How to cool the summer body

Summer is a time when the ambient temperature rises, so we always feel hot and uncomfortable. To alleviate the discomfort caused by an increase in body temperature, you should apply several ways of cooling the body .

Some of the causes of people getting hot in summer are due to experiencing overheating and wet weather, especially if they have to be in direct sunlight or have been physically active. Another reason is that the body in summer is prone to dehydration, at which time body temperature needs to be conditioned by sweating, thereby making the body more susceptible to dehydration and salt.

When the body is hot in summer, we can look to several ways of cooling summer such as:

1. Drink enough water

Sweating is a way of conditioning the body's temperature, but this conditioning mechanism can work normally and when sweat loss causes the body to become dehydration. Always prepare water to drink in the summer, especially when you have to be physically active.

You can drink a variety of water, such as electrolyagents, fruit juices, especially in summer coconut water is a great option to replenish lost water, vitamins and minerals.

You can even replenish water through the diet of some watery fruits such as watermelon, pear melon, cucumber,…

2. Cool foot soaking

Put your feet in a cool water bath to help your body relax. Soaking your feet for up to 20 minutes isthe fastest way to cool the body , it is possible to add a few drops of mint essential oil for additional cooling effect.

3. Using mint is a way to cool down the body

Mint has a cool, spicy taste, it is known for its cooling feature due to its high content of mint essential oils, which makes us feel cooler. You can make hot mint tea or mix with ice to drink all day. Although hot mint tea makes you feel hotter, drinking a warm drink can help sweat more and cool down your body.

How to cool down in summer

Drinking enough water is the best way to cool down your body

4. Eat food to cool

Some feeds can be selected as an effective way of cooling summer, including:

  • Aloe vera: The inner gel of this aloe vera can help lower body temperature. Many measures from aloe vera can be used for purposes such as: Apply aloe vera gel on the skin to cool; use the intestines inside aloe vera leaves to eat, cook tea.
  • Buttermilk: You can drink skimmed milk to help cool down your body and improve metabolism. In skimmed milk contains vitamins andminerals , which help restore the body's natural energy if you feel exhausted by heat. You can drink cool milk or add your favorite flavor to cool.

5. Sitali Breath

This is a breathing technique in yoga, which has the effect of cooling your body and relaxing your mind.

How to do it:

  • Sit in the most comfortable position, relax your body and take a few deep breaths to prepare before you do it.
  • Stick out the tongue and roll the outer edges together to form a tubular shape.
  • If the tongue is not so curved, you can pinch your lips, leaving the tongue behind the incisature.
  • Slowly inhale with your mouth and then exhale through your nose. End of one breath.
  • Continue breathing as above for up to 5 minutes.

The implementation of this technique is a way to cool the body when it is hot and also help the mood to be more relaxed and relaxed.

6. Wear summer-appropriate outfits

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses if you are in direct contact with the sun or can bring an umbrella to cover the sun.
  • Wear spacious, perspiration-absorbent clothing, bright colors of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, cotton or silk. Scientists are developing a number of special fabrics to create a cool feel, such as a thermos fabric.
  • Choose the right bed type for summer: The best bed linen is cotton or linen to get enough air in, keeping you cool and sweaty.

7. Cool bath

Bathing with cool water is an effective way of cooling the body that is often used. Sometimes it is possible to use warm water because it also has the effect of evaporating from the skin and hair, thereby helping to cool down. However, it is necessary to avoid sauna in the hot season because it will increase the temperature at the time of the sauna.

How to cool down in summer

Cool water toothpick is also an effective way to cool the body in summer

8. Create a cool environment

Cool environment will reduce the body's heat. When you feel that your habitat is too hot, you can use some measures to make room temperature cooler such as:

  • Open the window and turn on the fan so that the air can flow, avoiding the house too closed to cause a feeling of secrecy.
  • Air conditioning is the best measure when you feel hot, just lower the temperature. Combine with a humidifier to avoid dry air when using air conditioners.

9. Cool your body by using sunscreen

When out in too sunny environment can cause sunburn,causing the body to dehydration. Choose an anti-rubbingcream to use when exposed to direct sunlight. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher about 30 minutes before going out. If outdoors, it is necessary to reapply after a period of use to make sunscreen more effective.

10. For the body to adapt to hot environments

If the change in a new place is much hotter than before, do not be too active, especially exercising outdoors. Gradually increase activity for 2 weeks so that the body can get used to the new environment.

Summer is a time when the ambient temperature rises, we are at risk of heatstroke or heat stroke if we are in a constant hot environment. Therefore, some ways to cool the body quickly in summer are essential when working or staying long in hot environments.

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