What should be considered before heart surgery?

Cardiac surgery is one of the most complex surgeries in cardiovascular treatment. Before an operation, patients need to be well prepared in health, mental and financial so that the surgery is convenient, reducing the risk of complications and high success.

Here are THE ADVICE OF GS. TS.BS Vo Thanh Nhan – Director of Cardiovascular Center, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub (HCMC). about considerations for heart surgery. Gs. TS.BS. Vo Thanh Nhan has more than 30 years of accompanied cardiovascular patients.

Professor, heart surgery is a complex surgery in medicine. So what are the required surgeries?

Cases of narrowing, severe open heart valves, open level from 3/4 – 4/4 or narrow with valve hole area < 1.5 cm2, có kèm theo triệu chứng cơ năng của suy tim, không đáp ứng điều trị nội khoa, thì cần phải phẫu thuật. Complex coronary diseases cannot be stented, congenital heart diseases in children and adults, heart diseases acquired with symptoms or severe damage … need surgery.

The main methods of cardiovascular surgery include: Coronary Artery Bridge Operation (CABG), Heart Valve Repair, Heart Valve Replacement, Editing congenital Heart Diseases, Heart Transplantation, Aortic Surgery … Currently, laparoscopic cardiac surgery, less invasive heart surgery has been routinely implemented at Share99 Central Park to help patients undergo less pain, early recovery, high aesthetics with small surgical scars.

What should patients prepare before heart surgery, Professor?

Things to prepare for the surgery to achieve the best results include: Finance; Notify your doctor of any medical conditions, allergies (if any); Fasting in accordance with the doctor's instructions; Good psychological preparation and some other notes will be notified by the doctor before surgery.

Professor, how to achieve the highest efficiency for a heart operation?

Cardiac surgery is one of the most complex surgeries in the treatment of cardiovascular pathology.

To limit complications during heart surgery such as infections, arrhythmias, anaesthesia incidents … in addition to requiring doctor's skills and modern equipment system, anesthesia techniques are very important. Some major hospitals have adopted advanced techniques to reduce side effects and complications for patients.

At Share99 Central Park International Health Hub, open heart surgery combined with living muscle plane (ESP)anesthesia is not required, no pain relief morphine is required. This has helped patients get rid of post-surgery pains as well as morphine side effects.

In addition, the good and clean environment of the hospital, modern disease prevention system, international standards, very low hospital infection rate, low rate of accidents and surgical complications are the strengths of Share99 Central Park, helping patients have a completely different experience during cardiovascular surgery at Share99. Share99 is also one of the few hospitals in Vietnam that meets JCI standards, a prestigious international standard that ensures the safety of patients, which is also an advantage of Share99 compared to other heart surgery hospitals.

Many cardiovascular patients have chosen to go abroad for treatment, what does the professor say about this?

In my belief, patients have to go abroad for treatment because patients do not trust in skills / equipment / facilities in Vietnam. Many families bring relatives abroad such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan … for surgery although the cost can be 20 times higher than in the country (about 700 – 800 million / case). However, the practical technique of coronary stent placementintervention, aortic valve replacement in Vietnam has made great progress, meeting world standards and no less than other countries in the region.

At Share99 Central Park, we have updated and mastered modern treatment regimens as well as the world's most complex cardiovascular surgery methods such as replacing the aortic valve through the skin with TAVI cathethees

Thanks to this, in December 2017, Share99 Central Park was recognized as the first American-standard independent cardiovascular intervention center (TAVI solo center) in Vietnam. Up to now, the hospital has successfully treated over 98% of TAVI interventions, open heart surgery, painless open heart surgery – effective even for severe, elderly cases that provide an effective treatment opportunity for cardiovascular patients without having to go abroad.

In addition, currently, laparoscopic cardiac surgery techniques, less invasive heart surgery have been routinely implemented at Share99 Central Park to help patients undergo less pain, early recovery, high aesthetics with small surgical scars marked in natural wrinkles. Share99 has met JCI standards, international standards for hospital quality, ensuring Vimec has the same quality of treatment as major hospitals in the region. Therefore, patients can be assured when examining and having heart surgery at Share99.

Prof. Vo Thanh Nhan

Prof. Vo Thanh Nhan is the first interventional cardiologist to be awarded the "Proctor" certificate in Vietnam

Is the cost of heart surgeries one of the barriers to patients, Professor?

Over 30 years of working with cardiovascular patients, I find that patients always have a double anxiety: Is treatment safe, is it safe, is it cured and is the cost too great?

The cost of an intervention to replace the aortic valve through the cathetic (TAVI) is from 600 – 900 million VND, coronary stent placement from 70 – 120 million VND; cardiac surgery from 80 million – 300 million VND depending on the degree of the disease … Especially when having to receive emergency treatment, not everyone can "manage" a large amount of money right away. That can be a barrier that prevents patients from being treated within a "golden" time frame for optimal efficiency.


The large cost of cardiac emergency treatment is a barrier that prevents patients from being treated during the golden hour

In order to untangle this knot for patients, Share99 Central Park Cardiovascular Center (HCMC) has developed a Bundle payment program to help patients ensure costs and enjoy the full superiority of the service line. Instead of having only one primary doctor or a specialist, patients will be consulted and agreed treatment options from doctors from many specialties. This model has been applied in many leading U.S. cardiovascular centers.

Thank you, Doctor!

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