In what cases does an active cesarean section be in order?

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Compared to normal births, cesarean section carries a greater risk of complications for women who have had a caesarean section once, they will be affected by the next pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, cesarean section is in certain cases when the mother cannot give birth normally.

1. What is cesarean section?

A pregnancy surgery is a surgery to remove the pregnancy from the uterus after opening the abdomen and opening the uterus. Before the pregnancy surgery, the mother and her family will be explained by the doctor the reason for the operation, the risks that can be met for the mother and baby, sign a pre-caesarean commitment.

2. When to prescribe an active cesarean section?

2.1 Abnormal pelvis

  • If it's not a crown, they all have to have a cesarean section. If it is a crown: Cesareansection if the pelvis is absolutely narrow, the pelvis is distorted.
  • Test the crown to challenge lower sugar if the pelvis is limited (the pregnancy is not large), if it fails, surgery is in place.

2.2 Obstruction of pregnancy

  • Forward tumors: commonly fibroids in the waist of the uterus or cervical, ovarian cysts, other tumors located on the way out of the pregnancy.
  • Each other central striker or each other striker caused a lot of bleeding forced emergency surgery to prevent bleeding to save his mother.

4 common striker vegetables in pregnant women

Each central striker needs to prescribe an active cesarean section

2.3 Uterus with surgical scarring in the latter case

  • Surgical scars in the body of the uterus:fibroid peeling scars, scars of uterine reconstruction surgery, scarring of the rupture site, perforation of the uterus, scars of surgery to cut the corners of the uterus, horns of the uterus.
  • Scars of a lower-ervical sectional surgery of two or more times or a pre-cesarean section less than 24 months in advance.

2.4 In dinh of surgery for the cause of the mother

  • Mothers with chronic or chronic general diseases if giving birth to lower sugar may be at risk for the mother's life (severe heart disease, hypertension, severe pre-production and seizures).
  • Abnormalities in the lower genital section of the mother such as: vaginal stenosis (congenital or acquired), history of fistula surgery, genital mus sections.
  • Malformation of the uterus such as: double uterus (pregnant uterus often becomes a forward tumor), two-horned uterus … especially when accompanied by an abnormal pregnancy.

2.5 Causes on the side of pregnancy

  • Malnourishedpregnancy /severe intra-uterus growth delay
  • Pregnancy with blood type disagreement with mother if not conceived, there is a risk of still death in the uterus

M mother-child blood type disagreement

Pregnancy with blood type disagreement with mother should be prescribed an early cesarean section

3. Should a cesarean section be removed before the date of birth?

Many women want a cesarean section without labor because they want to choose a "beautiful" delivery time, or because they fear that childbirth will often be painful and difficult to give birth. However, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam does not allow cesarean sections at the request of patients. All other countries are like that. Surgery is only prescribed by medical, to ensure the highest safety for both mother and child. Calving is often still the first choice of doctors, since it is the best, most natural method of childbirth for mothers and babies. Caesarean section is faster than normal delivery, but it is easy to leave many consequences, immediate or long-term complications for the maternity, the doctor will prescribe a cesarean section in certain cases when the mother cannot give birth normally.

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