Do you need less menstrual treatment?

Menstruation is at least one of the manifestations of menstrual disorders. This can happen to any woman, whether at an old age or having children. Less menstrual treatment is required because otherwise there is a risk of serious complications, which directly affect the fertility of the woman.

1. What is low menstruation?

The normal menstrual cycle with a duration of about 28-32 days, the menstrual period lasts from 3-7 days. About 40-100ml of blood is lost during a menstrual cycle. At least the amount of blood lost in a cycle is only about half or a third of the menstrual cycle.

Menstruation is at least a recognizable menstrual disorder because menstrual blood volume decreases significantly compared to the previous cycle and often tends to decrease steadily.

2. Causes of menstruation are less

  • Due to end noisy disorders;
  • The lining of the uterus is abnormally flaky, which can be a sign of diseases such as fibroids, cervical inflammation…;
  • Inflamed closed area;
  • Inappropriate diet, mode mode mode, unbalanced nutrition, vitamin deficiency, lack of protein …;
  • Psychological stress, or anxiety, stress;
  • The mode of weight loss is not reasonable;
  • The mode of living is not reasonable.

Do you need less menstrual treatment?

Inappropriate mode of living causes menstruation to be less

3. How to cure menstruation less

According to traditional medicine, menstruation is more or less due to bad blood, lack of blood, pulses, obstacles, mainly due to blood damage, stagnant blood, stagnation.

Also due to the influence of some other factors, such as lifestyle changes, psychological stress can affect the menstrual cycle, causing menstruation or sometimes lack of menstruation or amnication. If this condition occurs in a short time, most women's bodies will adjust themselves, menstruation will return to normal. However, if after a few cycles the menstrual disorder persists, you should go to a specialized medical facility for timely examination and consultation.

Menstruation is less so that long without treatment will cause many problems of the female's psychology and reproduction health.

Some traditional medicine remedies to cure menstruation less you can refer to as follows:

  • Ginseng private blood ladder increase: Treatment of menstruation is too little blood damage. The remedy consists of 14g of ginseng, 18g of paint, 30g of water, 20g of dahlias and 14g through the frame, which can be sharp or finished for oral use;
  • Burdock canopy reduced: Treatment of menstruation is less likely to have stagnant blood. This remedy consists of 20h of burdock, 10g of cinnamon, 20g of dahlias, 20g of peaches, 20g of lake suspension, 30g of contemporary, 20g of form, 8g of carpentry, can be sharply taken or finished for drinking with the effect of hemolytic axial, menstruation;
  • Reduced earthly rule framework: Treatment of menstruation is too low. This remedy includes: 20g contemporary, 20g through the frame, 10g ceiling, 16g reishi, 8g semi-refined, 4g herbal injections. Can be sharp or complete to drink with the effect of tonic blood, menstruation …;
  • Menstruation ladder: Treatment of pre-term menstruation with symptoms is menstruation in small amounts, before the period of bright red, people are stunned, thirsty, have blood clots … The remedy consists of 12g of great envelope, 12g of dahlias, 12g of eucalyptus, 10g of gypsum, 16g of biomedicity, 8g of peaches, 8g of rose, 10g of fluorescence. 1 ladder a day, divided equally 3 times;
  • Reduced dispersion knife consumption: Used to treat menstruation before the period, the remedy includes dahlias 12g, eucalyptus 12g, contemporary 12g, saigon lake 10g, single envelope 10g, mint 8g, licorice 6g, peach 8g, rose 8g, royalty 10g. Drink 3 times a day, 1 ladder a day;
  • All-in-one flavours: Treatment of stagnant gas with the manifestation of 6-7 days of delay, low blood volume, back pain, abdominal obstruction, tired people … The remedy consists of dahlia 12g, white birch 16g, contemporary 16g, cross frame 12g, small repatriation 8g, bioland 16g, ceiling 12g, incense 16g, royal 12g. Drink 3 times a day, 1 ladder a day;

Do you need less menstrual treatment?

How to cure menstruation less
  • The four pink peaches decreased: Treatment of pre-menstruation hemolysis, with the manifestation of low volume of neurodeding blood, dark red neurodoma, or lower abdominal pain during menstruation. This remedy consists of 12g cross-frame, 12g piercing, 12g dahlia, 16g biomedice, 6g licorice, 8g peach, 8g rose, 10g side flavor, 12g mangrove, 8g book mystic. Drink 3 times a day, 1 ladder a day.

You should not be subjective when you see any signs of menstrual disorders because it may be related to the rarity of women. Treatment of menstrual disorders, which is essential to help protect fertility in women. Timely treatment also helps women avoid the risk of serious diseases affecting their health.

In order for the treatment of menstruation to be less effective and less complicated, women need to detect and go to the doctor early for timely treatment indications. The basic gynecological examination and screening package at Share99 International Health Hub is the first choice for women to screen and detect menstrual disorders as well as other gynecological diseases early.

Participating in the examination package, you will be:

  • Gynecology examination;
  • Ultrasound of the ovaries through the vagina;
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands on both sides;
  • Tests such as treponema pallidum rapid test, Chlamydia rapid test, taking the product as a cervical cell session – vagina, bacteria dyed (female vaginal translation), HPV genotype PCR automatic system;
  • Total urine analysis by automatic machine.

With Share99's comprehensive quality of doctor's qualifications, equipment, customer service and confidentiality, respecting the personal privacy of customers, you can be assured when registering for the Screening Package for basic gynecologic diseases at Share99.

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