Diagnosis and treatment of children infected with respiratory consying virus (RSV)

Treatment of respiratory consymation virus infection is now mainly to detect the cause by performing RSV tests in a timely manner. After the results are available, patients will be consulted on the RSV virus treatment regimen.

1. What is an RSV test?

RSV virus can be identified in the nasal water or secretion from the respiratory tract of a sick child by implanting the virus.

However, when performing an RSV test, it is necessary to isolate because the virus is at high risk of spreading.

2. Diagnosis for the treatment of RSV virus

Blood tests

Blood tests, checking white blood cells, or looking for viral or bacterial infections

To diagnose a respiratory cell infection, the doctor will rely on a clinical examination and the time of illness. Diagnostic methods include:

  • Listen to the lungs with a listening tube, to check for abnormal sounds or wheezing.
  • Measure through the skin (oxygen impulse) painless to check if the level of saturated oxygen in the blood is lower than normal.
  • RSV testing by respiration.
  • Blood tests, checking the number of leukocy cells, or looking to detect viral or bacterial infections.
  • X-rays check for pneumonia.

3. Treatment of respiratory consying virus infection

The current treatment of RSV virus is mainly the treatment of symptoms during infection and the effects of the virus on the respiratory system.

In most cases, children with RSV infection and presenting with mild bronchiolitis, without serious complications, children with no risk factors can be treated and cared for at home.

3.1 Home RSV virus treatments

  • Shrink your nose or spray your nose with physiological saline (about 2-3 drops), then use a respiratory mucus sucker and wipe it off to clear your baby's nose, making it easier for him to breathe and eat better.
  • Breastfeed or eat well. Break down feeding or meals to reduce vomiting when your child coughs a lot.
  • Give your child enough water to avoid water shortages, and at the same time, water will dilute sputum as well as respiratory mucus and reduce coughing attacks.
  • Give your child medication as directed by your doctor. Avoid buying and taking medicines on your own as it can worsen your illness, or be harmful to young children.
  • Give your child a check-up on time and special monitoring, pay attention to detect signs that need to be taken to the doctor immediately.

Pneumonia in babies with initial symptoms of poor feeding, fever and rapid breathing

In severe cases, children should be treated for respiratory consying virus infection at the hospital

3.2 Health Hub-based treatments for RSV virus

Children with more serious signs should be admitted to hospital for treatment. At the hospital, the treatment of RSV virus for children is as follows:

  • In severe cases where the child feels uncomfortable, wheezing and a lot of respiratory mucus prevents air from coming to the alveoli of the lungs, the child needs more oxygen or must take salbutamol to dilate the pulmonary muscles (medications for asthma).
  • For the treatment of bronchiolitis caused by the RSV virus it is necessary to suck out all the mucus.
  • In severe cases where the child cannot breathe, the doctor may perform minor surgery to support the child's breathing.

Note that during the treatment of RSV virus with medication, if the child has any abnormal problems, the parent or caregiver needs to immediately talk to the doctor to adjust the regimen accordingly.

If your child has a gastrointestinal disorder, consult your doctor about whether to change medications or supplement your child's probiotics. If after treatment the child has a prolonged gastrointestinal disorder, it is necessary to take the child to the doctor.

4. Prevention of RSV infection for children


Limit your child's exposure to tobacco smoke to prevent RSV infection

RSV virus infection can be prevented by the following measures:

  • Limit or prevent your child from being exposed to tobacco smoke because it can increase the risk of infections.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and clean water before and after contact with your child.
  • Avoid kissing or close contact with your child when unwell.
  • Avoid contact with premature babies who are cared for in the hospital when coughing, high fever,sneezing, runny nose.
  • Limit children to crowded places, especially during the RSV epidemic season.
  • Regularly clean, clean, clean the house and items in the house.

Thus, treatment of respiratory consuponation virus infection is mainly to treat symptoms when the child shows signs of mild disease. In severe cases, the child needs to be cared for and treated at the hospital.

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