Is it possible to recognize and prevent amniotic embolism early?

Amniotic embolism is one of the serious obstetric accidents, which usually occurs suddenly and there are no fore indications. If the maternity has a severe amniotic embolism and is not detected, timely emergency, can lead to life-threatening. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent amniotic embolism to ensure the health of the maternity and fetus.

Amniotic embolism is a condition where amniotic fluid enters the heart of the mage and causes a series of harmful changes that can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

1. Signs of early amniotic embolism

Although amniotic embolism usually occurs suddenly and asymptotic fores prior to it, however, some of the following signs can help to recognize and diagnose early:

  • Sudden cyanosis of the whole body, shortness of breath, pulping of the edges, convulsions.
  • Then turn to neglect, coma, fast and light pulse, difficulty catching.
  • Dilated homolysis, blood pressure drops and is not measured, cardiac arrest, apnea.
  • The uterus is soft, the abdomen is not assessing the contraction of the uterus.
  • Blood flow cannot be held, blood is red and diluted, leading to blood loss.
  • The fetal heart measures about 50 -60 times per minute.

2. Treatment of amniotic embolism

As soon as the maternity is diagnosed and monitored for amnioticembolism, doctors will carry out active resuscitation treatment for the patient, namely:

  • Give the maternity oxygen, massage the heart.
  • Hemorrhing, infusion and infusion of vascular medications to maintain the blood pressure of the maternity.
  • Correction of blood clot disorders ,acidic alkali balance, infusion of blood products.
  • Carry out caesarean section and uterus (part or full as in design and condition of the maternity), stitching of the uterus artery column.
  • Electric shock machines are available for timely maternity electric shock.

In order to promptly handle dangerous situations that may occur to pregnant women and fetuses, the delivery room should be equipped with boxes of tools to prevent the risk of obstetricaccidents, including: cardiac arrest box, post-birth blood bandage box, caesarean instrument box so that the doctor can perform the operation immediately and do not need to transfer the patient to the operating room. In addition, the hospital must also have a blood bank to promptly respond, the team of doctors must also have good clinical practice experience and agility, so that it can limit deaths to the product.

Is it possible to recognize and prevent amniotic embolism early?

Recognition and prevention of early amniotic embolism for timely management of obstetric accidents

3. Prevention of amniotic embolism

Women with amniotic embolism should be detected early signs and handled in a timely manner to limit the dangers that occur affecting the life of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Some of the following factors are considered risks that can help prevent amniotic embolism such as:

  • Older women
  • Multi-maternity
  • Women who go into labor too quickly or have labor difficulties
  • Large pregnancy or still still life,
  • Ruptured uterus,amniotic rupture, amniotic puncture
  • Maternity is each other strikers, each other peeling young, or each other set comb teeth
  • Maternity with high cervical tear, laceration of the sub-uterus segment
  • Cesarean section

Women with risk factors should be carefully monitored during labor and post-birth to prevent dangerous amniotic embolism complications.

In the case of obstetric accidents caused by amniotic embolism, it is necessary to immediately conduct emergency respiratory arrest quickly and properly and effectively. It is necessary to recognize and prevent amniotic embolism early for timely handling. In critical situations, in order to save the life of the maternity may have to perform a zilitative surgery.

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