Beware of abnormal acne in babies

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Acne in babies may sound strange, but it is actually quite common in newborn babies. Usually acne may appear immediately after birth, which can also be after a few weeks after birth. Parents should not be subjective to acne in a child at all, it is necessary to detect and consult a doctor.

1. Acne in babies

Babies born about a week or newborn will appear tiny acne in the forehead, face, limbs … This acne will take itself after a few days and will not affect the health and development of the child. However, there are some types of pathology acne that must be treated, taking medications that can cure the child.

Acne in babies is also known as millet cysts, milk acne. Usually, up to 20% of babies are born with acne. The cause of acne in babies can be caused by hormones that the child receives from the mother, or may be caused by the child with sebaceous hypertrosmitis. This is quite common in babies after birth.

Acne in babies is also known as millet cysts or milk acne

Acne in babies is also known as millet cysts or milk acne

Acne spots in babies can be surrounded by a slightly reddened skin. The more reddened this acne skin is, the more unpleasant it is for the child, the more irritated the child's skin, especially when exposed to saliva, breast milk, or detergents …

Normal acne will disappear in the weeks after its appearance, or longer it may be that several months will disappear without leaving any trace on the young skin. However, if within 3 months that acne in babies still shows no signs of disappearing, parents should take their children to a dermatologist for proper and timely treatment.

2. Some types of acne are common in babies

Some cases of acne appear on the skin but not necessarily acne. Some pimples appear such as rashes or scales, which can be a sign of diseases such as buffalo shit (scalp impetigo) or eczema. Accordingly, cases of acne in babies can not be subjective are:

  • Visceral dermatitis

With 15-20% of babies suffering from this disease. This disease is common in babies aged 3-6 months with signs of red nodules such as acne, itching, dryness of the skin, even leakage and scabs on the baby's skin.

In addition, parents who over-clean babies will cause the child's immune system to weaken, disappear to create conditions for skin diseases to develop and attack. Therefore, parents should not take care of their children too carefully, which is not the best way to prevent skin diseases for young children.

  • medal

The disease manifests it as a rash on the skin, acne nodules such as mosquito bites, causing itching. Babies can get urticaria very early.

  • Lemongrass:

The disease appears when the child's body is overheated, lemongrass nodules appear in the child's forehead, neck, closed skin folds. Lemongrass nodules are round, red, growing a lot, liters of lice on the skin. Keeping cool and airy for the child's body will help the lemongrass nodules disappear.

Lemongrass appears when the child's body overheats

Lemongrass usually appears in the forehead or neck when the child's body is too hot

3. Caring for babies with acne

When babies have acne or the above types of acne, parents need to know how to care for and treat them so that they can get rid of acne early and minimize acne spreading to other body areas. Some ways to care for babies with acne include:

  • Do not take acne medications without the doctor's instructions.
  • Do not clean too hard, rub or act on acne. This irritates the skin, making acne more severe and contagious.
  • Do not rub oily lotions on your child's acne skin. All creams require instructions and instructions from your doctor before use.
  • Do not apply saliva to acne skin, or dilute saline for your baby. This is a mistake that most mothers make when having children with acne, nodules. This will make the skin with acne more and more reddened, the baby's skin is irritated, irritated and heavier when exposed to weevil, saline, breast milk …
  • It is recommended to wash the baby's face with clean water, gentle soap for babies, rinse, dry gently.
  • Take the child to the dermatologist if after a long time the acne still shows no signs of disappearing. Patiently treat the doctor's prescribed treatment for a quick effect on the child.

With the above information, hopefully the mother will know how to best care for and treat babies with acne.

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