Umbrella covering does not work to avoid UV rays

Sun protection or UV protection using umbrellas is something that we are using. However, does umbrella covering really protect the sun and prevent the penetration of UV rays?


UV rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation with extremely small wavelengths. Compared to the wavelength of light we see, this wavelength is quite small but longer than X-rays. Radiation from UV rays accounts for about 10% of the radiation coming from the Sun's electromagnetic energy.

Radiation is also the source of the arc. This electric energy has created a majestic landscape for the milky way. Ultraviolet light is not ionizing radiation due to insufficient energy protons. But it is still capable of causing some substances to glow or produce fluorescence. The chemical or biological effects of UV rays create many practical applications. It is not simply helping to heat thanks to the energy that gives the floor. The components of this ray also interact with organic components in nature.

Short-wave ultraviolet rays damage DNA while potentially disinfecting any contact surfaces. For humans when the skin is affected by ultraviolet light is a dangerous thing. Sunburn or under unsus protection will lead to skin cancer.

But the amount of UV rays brought by the sun does not completely harm life on earth. The ozone layer of the atmosphere is the part that helps filter harmful rays to help humans minimize their influence. Dangerous short-wavelength UV rays will be filtered out and difficult to reach earth.

In UV rays, this is a widely known form of ULTRAVIOLET. It is used to help the body synthesize vitamin D. This benefits all species . Besides, there are some spectroscent UV rays that bring negative effects.

By convention wavelengths smaller than 400 nm will not enter human vision. This is also the reason that ultraviolet rays are not visible to the naked eye. However, you can feel based on some natural reactions of the body. Unlike humans, animals have a good eye and are easy to see shorter wavelength spectroses. However, it is only possible to see more rays than humans, but they do not fully see all the rays with short wavelengths.

Sun umbrella cover

If you only use umbrellas, UV rays can still damage your skin

2. Use umbrellas to shield uv rays

Using umbrellas for sun protection in place of physical or chemical products is not recommended by any specialist. Especially when you bathe in the sea if using umbrellas instead of sunscreen will not be able to protect the skin from the effects of UV rays.

There are many comparative tests between umbrella use and sunscreen. Most tests after 3 hours showed that umbrella shielding hardly showed the desired result. 78% of umbrella users are still experiencing problems caused by UV rays. May not appear immediately but then their skin is more susceptible to sunburn. On the contrary, only 25% of sunscreen users experience this problem.

The same from statistical studies doctors always advise us to use marine clothing. So on the same skin does not always give a certain result. Also use SPF 50+ sunscreen. Clothing products with tight and dark woven fabrics will have a high UPF index. UPF is an index that shows protection from UV rays

It is quite difficult to accurately evaluate the UPF protection index on a case-by-case scenario. You can reduce the index if you go to the beach due to the impact of sand and water

Add and that the ray of light is quite reflective. This is the reason that increases the risk of affecting your skin if not carefully shielded. Usually when you are at the beach you will be affected by about 25% due to light reflection. But if these effects are stronger combined standing under the umbrella still causes the effects to push up by 80%

Therefore, you should think that using umbrellas is not the only method of sun protection. We need to learn and apply more effective methods. From there, harmful UV rays also reduce the likelihood of contact with the skin.

Above are some general information about ultraviolet rays. At the same time, you should also use umbrellas combining many other sun protection methods to achieve efficiency.

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