Does 5th embryo transfer have a high success rate?

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Resident Doctor Nguyen Thi Tam Ly – Clinician – Center for Assisted Reproduction – Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

Currently, raising and transferring embryos on Day 5 is a trend of many assisted reproduction centers in the world. Embryo transfer of the embryo stage gives a higher success rate than the 3rd day embryo because the nesting potential of the 5th embryo is higher than that of the 3rd day embryo.

1. What is the 5th embryo transfer?

In vi vism in vism in vicular fertilization, also known as IVF, plays an important role in the treatment of infertility, rarely. When performing in vi vism fertilization, eggs and sperm are combined outside the body to form embryos. The embryo will then be inserted into the woman's uterus to develop into the fetus.

The evaluation of the quality of the embryo is an important step to make the correct choice of transfer embryos that contribute to an increase in the rate of pregnancy.

What is The Transfer of Embryos day 5: Eggs after fertilization forming the rye will be fed outside the body for 5 days forming the cystic embryo then transferred into the uterus chamber. At this stage the embryos begin to transform into 2 parts: the intra-embryonic mass that develops into the baby's body, and the cultured leaf extradermal mass that develops the secondary component of the pregnancy later.

embryo transfer

IVF fertilization is the most effective cure for rare infertility today

2. Does 5th embryo transfer have a high success rate?

Isthe embryo on day 5 a high success rate? The 5th embryo culture technique is an advanced technique, which offers the opportunity to get pregnant after transferring the embryo to a rare couple due to the higher nesting potential of the 5th embryo than the 3rd day embryo. The rate of successful 5th day embryo transfer is about 50%.

Some other advantages when transferring workpieces on day 5 such as:

  • Reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies because when transferring embryos on day 5 has high nesting potential, the number of embryos to be transferred will decrease, depending on the mother's age, the quality of the embryo to determine the number of embryos transferred ,the majority of cases where the mother only needs to transfer 1-2 embryos, thereby reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies and pregnancy complications caused by multiple pregnancies.
  • It is safer for pre-nest genetic testing by embryos on Day 5 to have hundreds of cells to conduct bio-screening to select good embryos, remove embryos with chroma abnormalities and increase the success rate after embryo transfer. Currently, most HTSS centers in the world perform the technique of filtering embryos on The 5th.
  • Safer to refrigerate the workpiece and defrost the embryo: The process of freezing and defrosting the workpiece before transferring does not affect the quality of the workpiece, the survival rate after disintegration reaches almost 100%.

transfer of workpieces

5th embryo transfer helps limit multiple pregnancies and birth defects

3. Factors affecting the results of 5-day embryo culture

  • Mother's age: The quality of the eggs as well as the quality of the embryos are influenced by the age of the mother. The higher the medity, the lower the rate of embryos on day 5.
  • Quality and number of embryos day 3: If the patient has more than 3 embryos, the higher the likelihood of having an embryo growing to day 5 and vice versa, so depending on the case, consider if the embryo is raised on day 5.
  • Lab quality and experience of the workpiece specialist: The workpiece is an extremely sensitive object, so the workpiece must be provided with a good and stable environmental system. The technique and experience of an embryo and very important in the culture of embryos.

4. Time-lapse Embryo Culture Cabinet

  • It is a form of a multiple-compartment culture cabinet with a built-in microscope and an automatic camera in each cabinet. This type of cabinet is modern and has the most advantages today. In addition to combining the advantages of a multiple-compartment culture cabinet, the cabinet is equipped with a time-lapse camera, which makes it easy for the embryo specialist to record the information of the rye and the embryo, quickly detect abnormalities during the division process that these abnormalities may not be detected when the embryo is cultured using a normal culture cabinet system. From there, make the decision to choose the correct transfer workpiece, increasing the rate of successful transfer of the workpiece.

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Master, Resident Doctor Nguyen Thi Tam Ly graduated with a major in General Medicine from Hanoi Medical University in 2015 and graduated with a Master's degree, Resident Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology also from Hanoi Medical University. With the strength of expertise in assisted reproduction, Dr. Ly used to work at the National Health Hub of Maternity and Maternity. And currently, Dr. Ly is working at the Assisted Reproduction Center, Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

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