Early screening for thyroid failure is required in pregnant women

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Currently, Vietnam is in the region with iodine deficiency especially in mountainous areas, so pregnant women are at very high risk of thyroid disease. One of the diseases to be concerned about is thyroid failure. If not detected and treated in time can cause dangerous complications for both the mother and the fetus.

1. The importance of thyroid hormones to the fetus

The thyroid gland is an end noisy, butterfly-shaped gland, usually located in front, under the neck. The function of the thyroid gland is the synthesis of thyroid hormones, secreted into the bloodstream and to the tissues in the body. Thyroid hormones help the body use energy, moisturize, help the brain, heart and other muscles work stably.

During pregnancy makes the mother's thyroid gland have to increase activity to provide thyroid hormones to the fetus especially the first 3 months of pregnancy. Thyroxin hormone is essential for the development of the brain and the central nervous system of the fetus.

In the first 3 months of the thyroid gland of the inactive fetus means that the hormone itself has not yet been synthesized, so the fetus must use thyroxin entirely from the mother. Then the following months thyroxin is partly taken from the mother and partly synthesized by itself. Thyroxin is transported to the fetal brain and converted into T3 which participates early in development, the m maturity of the brain and the central nervous system. Therefore, the mother has thyroid failure during pregnancy that will greatly affect the pregnancy. If the mother does not detect and treat kip, then the offspring is born with severe thyroid failure, which in turns affects the development of the child especially intellectual development leading to dullness.

2. Common causes of thyroid failure during pregnancy

Goiter, can you get pregnant?

People with large goiter who have had thyroiditis are at higher risk of thyroid failure during pregnancy than usual

There are many causes of thyroid failure and all can occur in pregnant women. The most common cause is chronic thyroiditis, which is an autothyroidoidism, also known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (named after the Japanese doctor who discovered the disease). Hashimoto's disease may be pre-pregnancy (but due to being a chronic disease, which is slowly happening, it is possible that many people do not detect it should be missed) or may also appear for the first time during pregnancy.

Other causes of thyroid failure may be post-surgery for a lump or biloidal thyroidecture or radiation Iod therapy (I131) or due to being treated with an excessively high dose synthetic antithyroid drug that does not monitor and periodically re-examine.

Women at high risk for thyroid failure during pregnancy include:

  • Have been or are treating armor (with synthetic antithyroid drugs, surgery, radioactive iodine).
  • There is a family history of many people with thyroid disease.
  • People with large goiter, who have had thyroiditis or thyroid failure during their previous pregnancy…

3. Consequences of thyroid failure during pregnancy

The Change of Pregnant Week 29

Impaired armor during pregnancy can cause many complications for both the mother and the fetus

3.1. With mom

If not treated or inadequately treated, the mother may suffer from all the classic complications of hypothyroidism such as anemia, muscle weakness, congestive heart failure,pericardous effusion, sluggishness, constipation …

In addition, pregnant women are at risk of other obstetric-related complications such as pre-obstetric shock,underweight childbirth and severe post-calving bleeding. These complications tend to be common in women with severe thyroid failure, while the majority of cases of mild thyroid failure may be asymptoatic or very mild and difficult to detect.

3.2. With the fetus

The thyroid gland of the fetus is formed only and begins to be active at the 10th – 12th week of pregnancy, which means that in the first 12 weeks (the first 3 months), the fetus depends entirely on the source of thyroid hormones from the mother. So if you have impaired armor, you'll also have impaired armor.

Thyroid hormones play an extremely important role in the division, formation of the muscles as well as the development of the child's brain. Children with congenital thyroid failure may have severe abnormalities both in terms of intellectual and physical development if not detected and treated in a timely manner.

Currently in some large hospitals there is already a screening program for thyroid disease in babies, the results show that the majority of these abnormalities are preventable if detected and treated early with thyroid hormone supplements immediately after birth.

If the mother hasyroidism during pregnancy is not treated, the fetus is at increased risk:

  • The rate of miscarriage doubles.
  • Permantal mortality is about 20%.
  • Birth defects increased by 20%.
  • Nearly 1⁄2 of babies are born with motor mental retretness.

In addition, recent research shows that during pregnancy the mother with fetal thyroid failure is more likely to have reduced attention, decreased learning ability, a 4-point decrease in intelligence (IQ) compared to children of the same age group (8 years old).

4. Who should detect early thyroid failure during pregnancy

  • History of thyroidecting surgery, radiotherapy treatment of the head and neck, radioactive Iod treatment.
  • There are autoimatoidal diseases, a family history of autoimiosis (type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Have a history of thyroid disease.
  • Staying in iodine-deprived areas
  • Goiter
  • He's being treated for insyroidism.

For these subjects, during pregnancy preparation should be tested for TSH and FT4 to assess thyroid function and during pregnancy must also be monitored regularly.

The screening package for thyroid diseases of Share99 International Health Hub helps: Check thyroid function. Screening & early detection of common thyroid diseases such as: mere goiter, thyroidism, thyroid failure, thyroiditis, thyroid encephalitis, thyroid cancer, … from there, take appropriate and timely treatment.

The diagnosis and screening of thyroid pathology in the pregnant mother at the earliest during pregnancy is very good and should be done early. It is best that before planning a pregnancy, the mother needs to have a thyroid disease screening test to be able to ensure the best mage and fetal health.

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