Facial computer ctecting: What to know

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Facial computer scans are one of the advanced imaging methods using X-rays and imaging techniques to be able to give accurate results that help doctors diagnose quickly and come up with an early treatment regimen.

1. What is a computer scan of the facial function for?

Facial CT scan is one of the diagnostic imaging tests that assist doctors in examining diseases related to the facial jaw, sinus nasal area, throat. At the same time it is also an additional method for ordinary Xquang techniques.

Diagnosing facial-related conditions is quite difficult because when a trauma occurs hematomas and swelling can obscure the level of basic damage. If not diagnosed correctly it will cause permanent deformities and defects.

Theme: facial fractures

Facial diseases are often difficult to diagnose

2. What diseases are intrained/contrained?

2.1. Ct scan of the face function is specified

Your doctor will prescribe a CT scan of your face in cases such as:

● Injuries

● Inflammation, infection

● Tumor damage.

2.2 Contrainttrained ct scan of the face

● Without a doctor's or other alternative method such as mri

● Pregnant women especially during pregnancy of the first tri month

● Young children

● Cases of allergy to anti-photogenic injections.

3. What to prepare before a facial computer ctectclass

Before the computer scan of the patient's face will be required to remove all metal objects such as jewelry, dentures, hairpins … Because they can affect the test results.

Patients will be explained in detail by specialists and technicians about this technique to make coordination easier for patients.

If the patient cannot lie still, then the doctor may ask the patient to use sedatives.

the patient removes the jewelry before the

The patient removes all jewelry before the scan

4. Steps to perform a face-to-face computer ctecting

The patient is instructed to lie still on the table of the machine, the position is relaxed. If the patient has small movement, the blurry image will reduce the quality of the image as well as the test results.

If a comoclass scan of the facial jaw has an anti-optical injection, further imaging of the cross-sectional direction after the injection.

Results of the testing process:

● Detailed description of facial lesions such as lesion location, lesion structure, size and spread of lesions…

● Comparing layered images with clinical

● Based on the results can make a definitive diagnosis or may require additional tests to help the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


The technician will capture positioning in two cross-section and horizontal directions

Where the patient has an allergic reaction to contrast. At that time, the doctor may use antihistamines or corticoids before the test is carried out.

A computer scan of the facial joint is an imaging method that can assist the doctor in examining diseases related to the facial jaw, sinus nasal area, throat. On the other hand, they are also complementary methods for Xquang techniques. Accordingly, to achieve the best image results to give a timely treatment regimen, you should choose reputable medical facilities to perform.

In order to meet the needs of examination and treatment in combination with accompanying medical services, Vinmec International Health Hub has been continuing to invest in modern machines to serve computer scans, X-rays, MRI … in the diagnosis, treatment of diseases, early screening of cancers. With a team of professional doctors, direct experience in consulting, examination and treatment will bring optimal treatment results to customers.

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