How to choose sunscreen for acne oily skin

Sunscreen is an important product in everyday life. Know how to choose a wide-spectrum sunscreen suitable for the skin, especially acne oily skin will both ensure sun protection for the skin, while bringing comfort to the skin as well as helping to prevent premature aging, avoid the harmful effects of the sun, while reducing the risk of skin cancer.

1. How to determine if there is acne oily skin or not?

There are different skin types, including normal, dry, oily, mixed or acne-prone skin. The recognition of the type of skin is necessary thanks to the skin analysis tools of the dermatologist. Accordingly, once you have determined the type of skin and the condition of your skin, users themselves will find it easier to create skin care habits suitable for the needs of the skin.

People with oily skin often have higher amounts of natural oils. Therefore, their face looks smoother and has a constant layer of gloss. This type of skin also tends to retain a youthful appearance for longer thanks to the right moisture that reduces wrinkles and aging lines. However, when this type of skin has excess oil, it will easily lead to blockage of pores and is an easy condition to give birth to acne.

A person can also identify themselves as having acne oily skin thanks to the following basic home-recognizable signs:

  • The skin always has a glossy appearance, which can become greasy at the end of the day or in hot weather
  • Difficulty retaining prolonged makeup on the skin
  • Prone to acne, whiteheads, blackheads and pimples
  • Formation of large pores on the chin, nose and forehead
  • Tends to secrete more oil in the T-zone (area around the forehead and along the nose)

2. Causes of oily skin formation

In addition to genetic factors belonging to the group of unchanging factors, there are a number of factors that contribute to the cause of oily skin. If there is oily skin, congenital acne oil and want to avoid pimples in the future, it is important to be aware of these factors to control the amount of oil that the skin enhances its daily production.

Some factors contributing to the condition of oily skin, acne oily skin include:

  • age
  • Habitat and climate
  • Expand pores
  • Skin care products using specialty creams or additional oils
  • Wash your face too much or exfoliating too often
  • Do not use the right moisturizer
  • Diet also plays an important role, avoiding fried foods, refined sugar and buttermilk as they will make acne oily skin worse

Sunscreen for oily skin

Washing your face too many times is one of the causes of oily skin formation

3. How to care for oily skin, acne oily skin?

People with acne oily skin can be considered natural luck in the sense of "less than more" when it comes to the daily necessary skin care procedure. However, in order to get smooth, youthful skin without pimples, you still need to follow some necessary skin care steps.

If there is an oily skin, people tend to want to increase the frequency of their washing. However, washing your face too much, causing loss of natural oil on the skin, the skin will tend to increase oil secretion more. Accordingly, wash your face only when necessary or when the weather is hot, encounter dirt. At the same time, people need to avoid missing the important time of washing their face is every night before going to bed with a gentle, soap-free cleanser with a little warm water.

Besides, users should also pay attention to their makeup bags. Carefully read the information on the brand, consider choosing cosmetics with "water origin" as the main or "oil-free".

Finally, acne oily skin still wants to be protected from sun exposure by using both sunscreen and moisturizer. Indeed, even with oily skin, the skin needs moisturizing, the trick is to choose products with mild ingredients and water supply to avoid clogging pores.

4. How to choose sunscreen for acne oily skin?

Sunscreen not only prevents harmful sun rays and protects the skin from the sun and the harmful effects of the sun, but is also an essential part to preserve health and reduce the risk of skin cancer. People with acne oily skin should aim for oil-free sunscreen options that protect at least SPF 50 along with a feeling of non-greasiness and properties that do not clog pores so as not to cause acne. By doing this extra step, the skin will be protected from the effects of harsh UVA & UVB rays.

Sunscreen for oily skin

When choosing sunscreen for oily skin, you should choose oil-free products

Besides, users should also look for sunscreens with anti-aging properties or options that enhance the skin moisturizing effect. Since the oily skin feature is the less makeup required, at this time, products for the skin with a two-in-one feature are always a smart alternative!

In summary, sun protection for acne oily skin requires certain understanding of your own skin as well as information of sunscreen products for acne oil skin. However, in order for sunscreen to perfectly fit the daily routine, the use also needs to be well combined with existing skin care products, suitable for the skin type and have a compatible texture and composition to achieve high efficiency when taking care of the skin.

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