Is it possible to permanently remove armpit hair?

It is normal for hair to grow under the skin under the arms because it plays a role in keeping sweat and bacteria from the skin naturally. However, armpit hair can make yourself feel extremely inferior. This also limits the choice of clothes as well as social relationships, surrounding communication. Therefore, safe axillary hair removal measures, how to remove armpit hair at home, especially permanent axillary hair removal, are of great interest. Knowledge of armpit hair removal ways to decide the right choice for yourself.

1. Use a razor

Shaving allows to remove hair in large areas of the skin on the body in the most convenient way possible since it can be easily done when bathing under the shower. Therefore, the use of razors is also often used for the skin of the armpits.

However, the defect of using a razor is absolutely impossible to permanently remove armpit hair. At the same time, this can also cause upside-down hair growth and skin irritation after shaving. However, this is always a relatively painless method to remove armpit hair at home, but it should be used with appropriate shaving cream to minimize the risk of scratches caused by razors.

Besides, shaving is also an inexpensive option to remove hair because razors are cheap and reusable many times. However, it is necessary to avoid applying this way every day to remove unwanted hair at the skin level that should be done when the hair regrows after a few days.

2. Axillary plucking

Axillary plucking is a way of removing hair under the arms from the level of hairy legs. This means that hair growth will grow a lot slower but it can be painful for most people as well as it is difficult to avoid hair growing backwards. At the same time, this is also not a permanent way to remove armpit hair.

To pluck armpit hair is the right method of removing armpit hair at home, doctors often recommend plucking in the direction of hair growth to prevent breakage and irritation of hair follicles. On the other hand, before spitting, make sure to rinse the tweezers thoroughly to limit contact with dirt and bacteria that easily penetrate for scratches on the skin caused when spitting.

Safe axillary hair removal

Plucking armpit hair is not a permanent way to remove armpit hair

3. Astringent

Hair extensions are threaded remedies – essentially a special rope – to astringent and pull out unwanted hairs from the surface of the skin. This is usually done by beauty salon specialists because this procedure requires careful precision to avoid breaking hair follicles.

Since hair astringents only take away hair while the hair follicles remain intact, this is also not a permanent axillary hair removal measure, but only helps the hair to grow slowly after a certain period of time, usually the hair will grow back after about six weeks. However, astringent hair is considered a safe and completely clean way to remove armpit hair because the thread is thrown away immediately after use. Moreover, astringentness minimizes discomfort and pain compared to plucking.

4. Wax Hairy

Wax is one of the most common ways to remove hair since it can be done comfortably as a way of removing armpit hair at home. The user begins by applying the hot wax to the skin under the arm and then peeling it off, pulling the hair out of the root. Since wax needs to stick to the hair to remove the hair, the user should leave the hair under the arms to grow relatively long so that the treatment process is effective.

The nature of wax hairs can be similar to plucking but can be used to remove more hairs at the same time. Therefore, this measure will be more suitable for waxing on wide areas of the body, not just the armpits.

For some people, wax can be extremely painful but this procedure is relatively quick and helps the hair slow down again without being a permanent way of waxing the armpits.

5. Applying a hair loss cream

Hair loss creams can dissolve hairs through the use of chemicals. The remedy helps to remove armpit hair at home by applying several thick layers on the skin to cover the entire skin under the arms. Then let stand for a few minutes before rinsing so that the chemical has enough time to destroy unwanted hairs.

However, these creams only help to remove hair at a level close to the skin, so it is not only completely impossible to remove armpit hair permanently, but sometimes it will grow back much faster. Accordingly, this is also not the most effective hair removal solution for those with hair under their arms

7. Laser axillary hair removal

Laser axillary hair removal is the use of a special laser to brighten the hair area under the arms, making the hair smoother and less visible. This method is very suitable for people with dark hair and light skin because lasers can easily detect differences in contrast pigmentation.

The advantage of laser axillary hair removal can effectively reduce underarm hair without causing pain. However, this method can be quite expensive because it usually takes about 6 to 12 sessions of treatment before optimal results can be achieved. Since this is also not a permanent way to remove armpit hair, users need to regularly check back every year to ensure that the hair under the arm does not regrow faster.

Safe axillary hair removal

Using lasers is a safe and painless method of axillary hair removal

7. Electrolynthy

Already approved by the FDA, electrolyses are a safe way to remove all hair under the arm as a permanent axillary hair removal measure for destroying the root of the hair through the energy use of the current. This mechanism prevents the hair from regrowing and this becomes the best option for people with thick or coarse armpit hair.

The limitation of electrolyses is that the treatment is very time-consuming because it targets each hair one by one. At the same time, this also requires users to go through several times to complete the process. Moreover, the process usually feels stingy when each hair is targeted but the level of pain still depends on each person.

In summary, with the above ways, users can choose a safe and appropriate way to remove the hair under the unwanted arm. In particular, only electrolyses are actually permanent axillary hair removal measures, which give confidence to the appearance of the body and are suitable for wearing a variety of outfits.

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