Caring for mothers and babies in the first week after birth

The woman's body after giving birth will undergo a lot of major changes and the baby at birth must also try to adapt to the environment outside the womb, if she enjoys the right attention and care, it will help the mother and baby quickly return to their normal state and the care process in the first week after birth will also help the mother and baby quickly return to normal and the care process in the first week after birth is also must meet certain requirements.

1. Instructions for caring for a child in the first week after birth

Caring for your baby in the first week after birth must include breastfeeding, sleep, general condition, urination, and urination.

Care for the first 24 hours

The first month after birth is also called the perimeter stage of the child, this is a very important period, the child is well cared for and cared for will set the stage for later development. Within the first 24 hours, if the health of the mother and baby is stable, it is recommended to leave the baby skin adjacent to the mother to tighten the mervical connection and help the child feel safer in the process of adapting to life outside, especially for premature babies born prematurely.

It is possible that the mother does not know, but within the first 1 hour after birth, the child has a reflex to find and suck the mother's breast, if isolated from her for a long time, this reflex will gradually disappear. On the first day after birth, the baby will not be bathed because at birth he has been cleaned, in case the navel is normal and not swollen, the mother just needs to wipe around the baby's navel with a clean bucket towel dipped in physiological saline or boiling water to cool.

The health of the mother on the first day after birth will also be very weak, so all post-childbirth care will rely on relatives, mothers need to be monitored for blood pressure, pulse and blood output to ensure health.

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2nd day after birth

On the 2nd day, there are times when the child will not sleep anymore but open his eyes to look at the face of the opposite person, but the child only sees between 15 – 25cm, the child will start to cry a lot and ask for breastfeeding, to ensure that the baby is always full, it is about 2 hours away from breastfeeding once and remember to breastfeed the right position to avoid choking milk, at this time the baby's stomach is still small, so it is enough to breastfeed the baby on demand.

In the process of post-childbirth care until the 2nd day, in addition to feeding, the mother also needs to pay attention to the baby's diaper because at this time the child can wet the diaper more, when it gets too wet, sometimes the baby will cry.

3rd day after birth

By the 2nd day after birth, the child may have manifestations that help the mother to know that the child is hungry such as crying or put his head on her chest…. the child will also ti mother more rhythmically and deeply. When she is close to her mother, she will be happier, she will get to know her and recognize her by her voice from the rest of her life.

Because the child has eaten more, the urination will also be more, the stool has also run out and can instead be yellow viscous stools, during this perimeter period, the mother needs to replace the baby about 4 diapers a day.

At the same time, bathing your baby during this time will also help to relax and relax, mothers can massage the baby before bathing to help children easily go to deep sleep.

Care on the 4th and 5th day


On the 4th and 5th day of the permeation period, the breastfeeding movement of the baby is much more masterful

On the 4th and 5th day of the pertal period,the breastfeeding movement of the baby is much more mastered and the feeding force will also be stronger, get more milk. To help increase lactation, mothers should breastfeed their babies on both sides and maintain each feeding for 30 minutes.

Babies feed a lot, so there is also a need for a lot of hygiene, so mothers need to pay attention to change the baby's diaper regularly every 2 hours, the baby's stool will now be yellow with casies and viscous flowers, when long cleaning the baby needs to use clean water to avoid inflammation in the first week after birth.

In addition, the child also needs to be bathed every day and it is recommended to choose the time of the highest temperature.

Friday and Saturday

When entering the 6th and 7th days, the child needs to be increased from 60 – 90ml, the child may have a sleep upside down compared to normal and sometimes the baby will "sleep more and more at night" so the mother also needs to be psychologically prepared to receive and adapt to the baby in the first week after birth.

When the child is crying, she should pick her up and cuddle her, not be afraid to sharpen or refused to leave her mother, at this time she is too young and scared of external changes so it is very necessary to have her with her.

Children still have regular digestion every day, but if they see their stools are hard and every 2-3 days, review their nutritional entest and change accordingly.

On the 7th day, the baby's navel has also begun to dry out and should maintain the cleaning of the navel with physiological saline every day, some children may have an umbilical cord shed in the first week after birth,however there are also children who last up to 15 days, if they see the baby's navel until the 7th day but still not dry and rusty, redness should be sent to the doctor fortimely treatment because it is most likely a sign of infection.

Umbilical cord shedding

Some babies may have an umbilical cord loss in the first week after birth, however there are also babies that last up to 15 days

2. Caring for a mother in the first week after birth

Mmmy care in the first week after birth must include: Daily diet, general health, fever, leakage or stool, urination and urination, how there is abdominal pain and production, pain, milking, breast erection, having enough milk, how mental state …

Not only the child, but the mother also needs post-birthcare , which is instructed to clean the body daily to avoid inflammation. After birth from 2-3 days, the mother can take a quick bath with warm water, the mother needs to pay attention to take care of the breast tobe able to breastfeed completely , if there is a blockage of milk rays, it should be treated to avoid mastitis, breast anegram.

During this period of pertality, do not feed the child any other food or water. Stitches of the perusental layer if any, it is necessary to rinse the after urination and urination and then dry out.

Post-baby mothers also need to have a reasonable diet and living, do not need to be too abstinent but must ensure enough substances to have breastfeeding milk, mothers need to ask their family members to babysitting to sleep for 8 hours a day.

Whether it is a normal birth or a cesarean section, mothers need to move early after birth, if there are psychological problems, it is necessary to share with everyone to be able to relieve, in the first week after birth, mothers should re-examine to ensure safe health.

In case the mother has difficulty breastfeeding, it is necessary to have someone to guide the mother to breastfeed properly.


In case the mother has difficulty breastfeeding, it is necessary to have someone to guide the mother to breastfeed properly

Post-childbirth care needs to be done by a relative of the maternity because in the first week, the health of the mother and child cannot return to normal. Caring for the mother after cesarean section in particular and after birth in general is a continuous process and post-cesarean examination is essential to ensure the health of the mother.

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