Should I apply my own post-birth abdominal heat?

After birth, women want to regain their physique, but many people are too eager to do it improperly when applying heat to their stomachs after birth. The methods of cinnamon, herbal, hot wrap also work but the effect cannot be as fast and as much as advertised.

1. Is it good to have a belly hot compress?

After pregnancy, the abdominal skin of the female will show signs of rapid stretching. Poor elasticity of the skin entails stretch marks that can occur.

The essence of stretch marks is due to the torn layer of skin that forms scars, at first this stretch can be red, then the stretch marks color fade to the same color as the skin color so it is difficult to see.

Stretch marks can hardly go away even if you work out to help your belly tone. It also only makes the stretch marks smaller as well as the color fades so it is difficult to see, not completely disappear.

However, some women often use ice cream products themselves, massages and especially voluntarily apply post-birth belly heat.

Postpartum stretch marks

After pregnancy, poor elasticity entails stretch marks in women

2. Why isn't post-birth belly hot compresses good?

After the female gives birth, the uterus will shrink to stop the bleeding. Initially the uterus shrinks across the navel, then every day shrinks by 1cm, two weeks after the birth of the small uterus down under the backbone.

6 weeks later the genitals return to normal. Therefore, within six weeks after birth, if the maternity is hot, cinnamon, hot herbs will cause the uterus not to shrink, causing blood ice or postpartum blood bandages.

3. When is it appropriate to apply post-birth hot compresses?

If mothers want to harness cinnamon, herbs or hot compresses, hot wraps must be done after 6 weeks after birth, not vomiting done too early.

The methods of cinnamon, herbal, hot wrap also work but the effect cannot be as fast and as much as advertised.

Besides, it is difficult to give a timeline for a mother to regain her physique as well as the second round before giving birth because it depends on many factors such as body, diet, exercise …

Post-birth hot compresses

Post-birth hot compresses should not be done too soon

4. Note when applying belly heat

Currently on the market there are many medicinal salts, herbal advertisements will regain physique for post-baby women, especially helping the abdomen less wrinkled and reduce measurements significantly.

Applying hot roasted salt, abdominal massage, waist harness all have the effect of reducing the second round after birth. Combining all three methods will work well.

However, post-birth mothers should note that some points when applying salt are:

  • It is necessary to choose a clean salt as well as a quality guarantee to avoid causing allergies.
  • Burning pain can appear when applying salt to wounds. Especially in cases where there is an incision to catch the baby, if not careful can cause infection of the incision, it is best to wait for the wound to heal and then apply.
  • Do not apply too hot because it can cause skin burns. Therefore, the mother should line or wrap around the abdomen a thick layer of cotton towel.

Besides applying salt, abdominal massage, mothers do not forget to combine exercise, a diet high in vegetables, reduce fat, reduce sweetness and drink plenty of water to lose weight. Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby, but also one of the ways to help the mother lose a slim second round and lose weight effectively.

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