Diagnosis and treatment of quadriplegic heart disease Fallot

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Quadriplegic Fallot is the most common disease in the purple congenital heart group. Early diagnosis and treatment of Fallot helps many children return to a normal life.

1. Are Fallot quadriplegics dangerous?

All children diagnosed with Quadriplegic Fallot need to undergo radical surgery. Without treatment, the baby may not develop well. In addition, the baby may experience many serious complications such as infectious endocarditis, fainting, arrhythmias …

Quadriplegic Fallot

Lesions of Quadriplegic Fallot

2. Diagnosis of Quadriplegic Fallot

2.1 Asking for disease

  • Heart: The moment of appearance, purple sometimes exertion or when cold.
  • Difficulty breathing during exertion. Squat reduces the symptoms of shortness of breath during exertion.
  • The violet attack usually occurs before the age of 2 years.
  • Slow to walk, slow growth, malnutrition.

2.2 Medical examination

  • Children are retested.
  • Fingers of drumtons, nails.
  • Skinned heart.
  • Heart examination.
  • Examination for complications: cerebral embolism, brain anesthiesis, infectious endoratitis.

2.3 Subtropical

  • Chest X-ray: A typical sign of quadriplegic Fallot on X-rays is a large heart shadow, as the right atata is enlarged.
  • Electrolysym: Mere right erthal hypertrosmosis, 2-er-unemployment hypertrosmosis may be encountered in non-violet form.
  • Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound:
    • Erratic intersym is the part around the membrane.
    • The aortic rides up the inter-wall.
    • Pulmonary arterystenosis: Funnel stenosis, pulmonary artery valve stenosis (the diameter of the funnel area, the valve ring and 2 branches of the pulmonary artery must be measured). Doppler ultrasound confirms the degree of pulmonary artery stenosis by measuring the differential through the funnel and pulmonary artery valve.
    • It is necessary to probe on ultrasound whether or not the following lesions: Narrowing of the pulmonary arterial branches, multiple-hole casing, atrial fibular, continuous flow in the pulmonary artery proves that there is still an arterial tube or veins of the pulmonary embolism.
    • Identify coordinated lesions such as atrial fissy, mechanical intersym…
  • Cardiacpassage : Before surgery all patients with quadriplegic Fallot should be cardiacly operated to determine whether the obstruction of the right right atath line, whether there is a narrowing of the pulmonary artery or its branches, and the exclusion of abnormal starting and path abnormalities (if any) of the coronary artery.
  • Blood formula: Red blood cells, Hb, Hct increase, tinglets may decrease.

signs to take your child for a cardiovascular examination

The doctor will make clinical examinations and tests to diagnose the child

3. Methods of Treatment

Principles of treatment

  • Surgical treatment is completely repaired.
  • Prevention and treatment of medical complications.

3.1 Prevention and treatment of medical complications

Of a temporary nature, alleviate the symptoms, prepare for surgery.

3.2 Surgery

Only surgery is effective for the quadriplegic Fallot. There are two types of surgery that can be performed, including radical repair or temporary surgery. Most babies and children need to thoroughly repair the defects in the heart.

  • Complete repair

This surgery is usually performed in the first year of life. During the operation, the doctor placed a patch on the inter-septal wall to close the hole between the two lumens, while repairing narrowing the line to the right attic and expanding the pulmonary artery to increase blood flow to the lungs. After repair, the level of oxygen in the blood increases and the baby will reduce symptoms.

  • Temporary surgery

Sometimes babies need to undergo temporary surgery before being completely repaired. If the baby is born prematurely or has a hypoplastic pulmonary artery, doctors will create a shunt between the aortic and the pulmonary artery. This increases blood flow to the lungs. When the baby is ready for repair in the heart, shunt is removed.

Aortic Bridgeing Surgery

An operation at Share99 International Health Hub

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The advantages of fallot congenital heart surgery are:

  • After repair in the heart, the oxygen level in the blood increases and the pediatric patient will reduce symptoms.
  • Helps restore cardiovascular functions, prolong life for patients.

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