How to take care of abdominal skin after birth

After birth most of the abdomen becomes saggy and large, which affects the aesthetics that cause inferiority. Many women do not care or do not know how to care will make sagging abdominal skin more serious. Therefore, the care of the abdominal skin after birth plays a very important role.

1. Why do you need post-birth abdominal skin care?

After birth, you may experience abdominal skin problems, such as sagging abdominal skin. Many people think this condition is caused by accumulation of abdominal fat, but it is actually partly due to the phenomenon of separation of abdominal muscles after birth. Normally the muscles of the left and right abdomen are linked together by connective tissues, which are responsible for keeping the viscera in the abdominal part in its place. When the abdominal pregnancy grows or is obese, this tissue will stretch too much, resulting in two separate left and right muscles causing abdominal muscle separation leading to abdominal dissection or sagging abdominal skin after birth.

For some women after cesarean section, special attention should be paid to the skin after surgery to limit the infection of the incision and the formation of bad scars left by the incision.

In addition, due to the stretching of the skin, the abdominal skin after birth often stretches, causing the abdominal skin to become sharp and cause women to lose confidence.

Therefore, abdominal skin care after birth is very important, because this helps women to be confident in themselves.

sagging abdominal skin after birth

Sagging abdominal skin after birth worries women

2. How to take care of abdominal skin after birth

To limit the effects of childbirth to the second round should take the following care:

2.1 Skin care at the site of post-birth incisions

In case of cesarean section, there are lesions in the abdomen if not well cared for will create scars very aesthetic loss.

  • It is necessary to carry out cleaning and care of the incision in accordance with the instructions of the doctor to avoid infection, cutting after only 7 to 10 days. After the wound has healed, it is recommended to use some scar blurred creams in the first 6 months for the highest efficiency.
  • Eat enough nutrients: A protein-rich diet to promote the formation of new young skin, enhancing Vitamins and minerals, especially blood tonic foods against infections. Also eat enough quality to best quality milk for the baby.

2.2 Some measures to reduce sagging of abdominal skin after birth

  • Breastfeeding: This is an effective way to reduce post-birth belly fat that few people notice. Breastfeeding is the most effective and quickest way to reduce abdominal fat at home for post-birth mothers. In addition to providing essential nutrients for your baby, breastfeeding also helps you improve the second round. Because when breastfeeding, the mother's calories are transferred into the milk, which helps to reduce the amount of fat in the mother's body.
  • Post-birth abdominal warmth: Applying post-birth abdominal warmth helps to warm the abdomen, dilate vessels, increase blood circulation, increase basic transformation, reduce spasms, increase tissue elasticity in the abdomen, help relieve pain … According to traditional medicine, herbal abdominal compresses help the blood pressure in the middle of the pepper area to be circulating, is a way to promote gasification, fight the pathogen due to gasification stalemate to help prevent the disease. You can warm your belly with roasted salt with wormwood or a ready-made herbal warm compress bag to save time. However, it is not recommended to warm the abdomen too early, but it is advisable to start warming the abdomen at least at least 6 weeks after birth and should not be too hot.
  • Postpartum waistband: The method of using a postpartum belt can also help the postpartum abdomen to be slimmer. However, only moderate ice should be bandaged, not too tight, so that it can still breathe normally, otherwise it will cause discomfort.
  • Moisturize the skin of the abdomen: The skin of the abdomen after birth may appear some stretch marks, so that the skin of the abdomen recovers well, so apply a moisturizer that both helps to relieve itching of the abdominal skin. In addition, it is recommended to choose natural moisturizing products such as coconut oil, petroleum …
  • Drink plenty of water: Water participates in the processes of transformation in the body, not only moisturizes the skin, but also helps the skin to be good elastic. Post-baby women should drink warm water that increases basic conversion and will burn more calories, not only that drinking more water also helps your body have more milk for your baby. So try to drink plenty of warm water and drink whenever you don't feel thirsty.
  • Reduce the abdomen after birth by exercising: Walking gently or practicing gentle sports such as yoga, nourishment when eligible for health is an effective measure to reduce belly fat, increase abdominal muscle strength and maintain weight. Not only that, gentle post-birth walking helps the uterus to recover better, avoiding fluid stagnation.

post-birth abdominal fat loss

Reducing post-birth abdominal fat helps increase abdominal muscle strength and maintain weight

3. Some notes when taking care of abdominal skin after birth

When reducing post-birth abdominal fat you should not be too anxious but note some of the following issues:

  • Our body needs to recover, so these measures are just a way to help the body recover faster. Regaining body shape as it was originally a long process, so do not vomit with any method that can quickly lose weight or slim the body.
  • When applying abdominal warmth or using a waist harness, pay attention to cleanliness, ensure to keep the skin of the abdomen dry, to avoid skin irritation, prevent skin infections.
  • Do not start warming your abdomen too early after birth, as it may increase the risk of bleeding and should not be overheated.
  • Those who have not healed scars should not apply the abdominal harness measure, because it can affect the incision, the risk of infection.
  • Discontinue use of measures such as abdominal harness and abdominal compresses if discomfort is felt.
  • Do not over-exercise, so practice from light to heavy
  • Avoid fasting to lose weight, do not eat functional foods as advertised to lose weight, beautiful because it will not achieve the goal but also potentially bad body for mother and baby. It is necessary to have a diet full of substances, nutritional balance for the mother and baby.

Thus, post-birth abdominal skin care helps to accelerate the process of abdominal recovery. But our body needs time to recover, so no matter what measures we take, we need to persevere and we shouldn't be in a hurry.

These are considered steps to take care of sagging abdominal skin after birth, women can apply themselves at home to see the effect change with each day.

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