Brain perfusence resonance imaging: What to know

The article was written by Specialist 2 Confucius Tien Dat, Doctor of Diagnostic Imaging – Department of Diagnostic Imaging – Share99 Ha Long International Hospital.

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Brain perfusence resonance imaging is increasingly introsive because of its safety and ability to reproduce sharp images. The purpose of the brain perfusive resonance imaging scan includes an assessment of brain perfusence and the functioning of each area on brain mespha medoma. Cerebral perfusence resonance imaging is insularly in the context of acute cerebral infarction and pathology of brain tumors.

1. Purpose of brain perfusence resonance imaging

Resym resonance imaging increasingly asserts its role and position with the ability to deliver high-quality detailed images. Cerebral blood volume (rCBV) and cerebral blood flow (CBF) are relatively new techniques that provide information on hemolysis indicators in the brain such as relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV). Surveying and evaluatiing the function of the cerebral vascular system, as well as evaluatiing brain mesenterosis function as the purpose of brain perfusence resonance imaging. Mri scans of brain perfusence can be performed using a phototholynthotro remedy.

Brain perfusence resonance imaging is rated as a safe means of imaging. Patients are not exposed to X-rays as they do in computer ctectclasses, so they can be applied to sensitive subjects such as pregnant women and children. Contrast used in MRI scans of brain perfusence is less likely to cause allergic reactions or drug shock when compared to the type used during a computer cirr topoclass scan.

patients with resym resonance imaging

Resym resonance imaging increasingly affirms his role and position

2. MrI scan for brain perfusence is intrained/contrained

MRI scans of brain perfusence are preferred when it comes to assessing the circulation of the brain and the function of brain tissue at the time of the survey. Therefore, cerebral perfusence resonance imaging is often associated with vascular diseases or lesions that affect the vascular system. Along with other imaging means such as transcranial ultrasound, computer ctect scans, MRI scans of brain perfusence assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment results in the following conditions:

  • Brain tumors
  • Cerebral infarction: In the acute stage of cerebral infarction, the purpose of a brain perfusent resonance imaging is to assess the anemia of each area of brain mesentery. In particular, it is necessary to detect areas of the brain that have not really died and have the ability to recover to have a more appropriate treatment strategy.
  • Cerebral vascular malformation

Although there are many advantages that are superior to other imaging means, MRI scans of brain perfusence are not routinely prescribed to all patients because specific risks exist. Contraincularity of MRI scans of brain perfusence should be noted including:

  • People carrying artificial replacement materials made of metal or with properties inside the body such as artificial heart valves, pacemakers, artificial cochleas, screws or braces used to combine bones, hemorrhythmtic clips in brain aneurysms … Today many manufacturers have added information about MRI scan contraintation in their instructions for use. Patients need to ask and understand information to easily coordinate with health workers.
  • People with closed chamber fear syndrome or fear of darkening are difficult to cooperate with when conducting a resym resonance imaging scan because they have to lie long in a position under the shooting booth. This condition can be mitigated by the in dinh of the use of sedatives.
  • People with metallic foreign objects in the eye sockets or head area.
  • People with severe chronic medical condition need resuscitation.

In order to ensure the safety of patients and minimize image interference, healthcare workers and patients need to cooperate in the examination before conducting photographs, exploiting medical history and history carefully to exclude contraintuals.

Brain tumors

MRI scan of brain perfusence helps diagnose brain tumour

3. What should patients prepare before an MRI scan of brain perfusence?

Before res resonance imaging in general or MRI scans of brain perfusence in particular, patients should adhere to the principles that medical staff have instructed to keep themselves safe and coordinate for good image quality. Things to keep in mind include:

  • People who have had brain perfusence resonance imaging do not need to fast before. In case your doctor requires an MRI with a fluorescent drug, you should remember not to eat or drink at least 4 hours before the shoot time.
  • Patients should be consulted and explained the steps taken in detail, so ask for information about the technique they are doing.
  • Collaborate in the extraction of historical information to exclude contraintence of MRI scans of brain perfusence.
  • Prepare to be calm, trust your doctor and other medical staff, avoid falling into anxiety or panic.

Gynecology examination

MRI users need to keep a relaxed mentality, not worry

4. Steps to perform an MRI scan of brain perfusence

An MRI scan of brain perfussence should follow the following steps:

  • Prepare resymable machines, medicines and necessary medical supplies such as photocints, sedatives, physiological saline, injection pumps, gloves, clean cotton swabs, …
  • Patients are instructed to remove personal items such as watches, phones, jewelry, and change clothes before entering the shooting room. Family people who are accompanied should also be instructed to do the same.
  • Place the sick person in a back position on the shooting bed and move into the machine's remote area.
  • If a photothrtholynth is used during the shoot, two large peripheral transmission lines will be taken. Contrast agents are transmitted into the body in one location, the remaining transmission line transmits physiological saline.
  • Conduct shooting with the corresponding pulse sequences such as T1, T2. Depending on the case, there will be different adjustments to achieve the purpose of the initial resonance imaging.
  • After the scan, monitor the patient for at least 15 minutes.

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