What to do without eating makeup cream?

Makeup is an essential need of women. However, dry skin without makeup is a condition that causes a lot of anxiety for women, because it is easy to cause roughness, white mold, wrinkles and cracks. So what to do if the skin does not eat ice cream?

1. Causes of dry skin that does not eat chalk

Dry skin is a skin that lacks moisture that easily causes cracking. This is clearly visible when you wear makeup, the chalk will not firmly cling and deepen the wrinkles inherent in the face. There are many causes of dry skin conditions such as:

1.1. Inappropriate use of ice cream

If you own a dry skin, it is recommended to use only creams specifically for dry skin. These are products that have oils and provide great moisture to the skin. This will help the skin to be more glossy and soft.

1.2. Do not use sunscreen

Sunscreen is an insoluation product that needs to be used daily, even in winter. The non-use of sunscreen causes the skin to darken, damage, sunburn and rapid skin aging.

1.3. Apply too much lotion

Many women who own dry skin often apply a lot of lotion. This is a serious mistake, it not only does not moisturize the skin, but also causes the skin to be "bumper".

In fact, the skin is only capable of absorbing a certain amount of cream. Applying too much moisturizer causes clogging pores, growing more acne …

1.4. Do not remove makeup thoroughly

Frequent contact with smog, sweat, sebum makes the skin very dirty. Therefore, removing makeup before going to bed will help you cleanse the skin.

In addition, the condition of the skin not eating makeup cream is also caused by the following causes: skin lack of water due to inappropriate living habits, sitting a lot in the air-conditioned room makes the skin dry faster, drink insufficient water …

No makeup remover

Thorough makeup remover is indispensable when taking care of dry skin without eating chalk

2. Notes when makeup for dry skin do not eat chalk

You can absolutely have a perfect makeup if you perform a full process of facials before and after makeup. Skincare steps are recommended to be taken such as:

  • Exfoliating 2 – 3 times / week
  • Use toner to help balance moisture for the skin
  • Always remember to use moisturizer
  • Choose to use liquid foundation and have good adhesion
  • Water and fine chalk
  • Never forget to remove makeup before going to bed

Here are 6 notes that will help you answer the question: "What should the skin not eat ice cream do?"

2.1. Exfoliating

With a dry skin that is not well cared for, there will be more dead cells produced than normal skin, especially when you have to regularly wear makeup. Therefore, exfoliating is a step that facials cannot be ignored.

According to makeup experts, you should choose chemical exfoliating products and have moisturizing ingredients. This product will help you cleanse the skin deeply, reduce pore clogging, regenerate a new skin layer, reduce wrinkles

2.2. Use moisturizing products

Using moisturizer before applying makeup helps makeup be durable, smooth and not peeled off. Each moisturizer will suit different skin types. Therefore, when choosing this product, you should learn carefully. The inappropriate use of moisturizing creams/ essential oils can cause your skin to be oily, pores larger.

2.3. Use a makeup foundation specifically for dry skin

The use of an arbitrary makeup foundation, not based on whether it is suitable for the skin, will lead to non-chalk eating. Therefore, you should pay attention to buy foundations specifically for dry skin, while having sunscreen ingredients. A note from a makeup expert is that you should choose a foundation that lifts to 1 toner. Because dry skin is often dull, the skin darkening is large.

2.4. Concealer for dry skin

Concealer is an integral part of the makeup process. However, for those who own dry skin, choose concealer products with a smooth, thin texture. Thus, this product will reduce peeling for the skin.

Makeup for dry skin with specialized concealer

Makeup for dry skin with specialized concealer

2.5. Powder coating has a thin and smooth texture

In general for dry skin, skincare and makeup products should prioritize products with a thin and smooth texture. Thus, the makeup will be more durable and glossy. Besides, when using powder coating you should not beat too thick will make the skin easy to peel off, the makeup is thick.

2.6. Clean makeup

Whether you have makeup or not, the makeup remover step cannot be missed. This is also the best way to protect the skin. When properly removed, it will help the skin to be deeply cleansed, removing dirt after a long day. Experts recommend choosing an alcohol-free makeup remover to minimize skin aging.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the night skin care procedure such as:

  • Page eraser
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliating
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Sleep mask

The above are the makeup notes for dry skin, which will hopefully help you improve the above condition and own a perfect makeup, without defects. Refer to the website of Share99 International Hospital for more information on how to beautify, skin care, health according to each age.

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