Factors that cause early ovarian deterioration

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Early ovarian failure can have severe health consequences as well as affect a woman's divine m motherhood function. Being aware of the factors that cause early ovarian failure will help us to be proactive in preventing and remedying in time to help protect the health of the patient.

Early ovarian failure is a condition of discontinuation of the function of the ovaries in females after puberty and before the age of 40. Early ovarian failure may be congenital but may also be caused by the following causes:

1. Immune factors

Auto-immune diseases such as autot dermatitis can lead to early ovarian failure.

2. Due to the treatment of the disease

Women suffer from a number of diseases such as ovariancysts, endometriosis, ovarian cancer,… must be removed on both sides or on one side of the ovaries which can affect the functioning of the ovaries and, consside, cause premature ovarian failure.

Factors that cause early ovarian deterioration

Ovarian cyst causes premature ovarian failure

3. Ovarian ins failure

Some women suddenly menstruate and then turn off their menstruation for unknown reasons. This is also one of the warning signs of early ovarian failure. This phenomenon is common in women who are of child's age. Many subjective people, do not go to the doctor to find out the causes and treatment, will gradually progress to infertility in females.

4. Viral infections

Infection with certain viruses can lead to early ovarian failure. Viruses such as herpes simplex virus (HSV), the virus that causes meotitis can cause inflammation of the ovaries or autoimeable ovaries, thereby damaging the ovaries and causing premature ovarian failure.

5. Methods of stimulating ovulation

Although there have been no official studies showing that egg activation affects ovarian predictions, ovulation stimulation methods are now seen as a lifes up to some cases of infertility, rarely. Therefore, before wanting to apply these measures, it is necessary to be especially cautious.

6. Abortion

Abortion not only affects the uterus, but it can cause ovarian dysfunction. If continuous abortion, especially abortion is not safe, then the possibility of deep inflammation, which can cause proboscis, the ovaries must be treated for removal and in the long run will lead to early ovarian failure.

7. Excessive weight loss

Factors that cause early ovarian deterioration

Excessive weight loss leads to early ovarian failure

The female sex hormone estrogen is synthesized from cholesterol. When excessive weight loss can cause the amount of cholesterol inside the body to decrease rapidly, thereby affecting the synthesis of estrogen in the body. The lack of estrogen will cause many adverse effects for women such as dry, sagging skin, fragile hair, menstrual disorders, even menstruation. When menstruation is turned off, the ovulation process of the ovaries will be suppressed, which easily causes ovarian function to become disturbed and causes premature ovarian failure.

In addition, early ovarian failure can aggravate menstrual disorders, thus creating a vicious circle, seriously affecting the health and likelihood of pregnancy.

8. Lifestyle

Unhealthy living habits such as smoking, drinking,… may be one of the causes of ovarian deterioration. Because nicotine is contained in tobacco smoke and alcohol in alcohol can cause neurological disorders and lead to ovarian dysfunction.

9. Spiritual life

Stressful life, prolonged stress causes many consequences for women's health. Excessive, long-term stress can disrupt the functioning of the plant nervous system, affect endome endome economy in the body and impair early ovarian function.

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