Does sucking sperm from the crest hurt?

Infertility in today's couples is not uncommon, the cause of which can be from the husband, the wife or both. However, thanks to the now very powerful assisted reproduction techniques that have helped many couples with rare treatment successfully. In particular, the technique of poking sperm from the crest is being applied more and more.

1. What is sperm poking from the crest?

Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) is a procedure to remove sperm through poking from the crest, which serves to fertilize the ovum by injecting sperm into the ovum. This technique applies to patients who are infertile due to the lack of sperm but the process of sperm production is completely normal, including in the case of atrophy of the erm, without a congenital erm.

Sperm poking from the crest is contrained for cases where there is no sperm but not due to obstruction.

2. What is spermless infertility?

Spermless infertility is a condition where sperm is not found in men's semen. The cause of the lack of sperm is varied, which may be due to the male not having a sperm tube, having a blockage of the erm due to inflammation ordue to sterilization , having an injury to the closed area or having a disorder of the ability to ion. Therefore, sperm poking techniques are a rare treatment to help gentlemen to be fathers when experiencing infertility without sperm.

The frequency of male patients visiting infertility clinics is increasing and cases of sperm-free testing in semen are also relatively common. In these cases, if you do not intervene with sperm poking techniques, you must ask for sperm from the sperm bank, so that the wife can become pregnant.


The proportion of men infertile due to the lack of sperm is increasing

3. The goal of sperm poking techniques

  • Poke the g spermto get the best quality sperm.
  • Poke enough sperm to fertilize with eggs.
  • It is necessary to limit the damage to the sperm ducs so as not to make it difficult to poke sperm later or for the operation of connecting the sperm connection.

4. What sperm poking techniques are available?

  • Microsurgenical sperm-taking techniques (MESA)
  • Technique of sucking sperm from the crest through the skin (PESA)
  • Techniques for obtaining sperm from the testicles by suction (TESA)
  • Sperm-Seeking Testicle Surgery (TESE)

5. Steps to make a poke from the chimpanzee crest

  • Relieve pain with pre-anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia or local anesthesia.
  • Performing a gynecology position
  • Wipe off the genitals, inguinal area, thighs and area of the mesority.
  • Spread talage to open the scrotum for the procedure.
  • Identify and fix the crest (usually choose the side of the crested, large).
  • Use a needle to poke perpendicular to the crest of the testicles, sucking and pulling out the needle.
  • Check the sperm in the suction solution.
  • Men are given antibiotics after suction.

sperm sucking

Poking from the crest must be carried out in a reputable medical facility

6. Pros and cons of PESA techniques


  • PESA is a less invasive method, just insynlicized by local anesthesia, so it can be seen that the process of poking sperm is not so painful as the bearded eyebrows still think.
  • The success rate is about 65%.
  • It can be done many times, simply, and the sperm sample obtained is usually less of blood and other types of cells.
  • After the procedure, the patient only needs to bandage the place of poking once immediately after the operation. The next day, you can drop the tape. Use of antibiotics is often not necessary. Patients only need to take common painkillers for a short time.
  • Therefore, poking sperm from the crest is one of the methods that should be first selected in cases of non-sperm infertility caused by obstruction.


  • Common complications after the procedure are scrotum sometimes slight swelling and pain that lasts for several days. This will not hinder travel and living.
  • Patients are required to wear wide underpants after suction to slightly lift the scrotum.
  • Besides, there may be scrotal hematoma, but usually mild and self-cured.

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