Does a chicken-only diet bring health benefits?

The diet is full of chicken, an eating pattern in which only chicken is consumed for all meals. Although a meat-only diet can help with weight loss, it comes with a number of potentially serious down sides, including a deficiency in essential nutrients, unhealthy eating habits and overall uns sustainability. Considerations between the benefits and the main disadvantages show that the chicken diet is not an ideal approach to diet.

1. Chicken-only diet

The chicken diet became popular as actor Matt Damon prepared for a role in the 1996 film "Courage Under Fire," in which he ate only chicken breast to lose about 27.2 kilograms. Damon himself argues that this is not the healthiest way to eat and that he is just doing what is necessary for the role. Starting from there, others have adopted a diet with whole chicken as a method of reducing large amounts of fat in the body quickly without having to follow strict requirements in weight control.

This diet belongs to a single type of diet, and it happens only when you eat only one food for all daily meals. Those who adopt a diet eat only chicken, mainly breast meat, to achieve a calorie deficit, a state where you eat fewer calories consumed in the body than calories burned, leading to weight loss.

2. How to follow a chicken-only diet

The whole chicken diet is quite simple to follow as it consists of only one type of feed. There are no section size limits. It is possible that some people choose to follow less stringent versions of the diet, including vegetables and some fruits.

Those who adopt this diet can maintain these changes of the diet for longer periods of time, since they include important nutrients that are missing in the chicken-only version.

The meat position should be used for the diet of eating only chicken, including chicken breast meat. However, some people eat a diet that includes other portions of chicken, including legs, thighs and wings. These pieces of meat are more fatty than meat in the breast position. Therefore, they provide more calories.

Methods of processing the diet of eating only chicken

Those who follow the diet eat only chicken using several cooking methods for this meal:

  • Baking: One of the more popular methods of cooking, since it tends to require less fat.
  • Stew: Lightly saute the chicken and cook, cover, pour in water, simmer for long periods of time at a lower temperature.
  • Fry: Chicken is submerged in hot cooking oil in a pan or deep fryer, creating a crispy outer coating but adding a little fat.
  • Boiled: You dip the meat in boiling water and cook until the internal temperature reaches 74oC – the best method to eat boiled chicken. Will this method produce fatty boiled chicken? Not because it doesn't need extra fat.

If you are following an all-chicken diet, you may want to change your cooking methods over time so that the diet is more varied. You can season chicken dishes the way you want, which adds to the fun of the dish.

eat boiled chicken

Eat fat-free boiled chicken because the chicken is low in calories and the processing method does not add grease

3. Time to apply the regime of eating only chicken

There are no specific guidelines on how long to adhere to a diet with chicken, although most people follow this regime for 1-2 weeks in an effort to lose weight quickly.

4. Does a chicken-only diet support weight loss?

Scientists have not yet found evidence of an all-chicken diet and its effect on weight loss. To lose weight, you need to maintain a consistent calorie deficit, which means you consume fewer calories than you burn.

While you can achieve your weight loss goals by adopting a whole-chicken diet, some people take harsh measures, such as a weight loss boiled chicken diet.

Chicken as a low-calorie food and mainly made up of protein, this diet can promote weight loss. However, a whole chicken diet will be accompanied by a number of serious side effects. In addition, practicing sports also contributes to better weight control.

Although an all-chicken diet can promote good weight loss, you are likely to regain weight when returning to a balanced diet.

5. Benefits of a diet that eats only chicken

A whole diet of chicken does not require you to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs or fats, nor do you have to monitor the food you use.

The whole chicken diet also does not require its followers to measure the size of their diet every day.

Studies have in which protein consumption can help reduce your appetite, which can help you eat less in a chicken diet.

Therefore, an all-chicken diet can help some people start to carry out the process of weight loss in a short time, after which they should switch to a balanced and healthy diet

However, this diet has many drawbacks and is not considered the best diet for weight loss.

eat weight loss chicken

The diet of eating only chicken is not good and has many risks to health

6. Disadvantages of a diet that eats only chicken

The whole chicken diet is very limited and it can eliminate some important food groups. Therefore, when applying this diet there are many serious potential disadvantages.

Nutrient deficiencies

One of the major concerns when following a diet uses only a single food, such as a chicken diet, the possibility that you suffer from a lack of nutrients.

Having a varied diet is seen as an important part to ensure you get all the main nutrients your body needs to function.

Chicken, a source of vitamin B6 and phosphorus, as well as a rich source of protein, niacin and selenium. However, the whole chicken diet lacks some other important nutrients, such as vitamin C and folate.

Deficiencies of many nutrients that the body needs to be given can develop rapidly. Therefore, the application of a chicken diet even for a short time also puts you at risk of this disease.

If you choose to follow a diet, consider taking multivitamins daily to help prevent a large nutrient deficiency.

Unhealthy eating habits

Serious side effects of adopting an all-chicken diet will likely become unhealthy eating habits. The elimination of entire food groups will have a long-term psychological impact on some individuals.

For example, when you return to the traditional diet, you may feel guilty or anxious when eating foods other than chicken. This is considered one of the symptoms of an eating disorder, referring to a group of erratic eating behaviors, which can diagnose eating disorders.

Excessively limiting the calories of the daily diet, eating limited foods, avoiding high-calorie foods and reducing the flexibility of foods that are considered eating behavior disorders and can increase the risk of developing eating disorders.

To maintain a healthy relationship with food during meals, it is best to avoid excessively restrictive diets such as chicken diets altogether. Instead, opt for a balanced diet to keep your body healthy.

Unsustainable and limited

The chicken diet can be unsustainable and boring for users. You are limited when applying only chicken while following a diet, making your meal possible monotonous.

Although there are countless ways to add spices to chicken dishes, after days of sticking with a single food, even the most dedicated people can get tired of this diet.

Plus, the whole chicken diet is extremely limited and cuts out the foods that your body needs to be provided for optimal functioning, including high-fiber vegetables and fruits, other sources of protein, healthy fats, etc.

Although this diet does not mean long-term follow-up, many people will have difficulty adhering to it even for a few days.

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