How to read the ultrasonic probe results

The article was written by Ths.Bs Trinh Van Dong – Doctor of Diagnostic Imaging Department of Diagnostic Imaging – Share99 Ha Long International Hospital.

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The probe ultrasound method helps doctors to more clearly observe the genitals on the inside, while detecting pathology in the pelvis region, which on abdominal ultrasound is difficult to observe

1. What is ultrasonic probe?

Ultrasonic probes are high-precision imaging methods, which are carried out with specialized ultrasonic probes and allow evaluation and detection of abnormal signs in the uterus, ovaries, subframe region, rectum,…

There are 2 types of ultrasonic probes: Ultrasonic Vaginal Probes and Probe Ultrasound. Depending on the purpose of diagnosing the patient's condition, the doctor will prescribe probe ultrasound or vaginal probe ultrasound.

So should ultrasonic probes and ultrasonic probes work? Accordingly, depending on the case, the doctor will prescribe an ultrasound probe appropriately. The ultrasound probe helps doctors:

  • Check for some abnormal signs of the uterus, cervical, proboscis, ovaries (e.g., fluid retention in the proboscis, inflammation of the appenm); thickness of the lining of the uterus.
  • Assess the situation of ovulation as well as the development of eggs; examination and support for infertility treatment, rarely late
  • Ultrasound by probe is inlet to detect diseases in the pelvis, prostate or rectum.
  • For pregnant women, an ultrasound of the probe is essential, has an important effect, helps to recognize pregnancy in the early stages, when the embryo is very small and will not show the image if only the ultrasound is in the abdominal wall; when the fetus is 6-8 weeks, the probe ultrasound also helps monitor the fetal heart rate, observe the cervical to detect abnormalities.

Ultrasonic Probes

Probe ultrasound is a high-precision imaging method

2. Pros and cons of ultrasonic probe techniques

The ultrasound technique of the probe is important in preventing pregnancy complications and finding out the conditions associated with the ovaries, uterus. However, like other methods, this method still has a few pros and cons:


  • The probe ultrasound method helps doctors clearly observe the genitals inside, while detecting diseases in the subframe area that on the abdominal ultrasound is difficult to express.
  • For pregnant women, a probe ultrasound helps the doctor to detect whether there is a pregnancy in the early weeks in which an ultrasound of the abdominal wall gives accurate results.

Vaginal Probe Ultrasound

Probe ultrasound helps doctors diagnose diseases accurately


  • With the above advantages, the probe ultrasound method still exists limited that is not observing the higher layers in the abdomen. Therefore, in order to be able to accurately diagnose gynecologic pathologies, this method needs to be combined with ultrasound of the abdominal wall.
  • Besides, this method is not applied to children, women who have not had sex or in other words, have not torn the hymen.
  • Women who are menstruating or developing acute inflammation of the vaginal area are also not prescribed by their doctor to use this method.

3. Ultrasonic Probe Steps

Step 1: When conducting an ultrasound of the vaginal probe, the patient lies on his back on the examination table, bending his knee. After that, the doctor gives the patient a small pillow on the buttocks for the convenience of ultrasound. For ultrasound, the person is located in a left inclined position, the leg contracts into the person.

Step 2: Wrap the lubricating gel condom into the ultrasonic probe. then the probe is inserted into the vagina, or anus, depending on the case of pathology. For patients allergic to latex resin, an ultrasound must be notified before conducting an ultrasound.

Step 3: Proceed to put the probe gently around the vagina or anus. The probe will broadcast the sound and record the signal.

Ultrasonic Probes

Vaginal probe ultrasound helps doctors clearly observe the genitals inside

4. How to read the results of vaginal probe ultrasound

There are almost no risks when conducting vaginal probe ultrasound methods although patients may experience some discomfort. The whole process of conducting this method takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and the result will usually be there soon after. Usually, the doctor will read the results of the probe ultrasound to you. However, to better understand your health status, here's how to read the probe ultrasound results:

  • Uterus: Reclining forward, of normal size, mucous membranes 7mm thick and muscles of the uterus evenly. In the event that the results of this probe ultrasound show that you the authorities inside your uterus are normal and you can rest assured.
  • Around the uterus: The last s pocket has no epidemics, this result shows normal.
  • Left sub-section: If the results show no follicles, it's normal to show that your left sub-part isn't okay.
  • Right sub-section: Similarly, if the results show no cysts, it's normal to show that your left sub-part is nothing.
  • Endo rustic: Even echo means your endotriosis is normal. In case of he he he he he hem he hemoma, the bottom and back areas have poor reflexes, you may have endometriosis.

Establishment of gynecology clinics

Vaginal probe ultrasound results read by specialist

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