Does a uterus cut still menstruate and is it possible to become pregnant?

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A uterus removal surgery is a removal surgery, depending on the case, doctors will prescribe a full or semi-partic of the uterus. This worries women about childbirth later on when they have to remove the uterus due to illness or some reason.

1. Changes of the woman after a uterus shear

In case of a cut of the uterus and leaving 2 sub-parts (ovaries and proboscis ears), it will continue to work and regulate hormones in the body. Therefore, women still have the same sexual ability and desire as normal women. In particular, women after a uterus removal will not have symptoms such as hotness, fatigue and insomnia … when there is a sudden decrease in hormones as in the case of the removal of both sub-parts.

The recovery of the body also depends heavily on the method of surgery. If laparoscopic surgery, usually the recovery time will be quite fast only about 2 weeks. If the surgery is open, the recovery time is longer, from 6-8 weeks. Recovery is also affected by the cause of surgery, if the patient has to have surgery for cancer, the recovery time will be longer. After the uterus is removed, the patient may see some spoiled gas in the vagina, but if there is a bad smell and pus, he/she must immediately go to the doctor.

Women after a uterus cut can still have normal intersecting after the recovery period. Doctors advise patients not to swim or soak in the bath for 6 weeks from surgery. Intersinging can also be done again if there are no problems with the patient and after a recovery period of about 6-8 weeks.

Does a uterus cut still menstruate and is it possible to become pregnant?

Uterus shearing makes women self-deprecating, anxious

In the case of a uterus removal and two sub-parts, the woman may initially experience symptoms such as hots, insomnia, weight loss. These are endomeular changes when the ovaries are lost, there are patients who do not see these symptoms but also who show severe symptoms and need to see a doctor. For the treatment of hormones for people with ovarian cuts and sudden endococulation it takes about 1-3 months and can last depending on the woman's condition.

Does a uterus cut still menstruate and is it possible to become pregnant?

Women can recover after 6-8 weeks of uterus surgery

2. Is the uterus still menstruating?

Menstruation is the lining of the uterus created every month of the menstrual cycle to welcome fertilized eggs to nest, if the egg does not meet the sperm and is not fertilized, it will destroy itself and the mucous layer in the uterus also peels off and escapes to form menstruation. Thus, after the removal of the uterus, the woman will no longer menstruate, however there is still ovaries if no extras are cut.

Likewise, the uterus only functions as a place of protection and nourishment of the fetus so a removal of the uterus does not affect later sex. Even for families with enough children, the doctor recommends a uterus removal to protect the woman's health if the condition is mandatory.

The uterus removal makes the woman even more comfortable after eliminating health concerns. The removal of the uterus will also make the pregnancy naturally impossible but hormones and other elements of the body are still functioning normally. Although there is no menstruation, at some point, the woman still has to go through menopause with symptoms such as insomnia, hot air, weight loss …

3. Uterus surgery can still be pregnant

Does a uterus cut still menstruate and is it possible to become pregnant?

Uterus surgery can still be pregnant

Depending on the condition and health condition, doctors will make the appropriate plan. If in the event that the person has had enough children and needs a complete removal of the uterus, this will not affect the later birth.

However, if you do not have children or want to have more children, doctors will prescribe fibroid surgery or preservation of the uterus so that the woman still has the opportunity to give birth. However, it depends on how the patient has the condition to decide. In some cases, it is recommended to have the uterus removed to protect health.

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