How to help your child grind their teeth when sleeping

Grinding teeth are two teeth that grind tightly together to put pressure on the teeth and make a ken sound when sleeping. Many parents think that this is only a common phenomenon in young children and is not worrying, but in essence, grinding their teeth when sleeping will change the order of teeth, destroy tooth enamel and affect the joints of the child's jaws.

1. Causes of children sleeping or grinding their teeth

Currently, it is not yet known exactly what caused this condition. However, research shows that the following factors are considered one of the causes of children grinding their teeth when sleeping.

1.1 Due to psychological anxiety, stress

Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety … may cause your child to grind their teeth while they are asleep. This is considered a response of the body to nervous tension and is most common in children with a nervous system that is prone to irritation. Small things like being scolded by parents, arguing with friends or stressing about class exercises also cause children to experience this condition.

1.2 Due to bite deviations in children

When the upper and lower molars are deviated from each other, the teeth do not align, the air tightens, resulting in the closing of 2 teeth that do not fit together. This makes the child feel very uncomfortable. According to the reflex, the two teeth will tend to rub against each other making the child grind their teeth when sleeping. Studies have explained that between bite deviations and grinding teeth there is an intimate relationship with each other. About 12.75% of children suffer from both.

1.3 Due to the child being in the stage of teething

Teething causes pain to the child, so the reflex rubbing two teeth against each other is said to help the child reduce pain.

1.4 Due to Calci deficiency

Calci deficiency in the body is one of the most common causes of the child grinding his teeth at night. When the body lacks calcium,severe conditions can cause seizures, mild, causing symptoms of grinding teeth.

1.5 Related to other disorders

Studies also show that children's sleep grinding of their teeth can come from such syndromes as: mental disorders, menstruation, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and increased activity or lack of concentration.

Children sleeping or grinding their teeth

Currently, it is not known exactly what causes the child to sleep or grind their teeth

2. Consequences when a child sleeps or grinds his teeth

If grinding your teeth during sleep occurs for a long time, your child will experience the following problems:

  • Tooth wear, damage to tooth enamel. In addition to losing the aesthetics of the teeth, this phenomenon also makes foods with acids and sugars more attached to the teeth, the teeth also become more sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the condition of erosion or cavities will also be worse.
  • Teeth are pushed off, changing the order of the teeth.
  • Strain, headache.
  • Sore jaw bone.
  • Suffers from TemporoMandibular Joint-TMJ.

Sleeping children grinding their teeth

Children sleeping or grinding their teeth change the order of their teeth

3. How to cure grinding teeth in children

To help children avoid unwanted problems when constantly grinding their teeth for a long time, parents can reduce grinding teeth when sleeping in children with a few methods:

  • If grinding a child's teeth is related to anxiety and stress, parents need to create a sense of relaxation for the child before going to bed.

You need to monitor your child's life to find problems that put your child under stress or anxiety, thereby giving a fix. You should have an intimate conversation with your child, play some small games with them, or read stories to them before bedtime to create comfort for them. It is recommended to give the child the habit of sleeping on time and exercising every day. Make these activities a habit, which will help your child to less grind their teeth when sleeping.

  • Pacifiers can help reduce discomfort during the practice of grinding teeth. These types of nipples can help children calm down when anxious but not for long periods of time because they can lead to dental problems.
  • Children with uneven teeth lead to difficulty closing their mouths, which makes them often grinding their teeth. If this is the case, you should take the child to the dentist for appropriate treatment.
  • Wearing trays/troughs against grinding teeth is a common method in the treatment of grinding teeth today. The tray is molded based on the child's own teeth, which reduces the friction force between the two teeth when the child grinds his teeth. However, to use this tray/trough, a doctor's instructions and instructions are required.
  • Ensure a nutritious diet , especiallycalci and magnesium. These substances have a supportive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. So, a lack of calcium and magnesium can cause the child to grind their teeth when sleeping. Add milk, spinach and dark green vegetables to your child's diet.

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