doctors use computer cirrhosis in cases where they want to assess hemorrhages caused by rupture of aneurysms, strokes, brain tumors and deformity of the brain. Differental vascular cirlitarity may also be inorated. With vascular comoclass cutting, photothrity drugs are injected into veins to evaluate cerebral blood vessels.

Lumbar puncture: this technique is aimed at taking a small amount of cerebral fluid, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord for testing. With this technique, the doctor can diagnose infectious diseases, including meningitis, encephalitis, inflammatory conditions of the nervous system such as in Gullian –Barre syndrome, scattered sclerosis; bleeding around the brain (srachnoid hemorrhage) and some brain and spinal cord-related cancers.


Method of lumbar puncture

4. Prolonged headache treatments

If no serious problems that cause prolonged headaches are found, the patient may need to be treated with only a few simple methods. To treat symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches, doctors may have to carefully understand the factors that trigger headaches such as stress, fatigue, food … to advise on appropriate adjustments.

In case of headache with specific causes due to internal and external diseases, the doctor will give specific advice to the patient on a case-by-case scenario.

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