Cut the amenity at birth

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Peroral tearing at birth occurs when the fetal head burrows through the enlarged vaginal city, in case the fetal head is too large for the stretching of the vaginal or fetal head normally but the poor contraction of the vaginal city. Tearing usually occurs in the skin and under the skin of the vaginal area, the, usually heals on its own after a few weeks. In some cases deeper lacerations and treatment is required.

1. Classification of the degree of ausus tearing

Depending on the damage to the vaginal layers, the tear is divided into several levels:

  1. Tearing level 1: the least serious, occurs only in the skin of the mesmenis – skin around the vagina and between the vagina and the anus. Women may feel mild pain or distress when urinating. The tear does not need stitches and heals itself after a few weeks.
  2. 2nd degree tear: are lacerations that include the skin and muscles of the peroral region, which can be widened above the vaginal city. These lacerations need to be stitched back so that the wound heals after a few weeks.
  3. 3rd degree tear: laceration to the muscle around the anus – sorority. This tear sometimes needs good pain relief in the operating room for the doctor to stitch up the sorority. Recovery may be required longer than usual, due to complications or post-birth problems in these cases of stool incontinence and pain during sex that need to be monitored.
  4. Level 4 tearing: is the heaviest. Tearing through the muscles into the rectal mucosa. Tearing of this level requires more special stitching techniques and is usually required to be performed in the operating room. Ina <3> <3> and pain during sex are often common complications and need to be monitored and detected early after birth.

aority tearing

Severe aority tearing

2. What is cervical tearing?

The uterus is the body formed by thick layers of smooth muscles, which are the nesting place of the embryo and nourish the protection of the fetus until birth. The uterus has the shape of a dead cone, the wide bottom above, the small tip turns down, divided into 3 parts: the body, waist and neck.

During labor, under the effects of a contraction of theuterus , the cervical from the cylinder becomes a thin slab – that is, the phenomenon ofcervical deletion , which will combine with the phenomenon of opening the cervical in labor to establish the segment under the uterus, facilitating the pregnancy to be released. At this time, for some reason, premature birth or surgical intervention due to difficult birth can lead to complications of cervical tearing.


Cervical tearing occurs during childbirth

Cervical tearing can be merely a lonely lesion or accompanied by peri-layer vaginal tearing. In addition, the classification of cervical tearing depends on the tearing position on the circular plane passing through the cervical or the low high position for the grip with the vaginal tube.

If the site of the cervical tear is located below the place attached to the vaginal city, then the degree of slight damage, less bleeding. Cons, if the tearing site is located on the cervical grip with the vaginal city, the extent of the lesion is often severe, bleeding heavily, sometimes leading to a decrease in volume and life-threatening stunting.

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