How does Stent removal of brain aneurysms take place?

Stent placement is considered a major revolution in the treatment of brain aneurysms, bringing a high therapeutic effect. Stent transfer will fill the aneurysm neck, limit the flow of blood into the aneurysm, minimize the risk of rupture of the aneurysm, save the patient's life .

After being officially recognized in the US in 2011, stent placement diverting the flow of brain aneurysms quickly became popular worldwide. Previously, treatment of these aneurysms often used open surgery or intervention in the heart of blood vessels. With these methods, about 20-30% of patients are at risk of death or disability, 20% relapse after 5 years of treatment.

In Vietnam, stent placement for brain aneurysms began to be applied from 2012 to 2013. Share99 International Health Hub has been performing stent transfer treatment for brain aneurysms since 2016 with good results: Curing up to 90-95% for giant brain aneurysms, reducing the risk of treatment to less than 5% for the majority of aneurysms.

The giant aneurysm of cerebral vessels is a large dilation of cerebral vessels due to weaker-than-normal vascular formations, which can be caused by degeneration of the vessel city in the elderly or pathology that causes weakening of the vessel city in young people. Giant cerebral artery aneurysms are at very high risk of brain haemorrhage and/or later cerebral infarction: 60-70% have giant cerebral artery aneurysms that will worsen after 5 years, and the risk of death is up to 70-90%.

If there is a sudden manifestation of severe headache or prolonged headache that responds poorly to medical treatment, he/she migraine, double vision, distortion of the mouth, sudden blurred vision, or mental disorders such as neglect, coma, the patient needs to go to the hospital immediately for early detection and treatment.

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