Fetal femur length 37 weeks old

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The fetus reaches 37 weeks of age is a time when the crossing is approaching, so the pregnant mother needs to pay close attention to the changes in the body as well as the development of the baby. One of the key fetal er erm ultrasound indicators is the length of the femur of the fetus week 37.

1. Fetal femur length

Femoral length (FL) is one of the 6 important indicators of the fetus that the mother needs to master at the 37th week (the other five indicators include the bipolar diameter,weight, head circumference,abdominal circumference and the ratio of the length from the head to the legs of the baby).

Fetal femur length begins to be determined from the 14th week of pregnancy and is always maintained with follow-up visits. In addition to the sense of evaluation of fetal development, the length of the femur is also significant in the detection of fetal Down syndrome.

Bile-line ultrasound

Femoral length monitored during regular visits

2. Standard index of femoral length of fetus 37 weeks

Week 37 is the next week of the pregnant mother, so the indicators especially the length of the baby's femur need to be taken care of. Here's the standard femur length (FL) of a normally developed baby at 37 weeks plus 6 days:

  • FL week 37+0: 66-67mm, average 70mm
  • FL week 37+1: 66-67mm, average 70mm
  • FL week 37+2: 66-80mm, average 70mm
  • FL week 37+3: 66-80mm, average 71mm
  • FL week 37+4: 66-80mm, average 71mm
  • FL week 37+5: 67-80mm, average 71mm
  • FL week 37+6: 67-81mm, average 71mm

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to develop proper nutrition, eat scientifically so that the mother does not gain too much weight or too little that the fetus still receives adequate nutrients.

3. Causes of short femoral length

In case the length of the fetal femur is shorter than the standard, the mother should not be too worried because it may be skewed due to the position chosen by the meter.

However, if the length of the femur is too short compared to the allowable level you can also think of other causes:

3.1 Fetal subencephata obstetrics

This happens if the pregnant woman shows abnormal signs of abdominal pain. Then quickly check in at large hospitals or reputable facilities.

3.2 Genetic factors

Genetic factors can also influence the fetal femur length index, experts say, which affects the length of the baby's femur and the height of the child later.

genetic screening

The height of the child is also influenced by genetic factors

3.3 Nutritional problems

Calcium deficiency can affect the length of the baby's femur, so mothers should pay attention to adequate and reasonable calcium intake so that the baby is developed in the best way.

In order for the baby to develop in the best way especially to avoid the condition that the length of the femur deviates from the standard mothers should have proper nutrition and rest, as well as regularly monitor the development indicators of the fetus to make appropriate changes.

Weekly fetal weight is a reference measure so that pregnant women can know the development of their baby while in the womb, especially important milestones such as fetal weight week 32, fetal weight at 37 weeks … From there, there is an appropriate adjustment of the mode of living and training.

To know exactly how the pregnancy is developing, pregnant mothers can refer to the weekly fetal weight video below:

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