Is it possible to recognize signs of pregnancy in the first week?

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Before receiving tests as well as pregnancy ultrasound, the pregnant mother's body will have some signs of first-week pregnancy, helping the woman to suspect and go to obstetric facilities for examination and examination.

1. When was your first pregnancy check-up?

In the first period of pregnancy, inside the body there is a spores formation between the egg andsperm , which will then form the embryo, enter the uterus and nest here. When the pregnancy is about 1-2 weeks, this process is still going on, so if the pregnancy ultrasound at this stage will not have accurate results and also affect the fetus.

However, at this time, there may be some signs of pregnancy after 1 week, orsigns of 2 weeks of pregnancy that the woman can recognize such as chest pain, 2 head changes in color, vomiting, nausea, body fatigue, vaginal bleeding …, from which it is possible to go to medical facilities for examination, test to check if pregnant or not. Cons, if there are no signs of pregnancy as above, but the body has only appeared a few days late with signs of appetite or nausea, it is advisable to continue monitoring and going to the medical facility as soon as these symptoms progress more.

Sad young

Women who are pregnant in the first week present with nausea

2. Signs of first week pregnancy

  • Chest pain: This is one of the earliestsigns of pregnancy , the most common, caused by the fact that when the body is pregnant, the hormones inside the woman's body such as Progesteron and hCG have changes that cause blood circulation, stimulating those cells in the chest to swell, causing feelings of tension during this early time.
  • Cramps: In the early stages of pregnancy, eggs nest in the uterus so they will fasten to the city very tightly to the city of the uterus causing the uterus to stretch more than usual causing symptoms of cramps. This is also a normal sign when the pregnancy of the uterus pulls out, dilated wider than before to match the development of pregnancy in the near future.
  • Vaginal bleeding: Some women in the early part of pregnancy may show signs of less vaginal blood, less than blood during the menstrual cycle, which is caused by the fact that when the eggs nest in the uterus, it will cause hemorrhages.
  • Body fatigue: In the first 1-2 weeks of pregnancy, the body will feel tired, prone to drowsiness, not enough strength to be able to practice or function as usual because the body uses the mother's energy for fetal development. In addition, during pregnancy, hormone changes also make the body tired.
  • Darker breasts: When the hormones inside the woman change, it causes the epidermis cells of the breast to produce more melanoma that appear on the surface of the skin, causing the breast to become darker than usual. This phenomenon usually occurs when the fetus is 10 weeks old or older.
  • Nausea: This is also one of the very common signs of first-week pregnancy that pregnant mothers experience. Women during pregnancy often nausea during the morning of the day, especially when smelling food. This sign of pregnancy can also take place all day and without eating food.
  • Appetite: Since the mother's body needs more Carbohydrates to provide for the development of pregnancy, it will cause the mother to have more cravings than usual, be it cravings for sour food or sweet foods. In the early days of nausea, some mothers will become anorexia, then when the body has adapted more to changes during pregnancy, there will be an appetite again.
  • Bloating: Changes in the hormone Progesterone will cause the mother's digestive tube to become obstructed and the stomach will become bloating during pregnancy, which causes discomfort to the woman during this period.
  • More urination: As the uterus grows to adapt to fetal development, the bladder is pinched causing the kidneys to function more, meaning the body has to urinate more than usual.
  • Headache:The body needs more nutrients and oxygen for the development of pregnancy so more blood circulation. This caused the woman's body to appear mild headaches during this period.

Pregnant woman headache

Pregnant mother feels headaches
  • Stunned: The increased hCG hormone in the body causes dizziness to occur to the pregnant mother during the first period of pregnancy. Some symptoms such as chest pain, flatulence, constipation, headache also make the body of the pregnant mother feel stunned.
  • Menstruation delay: Often if the menstruation is more than 10 days late, it will be a very common sign of pregnancy for women. However, for those who have irregular menstrual cycles, sparse menstrual cycles, do not remember the date of their menstrual cycle or women who are in the lactation stage, menstrual delays may be missed in these cases.

When the woman has some common signs of pregnancy such as delayed menstruation, chest pain, nausea, fatigue, vaginal bleeding, urination … medical facilities are required to be examined and tested to see if the body is pregnant, thereby being consulted on a regular pregnancy examination schedule to best monitor the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus throughout the pregnancy.

Gynecology examination

When a pregnancy is detected, women should see a doctor for advice and

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