Characteristics of nerve pain V

Nerve pain No. 5 is a type of pain that occurs suddenly, and occurs quickly. Pain usually arises or comes from a point of pain, most of which appear on one side, there are also some cases of lateral but rare 5-party nerve pain.

1. Characteristics of nerve pain V

V-type nerve pain is a separate type of specific pain, very severe pain, which occurs suddenly and occurs quickly, lasting only from about a few seconds to several minutes. The pain is usually singly.

Nerve V takes on both motor and sensory functions. However, the main function is sensation and each nerve will receive sensations for one side of the face. Nerve 5 is made up of 3 nerve branches: V1, V2, V3, each sensory branch for each part of the half of the face, so it is common to call the 5th nerve a triangular nerve or triad nerve. This is the largest cranial nerve.

V-nerve pain usually arises suddenly, resembling an electric shock, sometimes encountering a torn form, rarely experiencing hot forms. The pain takes place in a short time, lasting only a few seconds, but the pains can appear in a row with each other, making the pain last for about one to two minutes. V-nerve pain can be recurrent daily without a certain rule at all. The degree of severeness of the disease is manifested by the frequency of pain.


V-numbered nerve pain is a separate type of pain

Patients may have unexplained pain, even if irritation such as washing, chewing, shaving, touching the face, wind blowing in the face,… can also cause pain.

The pain appears on one side of the face, locally located according to the distribution of nerve V, most commonly the limit of one of the three branches. V-numbered nerve pain has at least 4 characteristics:

  • Sudden, severe pain
  • Distributed along one or more branches of nerve number V
  • Heavy intensity
  • Stimulated by daily activities such as: eating, speaking, brushing teeth, washing your face,…

2. cause

Currently, the mechanism of causing V-nerve pain is still unclear. The area that governs V-nerve pain is the oral area, so most patients are misdiagnosed due to sinusitis, shallow arterial inflammation, Migraine, Glocom, tooth disease or other dental-related conditions,…..

Nerve pain 5 is a feeling of pain in half of the face in areas where nerves dominate. Abnormalities in the nervous system and the compression of blood vessels into the position of the V-cord coming out of the brain trunk are one of the causes of V nerve pain.

In addition, tumors located in the angular region of the bridge-sub-cerebral region and the surrounding areas of the scythop-cerebral angle are also associated with V-nerve pain such as meningeal tumors, mesathetic cysts, melanoma with melanoma,… Tumours affect the Gasser ganglia or 1 or more branches of the V nerve.

Some causes of neuropathic pain v 10th such as: hypersenterative processes of the base of the skull pinching the V wire, or diseases in the structures distributed by nerves v: Cavities, tooth anestheses, iris inflammation, sinusitis,…

Symptoms of meathoma

Meathetic tumor can be the cause of nerve pain 5

3. Diagnosis and treatment

3.1 Diagnosis

To diagnose V-nerve pain, the doctor will rely on clinical manifestations. However, V-nerve pain is often easily misdiagnosed with oral diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to make a diagnosis that distinguishes it from some diseases such as:

  • Branching pain a diagnostic V nerve differentiated from facial sinus disease, celestial head and migraine
  • Branch pain of two V-nerve diagnoses distinguished from diseases of the upper molars, ear glands, sinuses
  • Branch pain triple nerve V diagnoses distinguished from lower molars pain.

In addition, patients may have to do some necessary tests such as resym resonance imaging, CT scans,…


CT scan helps accurately diagnose nerve pain V

3.2 Treatment

V-number nerve pain can be treated medically or for medical treatment.

  • For medical treatment: V-nerve pain will not respond to the usual analgesic and resistance to morphine. However, some psychopathic and psychopathic drugs are effective when used. Help patients reduce and eliminate pain symptoms, it is necessary to use the drug with the appropriate type and dosage. The typical feature of this pathology is that almost all patients have an early stage of response to medication-taking medical treatment.

However, about 75% of cases after which the use of painkillers no longer work and are required to be treated with surgical interventions.

  • Surgical treatment with procedures and surgeries: Surgical interventions and procedures are insularly in which drug treatment fails or patients have severe side effects when taking the drug. The method of intervention can be applied in surgical treatment such as: thermonuclear V nerve through the skin, surgery to remove microvascular compression, glycerol injection in the trimeential nerve tank, or the method of squeezing gasser lymph nodes through the skin by balloons. Currently, microvascular surgical methods are widely applied, bringing high efficiency and few complications.

Liver transplant surgery

Surgical treatment when drug treatment fails

V-nerve pain is a manifestation of certain lesions, and is easily misdiagnosed with oral disease. Therefore, when the patient has manifestations such as facial pain, the pain occurs suddenly, quickly,… need to immediately go to a medical facility for examination, diagnosis and timely treatment.

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